🔥Day Trader Strategy with Higher highs and Lower Lows

the hard right edge is currently trading
at 1,900 roughly bouncing up and down today so we’re going to actually go back
and I’m going to give you a really clear way where you can identify these market
trends so you can tell if the market is going to be more bearish today or more
bullish we’re going to go a long way back so we can really drill into this picking a random point in the chart
let’s start moving forward we’re looking for are the peaks and the valleys
basically when you get a high peak and then you get a lower peak and a lower
valley that means that the general trend is down we’ll start by the easiest way
is just outlining these we’ll start here we had a peak and then the market
started to go down when it made a valley or a “v” formation here we’ll mark this off
again the market rallied where the bowls wanted to push the market up past its
previous high but they weren’t able to make it so we ended with another peak so
this is a high and then a lower high we have our low and then we got again was
another valley here or a lower low a lot of times when traders trying to get into
positions they start seeing the market rocket down and they will just want to hop
in you often can avoid that though because the market will pull back up the
market is not a one-sided event you have buyers and sellers for every seller
there’s a buyer so when the market starts getting pushed down people start
seeing that as a value the bowls think that
fact that hey this is such a great price for this why don’t I get in now and then
I can ride it up to its previous high what happens here though on this next
lower high is the fact that the Bulls who are charging the market up gets
stopped and they realize this has very important the fact that they got stopped
at a lower high than the previous time they rallied the market what this proves
to them is the fact that they’re losing strength in successive one two three
they’ve lost strength every single time and the Bears of one out so three times
in a row now forcing them down so what do you end up with a sharp fall down the
market followed by another Valley this is again really important because you
see we have one two three lower lows again even if you want to get into the
market here you don’t need to and you can often wait for the market to pull
back up because the Bulls will not just give up on this market they’re going to
want to keep continuing to add on to their positions because in the end a
bull has a mindset that the market will go up eventually so yet again they rally
and they create another peak but you’ll see just like with the previous ones we
have again a lower peak this is really important because yet again they’ve been
forced down to the market and once they realize the fact that they can’t push
the mark up and break one of these higher peaks the market gets pushed down
yet again to create another lower low now here you see a more substantial
rally from the Bulls they push the market back up again but because they’ve
gotten hit so hard even though they do move the market up
to a peak of 2075 from a low of 2061 it still doesn’t break the previous high
right here at this point any bull who is seeing this is seeing a consistent
downtrend in the market it creates a lot of fear in them and then often will
result in panic selling as you’ll see here where the market just falls down to
a new lower low this is followed by another rally to create a new peak and
then yet another lower low because that new peak again was lower than the
previous you have to put yourself in the mind of a creator when they’re going
long and when they’re going short a lot of traders only choose to either be
bullish or bearish they only trade either long or short it’s good to have a
mindset where you’re open to trading either long or short you have to be able
to take a look at whatever position you are about to take and say if the market
was flipped upside down would I want to take that same position if it was a
short position flip the market upside down would you still want to take that
position if it were a long position it’s good to be on both sides of the market
because you have the most freedom and flexibility when we’re actually dealing
with sensitive is on the right-hand edge I’m going to be drilling down into
15-minute charts to get better entry prices because trading on 60 can be
extremely expensive depending on your account size and the 15-minute can give
you very similar signals with just micro tuned so you can pick perfect entries here’s where we got our first reversal
where on this day the Bulls were able to push the market past this previous high
now you’ll see this quite often when a long trend like this has been
continuing down anyone who started out here with a short and continually move
their stock down every time a new peak was made so their stops would have
started up here puts out of the high and then move down when this peak formed to
here when this peak formed they move their stock down and since a short sold
there now continually in the money they’re just trying to protect our
profits when they got a new peak here they move their stock down to here and
that kept them in even when this market pushed up here but they decided to move
their stop down here and then waited for the market as it rocketed down and then
again when market made another peak they move their stop down to here as is a
really key time after a long time of the market continually making lower lows and
lower highs a lot of stops are going to be right in this area so as soon as this
level is broken people that are just taking profit not so much even taking
long trades but only protecting their short trades profit will have their
stops here so you can have a lot of quote-unquote forced buying people here
don’t necessarily think the market is going to be going up but their stops are
being triggered so this acts identical to like dyers coming into the market
adding on to their positions

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