hi and there traders are fine with you christian here of the binary trader channel I hope you’re all right there I I’m still a little beat up there Thursday night there was a reversed in my health and I started to get the flu yesterday I spent the day whole bed in so bad kind of barely saw whatsapp tava really yesterday off I’m still a little bit banged up there I can make and drink half by the voice there but so I don’t get today and tomorrow without video then I’ll post this bot that I I found it interesting here is for you download and those in first I said she’s going is a bit of the configuration here of how this bot works and they’re already leaving download released there on the first link of the description is good people is before start the video my name is christian if you like binary options and first time you get on this channel already leaves that inscription there always I am free boxing I talk and do step strategies step tips techniques then if you like that kind of subject already leaves that your registration if you already registered already leaves that like there the video that the only thing I ask there is a exchange of you to be always releasing these free boxes and say notification if you like this kind of content It’s good guys, today it’s a bot under t good a pot of digits and whenever I I do a river of boxing I always let me I always make it clear to the guys still insist on not understanding these days no I know if it was yesterday or was You answer me 110 to bad, you’re there and you said for me to remove a bot from my channel that It’s a long way off, but the smart guy’s seen the video completely does not like to enter only in the video to download spoke that the boat’s too far away but it’s obvious that he’s going to give our he commented on that and a bot demetz né that is the hercules I think that number 8 here on my channel the boat is it puts him at 90 percent chance of one error and a ten percent chance of success and you’ll pick one only if she chose to type the ending so that he b1 on each tick i.e. you have ten ninety percent chance of success percent chance of error is therefore that it goes a long way if you don’t want it be a sweetie like that usual boy that sees an entire video that is where I teach paulo about configuration of how each one works then not to and then in the comments they talk bullshit, right? this is an over-under right but he will work especially with under okay here you will choose prediction he is the prediction is that it is the number 7 every time it goes below 7 he’s just gonna give you a hand that he’s just gonna open a contract when number 7 comes out for example and there goes the number digit 1 2 3 4 5 every time the last digit for 7 he will open a contract if it loses if it is more than seven he’s not going to do the martinho right in followed and will wait again that gave my set to enter with matingueiro is before you start putting it to it works let me give it a player here remembering what boats are not earning guarantees okay okay guys there is no bot the image of no return percent no there’s a perfect bot you don’t believe in miraculous boxing you have to line up your boat some kind of strategy kind of goal and some goal well that that your goal is small and be one for one hundred and a half percent of your bank what you’ll get a number from a lins at market what would be that number one link is you see here ó no nail here when he gave you about 10 20 minutes stop working with bot tá but some type of monitoring you have to have for this bot mainly also a stop loss here it comes with value initial of a gay martin value marketing rhinitis or it would be 50 limit we call here it’s at the most, or total of marketing 10 has some nonsense here but it’s you guys going to test it out at na com and where you’re standing is where you see me you see he opened a and won but you’ll see counting the rights here below all since it gives the number 7 ó it goes there in the buy it you see there when it comes out below 7 he gets that contract there he is seeking forty percent pros You’re good every time he goes he goes he goes screwing forty percent of the prost which means you’re at 60 percent chance to win here he’s working which with 0 1 or 2 o 3 o 4 o 5 and 6 70 percent chance of winning you have with this boat here but every time rehearsal from 7 up you’ll take one voice is good here I every time he goes comes out the number 7 here it will open is to see Oh this one you can see that one no I was going out on a contract but every time I get out 11 and then you’ll open the contract out number 7 last digit was one you go winning his personal martinho is aggressive you see is times 3:50 is times 3.5 you want the sea money on the tab four of the boat are seeing you 3.5 times may make it a little lower, but then it’s that thing someone may no longer recover all its damage understood is veil let’s see that one give losing the 4 4 and 50 in the third in the second martin he’s still at it he can recover all your damage is my work here from the belt that I’m still making fun of just go around the room but and in a little while it will at least be one more zinho released one more video lighter to make simpler ne overstaff likes to work with digits this is a even interesting button can be a under but at least he has that too much analysis there again that comes out number 7 if you want to put a hi there you will increase your chance of consequently gain your own will be a minor then you’ll also have to configure what your martingale is martinho will have to be bigger if I put the six here good decrease in my chance to win or I’ll put the six will now do what every time in number 6 he’s going to open a contract now my little martinho’s gonna be high for [Music] for the sake of recovery wants to see ó operating much more now that it’s out again 16 he left six here opened the contract but last digit 6 and you have below license for me to make one nail contact now let’s see here we go hope to open another contract with him for him to do the martyrdom warrior here as I have diminished mine chance to win my gay martin I can now decrease a little there also because my own will be more loud is see let’s see there or wait for him do the digit 6 there again and now I only lose when I leave 6 or 7 8 9 i.e. 40 percent chance of loss I was 30 years old I expected to leave you guys I I want to see the level that looks like marketing gay me now that he himself for sure it’s bigger is that thing only when the last number has the year that you put it runs independent of analysis this one I thought was cool because an art no one’s after the other he’s alone is gonna come out when you left I just know it was four now you see he loses a dollar and recovers 2.24 that because my little martinho is high but if you want to keep aggressive martingale martingale in aveiro where I earned 0.40 now I gain 10,639 just because of those ten percent then I switched more risk and less security Hi okay I’m okay walking around all the time that comes out the number 6 ó the coolest thing about it is that he doesn’t get making marquinhos direct will only enter in the contract after you say you choose for your daddy to be last of market value is and then the assertiveness wants to increase you want to see the nonstop put here the forecast you come here changes to 8:00 now every time a number 8 comes out he will open a contract every time last digit is less than 8 you go win yours is here ok now you go work an 80 percent chance