Support the Realization of Low-Cost Housing Program

Have you ever heard about the low-cost housing program which has already implemented since July 2015? Well, if you have never heard about it, make sure to catch the news up since government has already set up approximately 5.1 trillion IDR in order to grant the implementation of low-cost housing program. Besides the effective implementation of cheap housing apartments via Perumnas, the government also has already prepared around 165,000 housing unit, with 75,000 housing unit ready for occupancy. The market target divided into two such as 600,000 housing unit aimed for low-income communities, while the other is for non-low-income communities.

As there was successful program in the beginning of the implementation, you will realize that there is significant increasing of low-cost housing in 2016, compared with the beginning year of 2015, which is going to increase more in this 2017 since more banks and property developers are working together to achieve the 97 trillion IDR in 2017 they set up as goals.  As low-cost housing program targets the low-income community, the houses’ cost tend to be cheaper with lower rate of down payment. Well, you must know that both stuffs are the most difficult obstacles why people could not able to afford their own house.

This proved by the availability of more inexpensive housing unit provided by the government, as well working together with more banks and property developers, which has monthly cost around 800,000 IDR for 15 years. It means that more low-income community, especially for their financial condition, will be more stable and the mortgage loans will not bother and disturbs either. In the other hand, with numerous easiness and beneficial aspect of this program, and also aimed to add more possibilities to all Indonesia families to have their own private house without needed to dwell with any debt or burdensome.

Actually, there is misconception among people about the procedures or basic understanding along with the implementation of this program. Most people tend to assume that the government gives the home-sharing event to the community, and it is not true because the several requirements and specific procedure should met with the government needs. In the other words, you can say that it is similar with the usual mortgage program. Of course, to lead the community into the right perception, there should be any well-design socialization so the target community will be more familiar and understand about the procedures of this program, eventually from trusted sources.