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hi everybody welcome welcome welcome to
taste McBaine tasty tasty but bang beats y’all tasty
much bang is here today yeah I got a salad I know some of y’all wanted me to
cook but I need to eat something like week I’m gonna decide whether I wanna
cook it a little bit right now home check me to do some food in her stomach okay I got 20 salads this is the super
spinach salad super spinach salad so I got two of them but I’m gonna put one up
on a plate right now cuz this plate is a little smaller
I got y’all a little closer up today and I got the camera turning facing me mm-hmm got it that salad dressing is
unique tasting I don’t know how to describe it but it tastes so good let’s
say our great job thank God for this food we’re about to receive
I guess me see I got y’all closer I don’t have y’all on
my other tripod father God we thank you for this food we’re about to receive
your blessings your love kindness your mercy and your grace all your provisions
that you have made in our lives father God and we ask you to continue to pray
with us from all her Horn in danger and kept your angels round about us in Jesus
name we pray amen hallelujah hallelujah y’all I just got to taking the bag and I
ate a salad without earlier but I’m hungry again and I might cook something
I might cook something I got my distilled water on date so yeah
I got an alert from another channel that I’m subscribed to and it says Bobbi
Kristina’s ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon passed away today after several heart
attacks caused by a drug overdose Wow I don’t know if y’all could see that y’all remember who Nick Gordon is
Bobby’s Christina’s his boyfriend do y’all remember that situation I’m gonna
read some of the comments on their posters say this is sad no matter how
you look at it somebody say it’s amazing how many people in the comments is going
with korma we will never know the true story behind any of this somebody else
said r.i.p these comments are harsh don’t truly know him and never can and never can so I don’t think casting
stones is right somebody else say something in this water is not right that’s kind of strange to me y’all I got
my camera I had my other camera mr. job coming song that’s that y’all
have any thoughts on that situation wow that topic he was thirty years old so young young so young for children to
be on drugs on his kitty say nickels heading for destruction very sad to hear
his passing they’ll say oh I just through eating
some cake almost passed out I was wondering I was like I wonder if bail is
still up I say she want me to cook some salmon I say but she won’t even be woke
I said she’s not gonna even be woke no my video come out at 6:00 the other live
in Dijon cuz my phone got hot I think what happens is when I’m laying in the
bed I’ll be having the phone laying flat on the bed ain’t no error no circulation
going through the phone let me get higher when I got to sitting up like
this it don’t get hot you can post the comment you can post
your prayers and alive and miss people and let people people don’t read your
comment you can post it in life ask them to pray for you so you are nowhere
though so they don’t know where the prayer request is coming from so anyway
yeah it’s just kind of suspicious that Whitney Houston died then when the
Houston daughter’s daughter died and now Nick guys Wow that is very very very weird it’s weird I’m gonna take my glasses on I need my
glasses on the week oh it’s weird and suspicious yeah I’ll think it’s
suspicious some people in the comments was like it’s suspicious like people are
covering up their tracks mmm I don’t know if it’s people coming
up they tracks on like some people suspected that he murdered
both of them some people suspected that he murdered at Whitney and her daughter did y’all ever think that he uh did you
ever suspect him for Whitney Houston’s passing I need to clean up my kitchen
you out is so dirty I have ran out of dishwashing liquid I need to go get some so I went got something today so
cleaning my kitchen do y’all like me close up like this when I’m eating is that miss Gloria I thought she was
gonna be sleeping for sure miss Lori I thought you and Bale was snoring um let
me see what y’all seen ya chassis to say his high family please pray for my
family I had a loss in my family yesterday she died from stomach pains
Wow stomach pains yeah I pray for chastity miss Gloria in the house
chastity in the house is kitty say it’s terrible chastity you’re in our prayers so you guys we are any thoughts on whether or not if you have any thoughts
on who y’all think or thought or felt my might have contributed to Whitney
Houston’s death the child feel like she died of overdose or do y’all feel like
somebody killed her I always felt like somebody killed her Terrence they sorry for their chance okay chastity we sorry for your loss but
and we don’t pray for you I’m trying to have a conversation about my hot topic thumbs up the line please I’m gonna go
live on my other channel later we could have a talk about it over there I think he passed away today they said
it was a job you don’t think Whitney kept the company it was definitely a
mistake you think she overdosed or you think somebody killed her I felt like
somebody killed her and to me Nick was a suspect in my mind yummy salads are so good
y’all need to try if y’all want some quick little easy meals to take for
lunch I’ll have a little healthy meal every now and then y’all need to try some an old salad we
trader Joe they so convenient Oh Chester to say I think she was she
overdosed Tamra say was uh miss Brooks says but
with her daughter did I think me had something to do with it Tesla say yes tasty they are they all
did drugs Brooks say I believe she overdosed I don’t know if it was made to look like a
overdose because with all of them didn’t didn’t I say Christina overdose – I’m so
confused y’all yeah I don’t like when something happens and people die and you
never really know how they died you never like it’s an unsolved mystery I don’t like unsolved mysteries I don’t
like unsolved mysteries like what is the mole unsolved mysteries the child wish will get solved Tupac biggie hey real miss Gloria say Terrence what’s
up books say them they all was on drugs miss kitty cyberattacks several several
heart attacks how they say McDonough they say he died of an overdose and
several heart attacks Aaliyah yeah the I think Elise death was
