Breaking the Mold on Vegan Foods

As recently as a decade ago, mentioning you were vegan would elicited a mixed bag of responses from those around you. Some would recoil in shock, struggling to comprehend how anyone could survive without consuming at least some form of animal-based substance on a daily basis. Others might’ve been more likely to excuse themselves from the situation out of fear of being judged unfairly for eating a steak or wearing leather shoes. Either way, this was one of the lifestyle choices the majority considered an aberration.

Now, it’s a far less taboo subject. Bringing up the fact you’re vegan in conversation might generate little more than a casual change of lunch venue. Though less than 10 percent of the general population adheres to a strictly vegan diet, millions more are leaning in that direction when it comes to dining out as well as routine shopping trips. Skyrocketing prices of chicken, beef and pork alone are enough to redirect many consumers to the produce aisle.

Despite the swelling commonality, surging availability of restaurants catering to this type of diet and growing selection of vegan foods at the supermarket, it’s still a highly under-served realm. California start-up Hampton Creek is dedicated to helping fill the gap for unwavering vegans and self-proclaimed carnivores looking for a few healthier alternatives alike. The journey began with an eggless mayonnaise and its garlic, sriracha and chipotle variations, but it has unarguably branched out from the inaugural product line.

Store shelves are now graced with Just Mayo, Just Italian and Just Ranch salad dressings as well as a handful of other plant-based products and the company is on the verge of permeating all niches of the food market. Their Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough selections made with sustainable ingredients and methods break the dessert mold along with brownies, pancake mixes and a number of other treats. Meat alternatives, breads, pastas and an assortment of other options currently keep the company’s research and development division on its toes.

Some of these products are still in the planning phases whereas others will be available in a store near you before year’s end. All these Hampton Creek products are designed to greatly extend the selection of vegan-friendly and healthier alternatives accessible to today’s shoppers. Whether you’re living a stringent vegan lifestyle or simply want to cut the calories and fat in your daily lunch menu, the possibilities could soon be endless.