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Hello friends! today i will tell you about
as I did this illustration. she is drawn on wacom tablet, in
Photoshop. IT is my final work. I I will tell about the intricacies of its creation, about
issues encountered. Yes, I am not a professional yet, but I think that this video will be useful in the same way. beginners like me, because cool artists are not always aware which is incomprehensible to beginners, as they
it seems elementary. I’m like a person just passed through all these
difficulties I want to share with you all interesting and important points.
I need to mention that I did this job as part of the educational course, and it was necessary to portray the character for your final work. I immediately knew that
the main character I will have pirate. At the beginning of my course, I myself
asked such a framework, I decided that everything I will have a job on a pirate
subject. so initially made three sketches and
they were all with pirates. more precisely sketches and did more but sent for review
only three. what I was focusing on in the process work? first is the perspective. I wanted
do something interesting, non-linear, choose some interesting perspective.
thereby challenge yourself and portray the character in an interesting pose.
So there were such sketches. this is a pirate on the ship, as a result of this sketch, I decided to give up, because I I do not encourage drunkenness and I thought that I did not need such an abundance in my illustrations alcoholic beverages. in general, I decided
choose other pictures here is the second sketch, here the pirate stands on
at the bow of the ship, in such a complicated perspective from below. 3 angle from the side.
also the pirate is looking forward here already more story is told. I will tell you a little more about this later. here The fourth option – a pirate mouse. I decided
retreat from the topic of man. Who said, that the character must necessarily
being human? and made the mouse a pirate. This was the first sketch.
then I decided that I needed more action more dynamics and drew 2 sketch. You have already noticed that I like octopuses and their tentacles, I add them to almost every sketch. These are the three options. last 3 options: with a mouse, with a pirate and with a pirate on the prow of the ship I sent a review. As a result, I decided to choose with a mouse. why? because, first of all, to me
it was interesting to work with water as with the material its color, texture,
second, and maybe the main ones, I realized what do you need to set for yourself
certain calls or goals, but doable, otherwise you will never reach them, so I decided to take little mouse. it seemed to me to be
easier to work out all the tricks, I just I knew that I would succeed. about the person i don’t have that there was such confidence, I just wasn’t sure that I would do it well enough. which option did you choose from these
three sketches? post to me in comments, I will read everything.
then I began to draw my sketch. I betrayed a little mouse more dynamics,
he leaned forward in a lunge, it gave him more life.
This is how I get a view. in- second what should be paid
attention in such works – this is the plot. need not just to portray
something and still try to tell story to the viewer’s mind
there was a small plot, for example let’s take a sketch with a pirate. like
it would just seem like a character stands in center of the image, but we see the map, we see the telescope and immediately understand what is he looking forward what is his ship
swimming forward and maybe he sailing for treasures that are on
map marked with a cross though we do not see the treasure, and our brain itself
thinks out this story is like this
crumbs, such as a map, a telescope, even the sail is puffed up
by the wind as it also shows that the ship sails forward and where it floats
pretty fast because the sail is straight inflated under the most, in my opinion, to the eyeballs. as for the little mouse, we also see interesting story, we see that he is on a raft, the raft is surrounded by water, that little mouse fights that he is brave, brave, that he defies even such a formidable enemy. he protects his little piece of cheese, although the little mouse itself is much smaller than the same octopus. I sent each stage
teachers. then I had a sketch in color, that’s what it looks like. in that
corner I made sketches of water, picked up colors I’ll draw
water Of course, not without references, I looked at the work of others
artists, on real photos of the ocean and general water. and here, in fact, the third thing I paid a lot of attention to is color and selection of references. At the initial stage
very important and very helpful to take the work of other artists and the pipette “tap” colors, watch palette, analyze which
colors used by other more experienced artists, and for the selection of the palette is very helpful site in color balance. his I picked up the palette there. like this
here it is written. before that I sat on artstation and watched the work of other artists, too associated with water. I picked up
approximate color schemes that I like. Here, for example, as such
either this or that. here by the way even water, so I saved myself this picture. I’m sorry, I’m not all authors remembered. but here here, for example,
signed whose work and here too.
here, unfortunately, not. here here the pirate I kept for myself for
inspiration. in general, I knew that I want some kind of color palette
and on the site In Color Balance just chose the blue color, all the colors that I picked up, they were with such turquoise, blue color fell out
and I chose this combination because that I knew that I have the color of water +
little mouse and raft, they are some such the color is warm and the cheese is yellow, so it seemed to me that this palette fits I am perfect, by the end I have embodied it here. any other suitable sites,
which produce ready-made color palettes on the loaded image. You can
upload any an image you like, for example,
such, on this site and it will give you a set from 3 to 5 colors, of which
this image consists. so here is my Tip: Try to find more references for different materials and for different objects. In my work, I picked up
reference mouse, the mouse itself, I need was to see what his tail.