a conspiracy to we noted her plane crashed but with a loose debt I was kind
of thinking I was kind of thinking at the pilot I think I heard something I’m
seeing something one time about that that the pilot did that on purpose and somebody was saying that he had told
them that they had too much luggage on the plane and that they had to possibly too much luggage and too much equipment
because they was going to a concert in another country or a state or whatever so they was bringing all that equipment
with them on a chartered plane but they say the pilot told him it was too heavy
that they need to arrange for they probably needed to fly in a different
plane or have some of the equipment flown in different plane but they was
like Aaliyah and her crew was being all nasty and some God and was telling him
he got to fly the plane and i’ma tell you when you take a private plane or a
plane in general you putting your life in somebody else’s hand cuz you don’t
know what kind of personal problems then people having at home tonight today
might be the day they all want to be here no more they might want to take a
whole bunch of other people out with them oh no I only floor once in my life and it was emergency why this thing come on now I wanna see
the comments my screen not turning around
Oh left eye I know it y’all talking about stuff that I think see this is
what happens you got to be careful it’s like in a it’s like in a murder mystery
you got to be careful who you do stuff with especially like if you do your dirt
with somebody you got to be careful because you know everything about them
and they know everything about you so they might eventually one day get
scared that you’re gonna expose them and take you out child ain’t no such thing
as no partners in crime does the biggest get you gonna tell on me you gonna be
nice oh yeah I think the Nation of Islam or whoever that man was murdered Malcolm
X I think they murdered Malcolm X makes me say I was about to say Martin Luther
King Malcolm X I think the Nation of Islam murder Malcolm X they’ll say I cried my eyes out when
Michael passed away yeah and I think I think sometimes like in Michael Jackson
Whitney Houston Prince as so many other people I feel like sometimes the
families and people around and drop the ball cuz you knew for years that those
people needed help and I’m sorry me as a person
if I was your friend and I seen you need a help like that you might not like me
cuz you own them drugs but baby I mean especially if that was my child on drugs
on I’m sorry but I’d have to kidnap them in
I just wouldn’t let them kill himself like that I would have to sit with them
day and night round the clock I don’t know I know it’s hard on families I know
sometimes when you not going through it yourself it’s easy to say what you would
do I know sometimes people get tired to Realty save everything dating care those
people were cash cows for their family and friends
hey blah blah blah blah blah they’ll say oh okay I bet you were I was pregnant at
the time so it made it even worse that’s a moment in life I will never
forget hey lion I miss kitty say yes t I agree
she say Whitney was worth more dead than alive and so was Michael I know because
by the time they wouldn’t make it no more money they was bankrupt they was
broke when Whitney died she owe 25 million dollars and when she died they
made their money back in millions I mean in minutes her beak her state became out
of the rear and not her estate is worth so much
money because and it’ll continue to be worth so much
money because people love Whitney Houston and now because she’s not living
and her daughters not living nobody is consuming their money so it’s
just going off to her state and her family they get to live the high life
and the good life for the rest of they life and anybody that knew anything
about anything seemed like to me they’d gone God knows all I hope that nobody is
behind their murders I hope nobody murdered all three of them to prosper a
benefit from their debts in any way I hope that’s not the case yep t say when they down Ricker sales go
up Clive Davis whoo no girl y’all think I always want to know cuz most artists
end up sleeping with their management DRP Clive Davis and Whitney Houston ever
had a relationship outside of business Tamara say nope Tamara say hell no kitty
say definitely he definitely provided the MOT ot say she couldn’t make him any
more money you need say Happy New Year family I hit the love button Thank You
Terry say he was – oh I don’t know Terrence I don’t know I kind of feel
that it could have been possible BL say Oh Lord is the only person that
really knows what happened to all of them
including him yow because after Bobbi Kristina passed
away Bobbi Brown even though he had had a newborn baby he started going back to
the drugs I thought maybe he gonna be next because he had lapsed back into
drugs again I thought maybe he was gonna be next we need to keep these people in
prayer because let me tell you something five minutes of fame and all the money
that come along with it it’s not worth your soul it’s not with
your life it’s not what your peace is not what their happiness because at the
end of the day it’s only temporary the same thing that the devil give you to
capture up people to destroy him he ain’t allowing it to destroy you so at
the end of the day what do you have you had five minutes of fame you became
famous you became popular you became loved but the way that you leave the
earth it’s not a good legacy how you die like strung out on drugs that’s not a
good legacy like what was the point in all that hard work what was the point in
the fame to turn around and die strung out on drugs you didn’t enjoy none of it
you didn’t enjoy the fruit of your labors mmm-hmm t say Sony had Michael knocked
off because he was bought half of Sony and was bragging about they’ll say you
never know t say uh Michael said Tony Tony motto was a monster he’s head of
Sony but question how Casoni how Michael knocked off if Michael was addicted to
that milk and he didn’t want to stop taking it I’m not understanding how did
Sony contribute to that cuz that was his own addiction child you think that
doctor was willing to trade his freedom tea I think that like people were saying
he kept wanting more more and more and your body only could take so much
especially when you’re small like Michael was you’re not eating you’re not
healthy you constantly do stuff like that I mean it’s only so much about it