of earn or be your own go down there is therefore your matingueiro has that to be bigger now to recover the we’re gonna wait to get out there 18 to you see d063 it must fall there to there to 02 your crazy there I’d steak open there I’d go out and see 81 and comes out below 8 then comes out below 8:00 there 0.23 you see but it’s good just go making the entry will only open one contract depending on the number you choose here it is right is a little ring more simple is that operation of digits but here at least has some more of one way you do an analysis and I I liked it even more because it’s not like I’m doing the martin me after the other only you’re gonna make that little guy me when I get married right with the last word you said choose is seeing is coming out 8 several times here I wanted to open versus ongoing contacts You see the whole 0.23 but that’s it one more little button is for you put away for study and configuration and whether the configuration is well basic but you can touch this one put configuration in another boat the good cheese and the good thing is you also keep the and you don’t have to keep buying when a boat comes along looking like then someone offering you nay and how I’ll talk to more about us there in the groups is a lot of people take only one boat change your name already with a new one to make you a sale here you already have here I’m always passing these boots there for you to keep when you see which is a similar bot because it already has this only it’s got another name on it You’ll see and you don’t have to buy it Seeing that, folks, another bot zinho reminding you guys let that registration the like to help in the dissemination of video I told you I’m talking kinda down there yeah there’s a mood down there but it’s for cause of that flu that I ended up with catching the flu didn’t find a cold at all ein and then tomorrow I’m already zeroed yesterday was joking and then you guys another zinho pot show of zander ball this is the boat poseidon number 33 here from my channel is just click on the first link in channel description you will be redirected to another page you will fill out the form there and there you’ll have whole list of bots I’ve already released here on my personal channel is just take scroll bar and scroll down there went in there you’ll see she’ll obviously more to low and it will be all the pits and all the pages a so you can do the download it’s going to recover – now it’s seeing as we have bigger earning possibility here or ours gay martin is set to seven that 4:50 tyre and recovered only 2.87 that you’re gonna have to do here or what is your safety to have a pot the bigger man is his matingueiro o martinho verde is 3.5 is already a little bit aggressive and you want to increase more still your martin won there goes in your It’s my decision, it’s my opinion I’d rather lower this security of mine and make it a little riskier though let this little martin 3.5 or even do that even I didn’t put anderson there before did you even manage to slow down a little and they’re naughty, he’s already had one. here we’ll see how much he recovers the guy I get back eight points and 0.82 and does not recover for a second martin he’s fine as in the first martin and will get his You can see the damage because only safety is very high but that’s just being one more I’m talking through my ear I’m talking through my ear listening to the buzz of hell here in mine ear’s gonna come in, folks, one more bot zinho liberated does not forget there leaves that like is there first hand by the first link in the description click here you will already be able to download of the bot is good and that’s it folks any questions you have cue there in email comments networks social will have an answer I’m absolutely nothing today either Slowly still Saturday Sunday I usually give a little further away there but Monday will be all answered world there we go has really been that day I activated the one where I stayed in bed practically the whole day is then that leaves you with important links there in the description i have binary dot com.br my site has the consistent trader who is one of I teach exactly how I do mine day-to-day operations the course is being reformulated is getting good complete there where I’ll take the hand of literally cross the street with she taught from the start is from that binary dance options even as I do my operations today then beautiful or fade free but that’s the that I’m leaving for you guys in the whatsapp group on facebook link to register also in the time bar as if you think I do a content of relevance that you write there too in barbieri and that’s it for the big guys hug to all there good Saturday good ending of week that I will now return to my bed watching a movie is fine big hugs to everyone there bye you then want to operate consistently in dot com village then enter now the trader project consistent in it you will have access to initial classes where will begin operating the biennale’s unbox of a strategic way you know how change contract times the rates of matingueiro initial assistants of according to your preferences you will start the market alive in a way different won’t have to buy anymore boats and more boots out there enough of spend money on boxing that always break your bank learn how to set up to no longer fall for blows already in second part of the course where you will start operating in a manual way I’ve already prepared for you one fully trend-based class and serum operations without the need for maringá and the best she already is fully aligned with a spreadsheet of bank management where you will get total control over your bank you put stop-loss your goal your rate of return and know how to control your gains that will already be divided into months I did a whole worksheet dynamic putting every month of the year where you will only put the values that you won on your trade day to have greater control of your leverage in case you still like bots I left prepared in the second part of the trailer consistent low-risk classes that you use abbott but from a much more strategic and risky way low and are also aligned with a spreadsheet for each strategy to consistent tile line planning I’m boring fao a mboa but I don’t talk which further diminishes the risks of you is losing your bank and also an entry for all mutants that’s the whole course prepared there for you to start operating the guina de pontocom correctly and in case you want to run away from boxing the best manual strategy you will find here to use at iq option in olympina binom or where you use the any binary options broker besides the course I will also leave available to you on the have consistent download of more than thousand and 300 entries of boots from the dot with boats that you get find on the internet for a value per high values 500 thousand r$2000 for only a script I did a compression of several boxes that you can find in I put everything in one place so you can get that access there to all these voices no longer have to pay from 500 to r$4000 in a boat within this known adverse boxing package that you I’m sure you’ve seen it on the Internet charging the amount well then any questions you have only get in touch by the contact arroba has to delete the point com.br waiting for the course bye and then


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  2. Cristiano sou novo aki na Binary , pode usar tranquilo , ou tem limite diario para operar ?

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