hi and there traders are fine with you christian here on the binary trader channel returning today to the videos after an extended holiday there of carnival there everybody’s right there everything quiet Ash Wednesday that is that quieter, wetter day for a lot of people, but there are a lot of people working there today tired one my friend for example working all tired today is that I had a question there in my videos of the boy asking if it’s an operation at the time of holiday carnival also neh and I take five only in that zeta like that of holiday weekend you work with synthetic lynx it stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week you can operate whenever you have a available time is there if you go operate with bot and leave on too so even if you can operate you’re alone forex even for the exchange rates you will work on working days on time commercial this one was carnival I I operated Saturday Monday and Tuesday I operated every day except Sunday and even make video only in the middle of my operations someone show up here at home let’s go out let’s go out I’d end up going out and didn’t finish doing the operations to make a video to post during that long holiday there but stays in home always doing my operations here so much that today I was oppa and here and I started operating for yes if yes technicians because the river operating with they there on this holiday only that when I I’ll take it now it’s emfal root I prefer forex trading with the matingueiro sim tá but then when I pick you up synthetic I prefer to make the serums now establish airennor barrier do one more thing worked because it’s not in pairs you get more you get stuck with the king saying “But that’s where you’re going. bring the biggest profit on top of your spay around ninety percent then you can take every contract of a year there she is today doing some operations here I will show you today’s results clear based on what is in my main strategy now that mobile averages and also boeing bands Yeah, I go and I come in when is interesting when I saw that I took a reversal of the fort I spoke caramba I’m in the twenties and synthetics then I went to do the rest of my operations here in foreign exchange countries well just got here on my shit channel from binary options is crap that strategy tips like this kind of subject already leaves your inscription there if you are enrolled already leaves that like there to give that help on the video in disclosure and home I haven’t been calling little bell the tip on it goes there too receive all notifications the video here on my channel is working today then with bot is totally right to miss I made a profit of $47 point 30 seconds I had an hour reverse here of five lots there you speak five los cristiano é muito não é muito staff depending heavily on your stack This is how I was getting started the show silence this business here to not get in the way of my work with an extra take and two dollars and mine martinho is a little more aggressive nah he does it sometimes 2.25 so fake it is because I want him to get value of my loss and gave me a double more and how I get in is in opportunities that I find interesting does not have only one problem is to recover what I I lost I want to win a little more five every time I make an art church I’m closer to going out with my win tá and today was this result of $47 another 36 had that one hour reverted here with five los in a row but 55 there in a row if you put and such a jumper as it is calculator and gay martin or let me get mine worksheet here The maringá calculator by this goal for the course staff is to of having consistent I will put in this new rewording for those who sometimes have difficulty to put steak factor of gay marketing or I made that calculator automatic here to make everyone better based on getting better attuned here to person will put there has to initial will put the gay marketing factor or here will show the entire sequence of six is the first will be 035 then second will be 0.79 to third a good 77 so consecutively I put until the 18th martinho of course you didn’t will work with 18 matingueiro if you go here or 035 on the 18th always waiting for a stall from his last natingueio be $339,000 is but here what that can be based I’m working for example with more feel of $2 certain is a maringá factor of 2.25 is me I want to work with at least seven market entries not to have seven entries are complete I need to dispose of a stop loss at least then my stop loss will be $465 and here it will be the sequence of sailors will come with two dollars 4.50 10.13 2278 5126 115 33 and 25949 would be the last attempt to get those uece mine back lost contacts and for me to have chance to do all that sequence here my bank would need have at least $465 in case you want to do that one up to that bend basic that is the reason to the normal that is two my 411 you working with 035 you you’ll see that you’ll be right here sheet that goes 035 then 0.71 1.46 2.98 will be right what if you wants to have eight chances of getting into market only the last spay that will be of $51.64 and you’ll need $100 in 91 full bank series for increase the friction is 8 entries in the market making the martin I found there very interesting because sometimes the people get a little confused you just go play here the initial Swiss value and the value you will do your marketing and then you’ll know how much of a band you’ve been you will need and the sequence of marquinhos aqui ba is a zinha spreadsheet that I’ve put together back here to profit was that look of today 47 point 30 and that thing the people speak chris but you don’t and says he doesn’t work with woods and follows manual yes I prefer a manual because you have more control over the your entries and at least that strategy i do i prefer to do manual because with bot the warrior Martin is right after the other is right after when I do it manually I prefer make my sea money at the moment more right now I have more assertiveness is there I say what it is that I do my operations he doesn’t is working alone even when you catch someone he’ll stop market is talking like this goes to let me do a test here alone for you to see let me out of outside market ix ac or for the synthetic index continued zinho you not put here goes 10 index here goes put state in me but only for you see when I catch