to take that’s why I think we really need to send a message out there to our
children to don’t ever try drugs not one single time because that one time could
get you addicted for the rest of your life hey Peas yeah peace a sad drug killing our young
people and we sold I just bit my lip we so quick to laugh and people promoting
their drugs on their channels making fun of drugs taking it lightly we so quick
to excuse that type of behavior when children are very impressionable and
influenced influenced by our actions all day every day and I think we have to
really consider the impact yeah I’m gonna dry pan for my salad on the table we got the really consider the impact
that we are having on children and why these children are turning to drugs at
such early ages we don’t keep close rein on our children like they used to in the
old days you know half of my sound that went on table we really really really y’all have to
pray for our nation we have to pray for our children and we have to lead by
example we have to make sure that they being we have to make an in an
intentional effort to make sure our children are being fed the stuff they
need to be fed in today’s spirit in to feed life and to teach them the value of
education tamra’s time I’m home T say they knew Bobbi Kristina was addicted
that’s hot they killed her t say Bobbi Kristina was sniffing coke and popping
pills and drinking and smoking weed heavy the entire family to do it well do
you like you had a lot to do with her turning today lifestyle Pizza hello
everyone drugs are a powerful thing even prescription drugs you have to be
careful with people becoming dependent and abuse and abusing them that is so
true and that’s why I even know family member they got hit by a car on the
freeway changing a flat tire and they legs got broken into several places and
they put that person on them even though they needed it to remove the
pain but after a while they refused the medicine because they was like they
could feel themselves getting addicted to that medicine they could feel that
medicine taking a strong hold on their life and that’s how to devil get you t
say they didn’t care about Bobbi Kristina they want control of Whitney’s
estate that’s all P say uh the Apple don’t fall far from the tree
and if Bobbi Kristina and her man I am not sure where they both doing drugs
child yes somebody said that he was the supply person for Whitney but that’s
what Whitney had him for cuz he was the supply person he was the in-between
person that would go get it for they say that’s how he came in the picture real
say they wasn’t going to let her run through that money now Whitney mom has
full control over the estate a piece a degree the greedy aunt had wanted that
money and Realty say heck yeah
they did work together could he just say good morning this is so what is so the
best potato girl uh Miss Kitty say Nick was whitney houston’s card sign away all
miss kitty hmm it was a lot said about that it was a lot said about that yo if
we are talking about a subject that y’all find disturbing this is a hot topics channel we’re
talking about the news and we’re just trying to we’re just giving out insight
as to things that have happened I mean these people live their life how they
wanted to live their life this is something that’s in the news we’re just
discussing it oh you loved you some Whitney Houston I love Whitney Houston
to y’all and I kind of knew years before she died that that that’s what she was
headed because like to me y’all when Whitney did the interview with Whoopi
with Oprah Winfrey and when she said that Bobby Brown was the reason that she
got introduced to drugs I knew number one she was lying and
number two I knew God was gonna hold her accountable for
that life because you can’t try to destroy someone’s whole life with a lie
because you’re trying to protect yourself and your family and then after
she died her brother came out and then cleared Bobby Brown’s name and said no
Bobby Brown wouldn’t have wasn’t a person that introduced her to drugs and
coke it was me so I need for her not to be able to speak the truth lets me know
that she never was really willing to try to get the help that she needed because
the first step to getting help is being truthful about your situation they’ll
say today she performed the day she performed looking like death I knew it
then I was so shocked and hurt for her at the same time t say Whitney was
getting high at 19 girl it was before T in it was before 10
her brother even said it it was before then
Tammy say he he what tears he says she was doing drugs way before she was we
met Bobby Brown but she she lied and she continued to lie over the years and
everybody drugged that man name through the mud as if he was responsible for
what Whitney Houston was doing uh yeah Robin Robin miss busty cuz you say she was doing
drugs from the beginning I think so I think let me tell ya something and this
is this is almost always true in the music industry especially back in the
day when all of these people were becoming famous their producers got them
strung out on drugs from the beginning so they could have control over them
they got them strung out on drugs from the beginning it’s kidding say oh man Bo I recorded it
I couldn’t believe her can’t let her perform like that especially those
costumes Bobby left her because she refused to get clean peace say yes
she looked yes she looked to me as if she passed away long before she died she
was just going looking so sick and frail I knew it was a matter of time before
she got before we got the news that’s I’ll say and they’re sad to see somebody
that you love like you love you admire you look up to and you think that they
have all the talent in the world to accomplish any and everything and they
just throw it all away they’ll say it was scary the first time
I seen it Miss Kitty just thinking about it I can still see her I miss kitty so
sorry to hear that Miss busty I hope you get better soon t say Whitney started
out on prescription drugs P say no you you know how you can tell someone spirit
is gone they are living in their bodies but their spirits are gone that’s what I
felt about Whitney but how can you tell I thought yous about to tell us how can
you tell how can you tell that they live in the motion Bobby left her because she was always in
love with Robin terracing mmm-hmm lady singing the blues he had her on that
stuff love that movie Diana Ross I think Whitney did drugs because she couldn’t