ass, I picked references of water wood texture references, plus octopus tentacles and the image of water. initially the tentacles were orange, and
when I dropped this sketch to the teacher, he advised me to make them different
colors that ended up really better. in the process of work I
changed them. another reason for the change the color of the tentacles is a preview of the work in
black and white. if we translate this drawing into
black and white we see that the mouse which should be the center of the composition and
stand out in the picture he merged with the fleet raft, merged with water, water merged with
tentacles, it all formed one such solid
monophonic spot. use this technique, translated in b / w, to evaluate how the work is done in tonal range, evaluate chiaroscuro and
and so on. so I had to to darken the raft, I had to darken the tentacles, to fix their work. closer to
I also completed the work drawing in black and white version
and look what I missed. everything seems to be well, the raft is very voluminous, water
traced, we see that the center of the composition more lit than not
edges, but the little mouse itself against the background of everything looks very flat and not
traced. also here are these tentacles which for some reason turned out to be lighter than the background, and it should be darker, knocked out of general pattern. when you draw for a long time
you can have the same picture as they say, zamylyatsya (eye), and you just do not
see the obvious things. here I am corrected the light and shadow of the little mouse and now he
fit into our drawing completely. here I have already adjusted the tentacles. also
I had to correct the composition. here This is a white strip. I had to
still draw tentacles here and put tentacles in the background to composition
did not hang to the right. 4 my advice is – draw from the general to the particular.
don’t stop at one thing draw everything at the same time, otherwise you
risk losing your integrity work and then have to fix
already drawn. And one moment not less important,
and maybe more important, he had to say first of all it’s such here
visual guides. thanks to them the viewer’s eye moves to our center,
to our hero, to our character. even the waves have a direction. And all these
the arrows aim to look the viewer moved to the center of the composition then
have to our character. in general, about the main thing I said and
Now a little about the little things. Separately, I want to say about the water, that I her
did not draw with photographic precision, I just took
brush with pressure of 30% and painted her strokes, plus white clarified scallops
waves and the place where the waves are in contact with with the object. The result gave me, I think, it turned out very picturesque water. 2 moment is a wet spot. wet effect
the spots I made, taking the color of the tree to tone darker, because in fact all wet objects
darker remember at least dry and wet asphalt. A plus,
from above I added a dry puddle, the same color as my water.
the third moment is wet and slimy tentacles.
I showed them the highlights and. 4 is wool. I didn’t draw every hair
separately, only the general silhouette, that is here on the belt and immediately created
The impression is that the belt is in wool. here here, here, a little bit here on the forehead and again
same brush with 30% pressure here such is the effect of wool creates. in the very
I added a lighting effect at the end. in my case this is appropriate because the center has
I am lit, and at the edges is dark. let’s still show this effect, rendering – the effect of lighting, like this looks like here you can adjust
respectively, the radius, size, color and here my center is lit and at the edges
i have a darker color and plus in the process itself
work deliberately I allocated water in the center brighter, and along the edges – made the water darker and
the effect is this lighting – he just emphasized this glow water in the center. well that’s all i wanted
say about this job. although the work is not very big, but there are many moments with which I myself am for figured out myself and summarize, yet
once having spoken all my advice. first, build an interesting perspective; secondly, think about the plot; thirdly, pick up
references for the work itself and for the light in work and 4 – draw and from the general to
privately. if you like my work, this
heroic little mouse then come to me on the behance page and put your finger
up, I tried very hard and I will very nice. And now I will say a little bit
about drains and about digital for drains. for those who draw on the tablet and who asked
me, is it possible to lay out work on the stock painted in the digital way,
I have good news for you Of course you can and should, in particular, on
the drain is already quite a lot assets for games, for example, plus icons,
plus achivki, other illustrations, also there there are characters on the game theme,
which can come in handy when creating game levels, interfaces and the game itself.
true how such illustrations in demand, do they sell well, I
I don’t know yet, I want to find out it and lay out something like that if of you someone sells something like that on drains, please, please, write to me
very interesting and if you liked or something helped this video, do not forget
also appreciate it. subscribe to the channel, Plus, I wish everyone a productive week,
good sales and bye bye!

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