the maureen the market the boat also goes to automatically or I don’t see market and I’m gonna play in the boat here not I like to do this I will put without gay martin is as soon as he gets you’ll see he’ll stop It’s old too let me open it here the operations part you will see it and it’s gonna take the maui and it’s gonna stop if he’ll take one of ours he’ll keep going until take one is my compadre go there go get him in he’ll stop he’ll come in again without the martinho I don’t sell the I’m gonna go to the market to make the martinho o I’ll see you take it right away if I’m not Seeing nothing from the market I just want show you how my bot It works, you see, he did the 031 and stopped because it’s interesting that you see the market again if it’s interesting for you to make a new entry is for and with bot work with boot but also in a strategic way is good is 46.19 one I went to demonstrate here how it works the dinghy doesn’t let me put 46.19 one in the today’s rate 207 reais and 34 cents then on Ash Wednesday I’ll raise you there nice r$200 207 reais if you pick it up if you make that fee every day there 207 real times 22 working days there let’s say that you make three four thousand and five hundred reactions during a month of operations are and if you want always r$200 this can make 150 can make 300 400 depends on the management of each one is personal I’ll operate more late without doing any more operations but I have other things to do here at the course actions there I will stop focus the train is already there but that’s it guys who is has doubts leaves us there comments has the social networks for getting in touch has my email contact clothing end you.com.br has the important links at description has the boot download and free has the trailer project consistent where I teach exactly how I do my operations with already I have informed you that you are going through a very big rewording the value goes get taller but who has already acquired would have consistent access to the new content at no additional cost is has whatsapp group has no facebook the whatsapp group he’s in crowded needs some people out for that you can get in but you don’t have how to make another group because this tava group is getting pretty cool personal there’s no more leaving any smart-ass to come for selling thing o staff already owe aunt odt and that’s enough and that’s enough and that’s enough also that they don’t already compact the of the same idea back there in the group if you are beginner who is a nice group where you is not how I can talk to I will put here offering sale of anything nor the even if you keep offering my products there in my group is asking for you stay so you can get an idea of how that the group works, but that’s it. good wednesday to all there any questions comments networks social and half Christian pereira here has today’s design 207 reais large I’ll hug you all there bye you there I want operate consistently in the village at.com then join the trader project now consistent in it you will have access to initial classes where you will start operating bible unbox there in a way strategy you will know how to change the contract times maringá rates to the initial steak of according to your preferences you will start to see the market in a way different won’t have to buy anymore jars and more boxing out there is enough to spend money with woods always breaks one’s bank learn how to set the not hit harder already in the second half of the course where you’re going to start operate in a manual way I’ve already left prepared for you a whole class trend-based and operations with serums without the need for maringá and the best it is already fully aligned with a bank management spreadsheet where you will have complete control over your stall you will put your stop loss a your target rate of return and know the control your earnings that will already be divided up in the months I made a spreadsheet fully dynamic placing all the and where you just put the values that you won on your trade day to have greater control of your leverage in case you still like bots I left prepared in the second part of the trailer consistent low-risk classes that you use death but of a much more strategic and risky way low and are also aligned with a spreadsheet for each strategy she open me up he’s consistent I’m boring fao a mboa but I don’t talk which further diminishes the risks of you is losing your bank and also an entry for all mutants this is the whole course there prepared for you to start operating in dotcom life in the right way and case you want to run away from boxing the best manual strategy you will find here to use at iq option in olympina binome or wherever in for use by any brokerage house of binary options besides the course me too I’ll make it available to you on the losing consistent panel the download over 1,300 subscribers of vinegar.com boots that you can find on the internet by a value for high values 500 thousand r$2000 for just one script I made one compression of several bots that you can find on the internet I put everything in one place for you to get have this access to all those votes you no longer have to pay 500 to r$4000 in this adverse package box acquaintances you’ve surely seen out there on the internet charging good value so loud then any doubt that you you can contact by contact arroba tries to eliminate the point com.br waiting for the course bye and then


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  56. Paramining – Essa é uma recompensa por armazenar criptomoeda. Basta você colocar pelo menos uma moeda PZM na carteira criada, quando o processo de multiplicação de moedas é imediatamente ativado, o interesse pelo armazenamento é acumulado. Cada titular de criptomoeda PRIZM pode ganhar moedas apenas segurando-as em sua carteira

  57. Bom vídeo! Eu escolhi a criptomoeda PRIZM para ganhar dinheiro, para mim, a parametrização se tornou uma excelente ferramenta para a renda passiva na licença de maternidade

  58. As opções binárias coisa ambígua. Eu não faria para se comunicar com eles. Mas isso você tem que decidir. Eu, aqui, agora coloquei em moeda PRIZM. Quando o fizer, poderá receber, no máximo, 24% no mês do depósito carteira! A mineração vai no coração de uma carteira a cada segundo e, de dia e de noite!

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