come out with the true sexual her true sexuality nicely y’all dis me tell you
something right now let me take my glasses off for me come on your clothes
coming look closer look closer honey I think family’s sweet too much stuff
under the rug I think when family sweet too much stuff under the rug all of
these people that were talking about Michael Jackson Prince Whitney Houston
all of them had family secrets that they were sweeping under the rug and after
they became famous they wanted to continue to protect the legacy of the
family people care about how to family look and they don’t care about let me
tell you something if I would have been Whitney Houston if I would have been
Michael Jackson if I would have been Prince baby I would’ve did it to tell
our story on everything that happened for me from me from a little bitty baby
all the way up so I because that kills you it kills you when you keep stuff in
and I felt I feel like the stuff that they were keeping in if they were
keeping a secret y’all killed them Whitney Houston according to several
people allegedly was sexually assaulted by a family member and it was swept
under the rug it was swept under the rug it doesn’t matter if you get sexually
assaulted by a female or a male when you sweep that kind of stuff under the rug
it can destroy you because you’re steady holding it in you’re never expressing it
you’re never letting it out you can’t talk about it in public your family
don’t want you to mention your family don’t want nobody to know that it’s
somebody in the family that is capable of stuff like that so they willing to
trade your silence and your peace to make the family lagoon and y’all I know
I know I know because my family tried to do it to me they want to keep secrets
they want to they want to keep secrets they don’t never want they little lies
to come out they don’t never want the life that they were living to be exposed
but they are willing to make the person that was the victim look like the bad
because they don’t want the truth to be told and it’s so saying that full of
willing to watch somebody die instead of exposing the truth like it’s so much
garbage swept under the roads in the black family somebody need to pick them
rugs up and just sweep all that trash from other than woods throw that trash
in the trash can take that rug outside dust it off and get all that dirt and
dust about the road and let’s be honest and truthful about things that have
happened so the people that those things have happened to can have a fresh clean
slate and feel like they have the support of their family because when the
family don’t support them and the family want to keep it secret the family is
hurting them and that’s just despicable Namah let y’all go back I know that was
too close Comfort mr. cutie saying our tasty say
Wow tasty I never knew that while you never knew what miss kitty say yes P
Bobby Brown was was her side piece a piece say I knew for a fact that the
mother knew that creep was going and they did they didn’t want the family to
look bad so they swept it under the rug teeth say because Whitney met Bobby when
she was robbing when she was 15 I think they started a relationship Dean and her
family knew but the relationship that she started with Robin was probably a
direct result of what happened to her that she wasn’t able to express to the
family and so she found a confident a confidant to to express their – and
sometimes as children we get misplaced feelings about the person that we can
share everything with Whitney was still a child let me see what y’all saying I miss
kitty say I think she was ashamed a Bobby worried about what others thought
miss kitty say I knew T a vanity but people didn’t speak on it
y’all know you know peace say yes Janet really cried really cared a lot about
her image then she barely wanted to kiss Tupac in the movie hey bucket list I
miss kitty say yep P made him take an AIDS test verse um t said yes
technically I agree that’s how that lesbian relationship started through
grief Buckley say nope we don’t do that that’s not what this life is about a
piece say that was so crazy but that’s how I miss Janet got down I don’t think
it’s nothing wrong with it y’all that’s her prerogative if that’s her standards
to do a movie where there’s intimacy in it intimate scenes even for a kiss
because I do believe that you can I do believe that you can contract that
through a kiss I believe that you can so I mean to me
that was her prerogative to do that let me score back who was obsessed with Janet T say he was
absurd eat kitty he was obsessed with Janet who was obsessed with jenni mm-hmm t cuz Bobby really wanted Janet
really oh Lord thank you Miss Kitty T say it would take
tons of loads of saliva to contract HIV cha I don’t want to take that chance
with a drop I want to take their chance Oh miss kitty say Janet was acting
brand-new she knew she wanted to kiss to pop and missing out maybe she did wanna
kiss to park a little more than what the scene were required so she just wanted
to make sure he handed so if she wanted to get a little something mom oh she
would no no no no maybe she was secretly attracted to him and just wanted to know
more you know maybe she wanted to know his status so she could dig a little
deeper into the scene I was in the wrong with there yeah a piece a and her
relationship with her lover happened because she was confused she was
sexually abused by a woman and not saying Janet was wrong but she made a
few people who take AIDS test shall see no wrong with you I wanna know inquiring
minds want to know cuz why we doing this scene I might get
attracted to you and me we might start dating after that I want to know
ok2say Bobby Brown was obsessed with Janet Tarrant say where is it where is
it brain Terrace what are you talking about miss kitty say you welcome um
Oh terrorist I’m aware is it ten stop stop Terrence I just got what you say
stop attacking ooh Terrace is a hot mess don’t come out
and say no comments yes the guy sudden to do with something perverted and Miss
Kitty say you were right T mr. Bussie say Janet was not a saint she slept with
a lot of minions in Hollywood y’all can talk about Gen Y all Janet was a little
wholesome little girl leave Janet along I love you Janet now just leave all
along miss kitty laughing at Terrence Terrence
I sure did buddy Oh peas say write it kitty she knew she
wanted to swap talk with that man if it was her I would have been all up on
Tupac fine but girl what is why she wanted no that’s why she want to know
his status cuz she wanted to dig a little deeper lead a woman alone she had
the right to know t say uh Whitney died with a broken heart she died in the
family hope that they secret died with her but it didn’t Robyn exposed a girl
go Robin go Robin go Robin go Robin go rub it go Robin go Robin go uh peace say
let’s miss Jackson if you’re nasty miss Jackson call me miss tasty if
you’re nasty call me Miss tasty if you’re nasty
it let’s get our you in kitty say don’t get me wrong I love me
some genie I don’t think the wrong is wrong with a high-profile actress having
the person that she’s gonna do love scenes with take a taste hiss I’ll see
them around with that y’all t say it took Robin a long time to speak on it
I’m pretty sure she was threatened by the family can’t keep nobody from
telling a story miss bust assay Realty you show write about Robins book hey hey
Cedric I’ve been asking about you Cedric say mama no my penny voice mama
know what he said I’m glad Robin came out with the truth I’m sure they ate her
alive for a long time I thought okay when I first heard the story and
everybody was saying oh she just doing it for money she just you know she’s
vindictive she doing it when I watched her on the Wendy Williams Show
her demeanor is not the type of demeanor she’s soft-spoken she didn’t look like
she was doing it for money she living her best life she got money already I
don’t feel like she was doing it for money you know sometimes people struggle
with their whole life to tell their truth and then they die and sometimes
maybe the freeing or family member might feel like them not telling the truth is
what kill them you know how many other people you could help by telling your
troops you I mean people might not agree they might think you’re bashing your
family they might think you’re lying but at the end of the day they’re gonna be
some people who love you do you know how many people you could help by telling
your truth Cedric said bail said that that’s not me that not me Miss Kitty say
yep Robin Dee an interview with Wendy
Williams and I really liked that interview because it was very insightful let’s go say right here he lets go tell
your husband I said hi cuz we know he by your side
miss busty say peas Robin did what Robin wanted Robin did what Whitney wanted her
to do and that was exposed the family of her that mama and aunt of Whitney was a
miss do y’all feel like I don’t know do y’all feel like Whitney and her mom was
close do y’all feel like Whitney felt that her mom let me tell you something when a child is sexually assaulted and
the mother and a parent know about it and they don’t do anything about it it
makes the child feel like they’re not loved because they like if you loved me
you would’ve done something about it especially if it’s another family member
it makes the child wonder do you love them more than you love me
cuz you’re not protecting me and that’s so sad it’s like to me what
he loved her mother but she was a bitter towards her mother T say she really
loved Whitney and was going to keep sworn to keep it she struggled with
between Whitney longtime lover and friend peace say you’re so right tasty
I don’t be knowing what I was saying I’m right about by the time I read it
we ain’t even talking about that no mo kitty said no she didn’t do it for money
she really loved Whitney this was a healing process for Robin they’ll say
Happy New Year Alyssa Gail say happy new year everyone P say there are so many people ashamed
of their truth but when their people come out with their truth it inspires
others to live in there to t say I just hate Whitney didn’t live her life like
she wanted to it must be hell living life to please others senators say some
people are afraid to tell their truth to cook because when they do they’re deemed
a hater right here they’re the inner hater here here here you go number one
hater in the house they’re deemed a hater and a liar and people bully them
just like the situation that’s going on between the McMahon community yep
they’re so true but some people like me is strong strong and they not gonna be bullied they’re
not gonna be bullied they don’t care about you sinning yo minions on me the
subscribers cuz you know one thing that Nick did in his video that I really
appreciated was he told his subscribers don’t go hating on nobody don’t go now
half of him and listen to him but maybe some of them did but he was like don’t
go hating on nobody don’t go attacking anybody I mean I feel
like we’re obligated to do that the bigger our platform gets I tell my mods
and I tell my subscribers each and every time in public and in private
don’t go trolling don’t go hating don’t go looking for nothing don’t send me
nothing I don’t want to know in the story I mean that’s how you nip that
garbage in the bud that’s how you nip it in the bud Miss Kitty say stand NEP I agree yeah I
know I’m behind one coming so let me catch up he said goodnight chasity
everybody’s saying goodnight chasity miss bless Miss Kitty say blessed eat
that in that day and time and the success of Whitney she to be hurting yep
but that’s what I tell y’all when you hold stuff in it’s gonna kill you
cuz you try to find something to take away the hurt and relieve the hurt and
no matter how crazy people call me and say I got mental issues I just want you
to know that this girl over ain’t never resulted to anything to ease the pain
ain’t never resulted to anything to ease the pain so you could call me what you
want to you could say I need some meds baby do you know how many people they’re
soul mates they’re got more problems when they started with cuz now they get
addicted to the means they’ll be trying to make me be crazy and trying to make
me go get on some minutes cuz everybody your family take them cuz it’s a common
theme for people to take meds now y’all trying to make me be crazy too so I
could go get me some mints I ain’t trying to have more problems
than I got already I said you say like they like their a psychiatrist if you’re
not a damn doctor don’t diagnose my baby don’t diagnose me baby um I don’t know what Trump is doing so I
don’t know what you’re doing so that’s whatever you can’t answer the question cédric say some people say don’t go
hating on people but they really mean the opposite because they didn’t have
did what they did she knew that video was gonna go viral
and people are not bullying him and we’re bullying him yep y’all stay tuned for the video is 6 a.m.
in the morning leave lots of comments give it a thumbs up leave your thoughts
we’re gonna go live that night and talk about it you’re going to bed miss kitty miss kitty is too early for you gonna be well we could talk about that on another
night but like we tried not to change the subject of what we’re talking about
not because we were flowing and when somebody come in ask a new question and
we wasn’t through talking about what we was talking about we try to stick to one
conversation unless we get unless we like finish discussing the other
conversation and it died down and then I’ll I’ll may ask well what else y’all
want to talk about but as long as we’ve gone with the flow we ain’t got no
reason to change the conversation Oh Cedric say sending people dead threats
then she just magically got over the situation when they start talking about
him I honestly felt bad for him that hate can’t bring people to a very bad
place I know from experience just stay tuned for my video in the morning at 6
a.m. that’s okay it’s good when you first enter alive
just listen for a little while find out what people are talking about and being
story interjecting on the conversation that they’re talking about
it’s all it’s all good one day we could talk about that but today we’re not
talking about that kitty say you goofy join us miss piece say baby googling
different disorders and they try to give you that mental disorder I need some
comments I read some someone’s come in on the other day and they said have boy
borderline personality disorder I referred to myself and Keisei uh in the
third person but their ideal idol be loves life refers to herself in a third
person in her video description all the time so she must have ten personalities
said you say I had bipolar disorder from seven to thirteen I hate it when people
are always saying people are crazy real doctors didn’t even use the word
yep it’s okay P no man can judge child if I
let these people tell me what’s wrong with me if I let people tell me what’s
wrong with me every last one of them I had me on a different drug I’ll be going
over here I’ll be gone I’ll be bouncing off the wall I’d be like if I let these
people tell me what’s wrong with me so I don’t worry about what people say about
me because I can guarantee you all of them people that say something wrong
with me depend on some some medicine before and I have it so I’m I’m a strong
person because to have went through everything that I’ve been through in
life and to never have taken any drugs before in my life noon
not one to not be addicted to any foreign substances to not be addicted to
alcohol to not be addicted to prescription medications to not be
walking on the street with my mind gone I can’t listen to what you telling me
that’s wrong with me because I’ve got ten problems but what you saying ain’t
one of them I mean y’all sitting up here saying she
did this today she gonna do this tomorrow
she still don’t do this today don’t you do different stuff every day who does the same thing every day how
you gonna sit up here and judge me because I do different things every day
don’t you do different stuff every day don’t you react to different situations
every day something that you said today may not be the case tomorrow
so you gonna say something different I thought that’s how I work
you can’t hold me to what I say today cuz tomorrow it might be something
that’s different happening bla bla bla I say we all do different
stuff okay busty say sure we all go through something nobody’s perfect peace
saying I have bipolar depression and this is oh it does not have me I choose
not to take medication for it and these people call me crazy crazy is a
derogatory term for people who suffer from some form of crazy is a derogatory
term for people who truly suffer from mental illness and is mental and mental
health health shaming I am sick of it and that’s a form of bullying
Cedric say in Louisiana you have to take the medicine for bipolar if they don’t
they will lock you up in an inner hospital cha you might want to leave
that state Tara say wow how do I know you’re gonna be taking your
your medicine or not how do you know time to say in it I mean if you ask me
there are some aka crazy people that are nicer and sweeter than someone with
regular sense bla bla bla say period tasty they
probably Oh probably aren’t on crack this kid you say okay peez no man can
judge tennis a I find if you don’t show any emotion at all you will be fine
Oh Terrence you’re just so used to being stone cold all day every day everybody
can’t be like that Terrence say that’s what I do we know
Terrence they’ll say means you’re verified blah blah blah blah say tasty I got a
question what does it mean when you get the blue check mark on Instagram what I
mean that they’re verified they like get that check mark so nobody can’t open up
a fake account and when they go in to talk to other people they are know that
the real them it’s so you can know that’s the real account of the person Terra said I’m just saying you should
try try would Terrance are you trying to be stolen Terrence I keep telling you
teres oh you getting on my nerves I’m not trying to be like you I don’t want
to be like you Terrence it’s only one you and you only need to be one you we
don’t need another two you please say the moment you cry or show an emotion
you get called crazy and unstable and busty say I think I think I was born
normal with no health problems but I do feel
sorry for the one that have mental health and bipolar etc it’s hard for
some of them people they’ll say I believe anyone can get their RG verified
you just have to send for verification on the page yeah but they usually don’t
do it unless you have a certain number of subscribers um
Tammy say I was not talking to you it was a general statement you say you
should try sometime tasty what you mean let me go back up here eat this boy come
in I’m just saying you shouldn’t you should try it
mmm-hmm miss kita say leave my boy alone you and your boo back to go to the
church parking lot I know have this port this no one I know
how bipolar disorder and this I told him at least that way everyone tells me they
didn’t believe I’m bipolar t say that’s two uh P and T say y’all off subject it
sometimes the subject transitions if you say bail I’m eating ball peanuts yeah
blah blah blah say kitty that sounds good
kitty say we got it ut and they’ll say oh yes kitty I want some tea say ball
peanuts yeah Gertie crazy they’ll say occasion or a regular Kitty and blah
blah blah say Miss Kitty say blah blah blah blah yummy peace say I speak about
it because I tried I’m tired of people
being bullied for depression anxiety and bipolar disorder in any form of mental
illness I won’t help people can’t help the way
they were born sometimes trauma brings it that’s true
and I think trauma untreated brings about mental illness Bell says you want
blah blah blah say bell you want to start doing that being doing my veins
there girl ain’t gonna do no my veins Miss Kitty say Cajun Tamra say so who
was I talking to I get on you take on tasty snares
she uh she huh see how she talked to me oh my soul I am crying in my room you
don’t cry you can’t cry and you ain’t gonna cry you don’t cause you can’t you
don’t cry you can’t cry and you ain’t gonna cry peace a trauma sometimes
creates mental health issues bit folks don’t know that I always believe that
they’ll say blah I know I’m slipping girl you ain’t slipping udin slipped all
the way off the bandwagon kitty say uh tell her again bla bla no chin didn’t
nobody said you say I want some fried boudin balls they are so tasty man I
love me some fried boudin balls they’ll say just like you and Cedric Oh one time
my sister we was in Lafayette Louisiana and she took me to this place
that she was like oh you taste a Cajun food oh when you taste a boot in they
boot in is the best boot in the whole wide world they fry boudin balls is the
best boudin balls we went to this place spent our money got home and I was like this stuff is nasty I was like I would
never buy this again and she was like no it’s the best it’s the best I say girl
it’s the best of you cuz you ain’t never had better you ain’t never had better
being when she came to Houston and she remember me telling her that and she was
like you remember when you was telling me it was a place here in Houston that
serve better boot in and better boot in the place I took you to I was like you
you know she was like let’s go I was like it’s all the way on the other side
of town it’s in the hood he said look yeah y’all got to get in the car and
drive to the hood you got to drive to the hood so we lived on my Halloween
other side time and we’d go to the hood I took her up in there she got her stuff
she set up in a car and she tasted it and she was like oh I got to go back in
and get some mo let me tell you certain home chick never liked to drive all the
way on the other side of town next thing you know she telling me how do you get
to that place again I’m like she was like sister you’re right cuz everybody
think I’m just saying I ain’t trying to start no war in the conversation I’m
just saying everybody think Louisiana seafood and boot in and boudin balls or
better in Texas they think theirs is better than anywhere baby um nope nope nope Cedric that stuff I tasted don’t
compare to nothing we got down here baby honey baby boo boo child
yo boudin balls don’t even taste half as good as alphys dude Terrence say what the hell is boudin
term is we got time to educate you blah blah blah say miss Gloria must be
sleeping yeah miss Gloria falls to sleep she’s still in live with the phone in
her bed wrapped up in her sheets she gonna wake up in the morning looking for
her phone with Cedric say we haven’t tried the warrants in New York you
haven’t tried the ones in New Orleans on Bourbon Street no I ain’t but guess what
I don’t think I don’t know the ones I try I think I might have tried them
before I don’t know but guess what says you
I don’t think you’re nothing compared to the ones down here miss Gloria say I’m
here y’all Oh y’all better start talking about miss
Gloria yeah I know miss Gloria walk wake up on her sleep every night then when
you start when I say her name there’s only jobs – her name and come
and she don’t hear nothin she ain’t gonna see nothing cuz she sleep but the
minute I say her name she’s like huh hey that’s effort oh we miss you too
Sanford welcome Artie say I never had boudin balls they so good y’all
mmm y’all ever had buta in before he said Mariah Carey Mel Gibson Kanye West
a few celebs with bipolar disorder okay I never knew that Mel Gibson Kanye West
I think I knew about Kanye West but not Mariah Carey Miss Kitty’s a busty baby
Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child – parents say that’s the best blahblah say
Terrance dead never mind it’s cold outside miss kitty say Cedric I fell in
love with them and again Terrance they was boudin balls ain’t nobody got time
to explain to you or no boudin balls ears you live your whole life without
knowing what a Buddha in Bali is get y’all free in the tell you what a boudin
ball is Miss cutie said I only eat them Terrance as surgery don’t nobody tell Terrence what a boudin
ball is the only person that could tell Terrence where the boudin ball is his
boo who always taking up for him t say get her some answers Terrence Terrence
ain’t getting no answers up here nobody been I tell him where no boudin ball is
but Miss Kitty I’m gonna delete y’all coming well you better tell him what a
Buddha in Bali is cuz ain’t nobody got time to tell a boy with no boudin Bali’s
he don’t win his whole life without eating a boudin ball you should be
banned from this channel the amount that’s what making me cry the other day
this what you get Sanford say lol ain’t nobody got time until you with no boudin
balls is and you you how old is you you don’t know what a booty ball is sure
peace ain’t never mind I don’t want no boudin balls just look them up I’m good t say I don’t know either tasty will you
just got the wait to miss QT yeah with me miss Q to say sausage seasoning and
other stuff that’s it that blank is good she didn’t even explain it right y’all
she didn’t even explain it right I don’t think you know what a boudin barley is
Miss Kitty cuz you didn’t explain it right you talking about boudin you’re
not talking about a boudin ball a boudin ball is different than boudin do you
really know what a boudin ball is Miss Kitty yeah I don’t listen to her
definition cuz that’s not Tara’s Cedric is Miss Kitty definition
correct of abuddin about that’s not even correct
Tamra say I’m straight Miss Kitty say smarter than a 5th grader t.t say the
ball part is confusing Bale say Lord t say are they fried the only person can
answer her question y’all is Kitty since she knows so much and she be going hard
for her boo Stanford say yes there is a difference
and Tammi say no need I’m straight miss kitty say I know what I am talking about
I never cooked them but they are good come on said you know you didn’t explain
what a boudin ball is right you explained boudin you didn’t explain a
boo then ball there is a difference so Miss Kitty what is the difference
between boudin and a boudin ball come on huh Tara say said you sleep said you say
I sleep said you say he telling y’all gonna get you you and Miss Kitty wanna
always stick together like this so y’all got to get each other out of this ain’t
nobody go y’all y’all always teaming up against everybody else so guess what
y’all got to get each other out of this by ourselves sanfur say let us know girl said you say
why you didn’t answer say it said you didn’t saying that he said he’s sleep he
not sleep said you say he not sleep Miss Kitty said I don’t know what the
hell is the Buddha and Baba is delicious you didn’t even spell I explained what a
boudin ball is right you did not explain it correctly so therefore I think you’re
talking about boudin how does your boudin look is your
boudin ball long around cuz the way you explained it yeah I don’t think you’re
talking about nobody involved okay t say I am so excited I made it to 2020
alright we are blessed a lot of people didn’t make you praise the Lord thank
you Jesus hallelujah attend they uh said you say abou their bow is Cedric Cedric
you weren’t supposed to say that I’m gonna delete your comment you still didn’t explain any right he’s
either said you hold on y’all somebody send me a DM Oh down okay yeah let me see
Tammy say y’all can keep your foreign meat substances to yourself they not
explaining nobody has explained a boudin ball right yet nobody has even explained
boudin right yet to me to me Tamra’s do you know what dirty rice he
is have y’all ever eaten dirty rice before if y’all ever eaten dirty rice
before yeah I need to get some movement boudin balls okay boudin is like dirty
rice it’s like dirty rice y’all but boudin balls boudin is like dirty rice
that is put into little plastic things like a sausage and you heat it up warm
it up a fry it and then you eat it with crackers that’s kind of like what
budeniy is but boudin balls or you take the dirty rice you roll it up and I
don’t know what they put on it some people might put flour or cornmeal or
whatever and you fry it you fry it to the outside is crispy and hard and the
inside is still solved that is a boo Dan ball none of y’all explained it right Alisa Gale said I like the Spanish rice
t say oMG T say oMG I want some see now yeah I won’t song cuz it’s explaining
right to y’all but with other people was explaining yeah I was like now I’m not
it so see they didn’t explain it right sanfur say yes to poncho crumbs
tarah SE C vitamin C y’all was talking about amigo no I don’t know I don’t know
that’s what a booty in ball is boudin is like dirty rice some people call it boot
in in the in some places they call it boot in some places we call it dirty
rice and you just sometimes different places cause stuff different things so
Tara’s them even didn’t even know what y’all was time by booting but booting
something I when I go get my booty and from this one place to sale boot in I
get it in a cup because I don’t need it in there little sausage links I get it
in a cup I warm it up and I eat it with my crackers but they got fried boudin
balls and then they got booed in in the club and then they got booted in the
sausage link but it’s like dirty rice if you from the south and you eat dirty
rice it’s like dirty rice Cedric say I know how to make it homemade
Tammy say oMG that sounds good mm-hmm miss Gloria say Budhan is in a casing
and balls or fried T say do a boudin ball mcvane tasty cha ain’t got no money
or no car to go get no boudin balls Miss Kitty say who is other people I
just know it’s good never cooked it miss bus to say yes yes
they are Gloria I eat them I buy mine from one more child if you buy boudin
balls from Walmart you ain’t never had no good booty in bottles Dean cuz you
need to go somewhere else to get booty involves this good Tara say I can make
some mine or better than Louisiana Stanford you say yes so I’m good see and
I see y’all how see how perception is everything and see how one person could
explain something one way and y’all be like hell no I don’t know that and then
another person come right behind him and explain the same thing y’all be like
whoa that sound good perception is everything
perception is everything some people person I know even I know even I know
even say that perception is everything some people could explain the same thing
to you and then you’d be like no I would eat that Tisa I’m from the south it definitely
called dirty rice see but y’all didn’t know it was when when they say boolean
boudin and dirty rice is pretty much the same thing Terrence they make it from scratch I
ain’t making them from scratch stand for say we’ll we’ll send up the money right
y’all we’ll send you the money Chau bill bill put the cash up right
down there y’all know my car is I don’t have no transportation I can catch the
bus to go get some boudin balls no but I’d have the kitch like four buses there
and back so go get them I don’t know if that’s worth it to me y’all they’ll say
dirty rice just rice and ground meat beef where it got a lot of seasoned in
it put your bell pepper you put your green onions you put your regular onions
some people use ground beef some people use a little liver and ground beef and Cedric what what are you putting you
what kind of meat you putting your boudin Cedric and it’s rice and you season it up
really really really good people who sell it don’t season it as good as if
you made it at home yourself and you got to be careful not to put that much liver
in it cuz if you put too much livery it’s gonna taste like dog food yeah it’s
gonna make you sick use uber it’s tasty I think you got to go this is a it’s not
a restaurant you got to go it’s a hole in the wall you got to go to Sanford
said nah it ain’t worth the trip but if I had my car it’s just like 10 15
minutes away but on the bus cha you talking about about three or four hours
to go and come Sanford say ground beef and Italian
sausage Cedric will you hit with some people I used to make a boudin from
scratch my grandmother’s him used to make boudin
I mean Oh dirty rice from scratch you put a little girl a lot of ground meat
and a little liver some people get carried away with the
liver and they put too much and when they put too much liver it tastes and
smell like dog food it’s busty say I hate riding the bus I miss glorious a tasty our store here for balls is Iran’s where’s that located
at Iran’s I don’t know if I heard of Iran’s before
Sanford say ill dog food yeah if you put too much
our liver in that dirty rice if it’ll taste like dog food and it’ll make you
sick before you even when it hit your nose it’ll make you sick
I knew somebody that used to put dog food I mean too much liver in there
dirty rice and it smelled just like dog food I stopped eating a I stopped eating
their dirty rice and one year we was going to the house for Christmas and I
told my son not to eat a dirty rice oh well we got to use the house he begged
and cried in front of the people please mama please mama can I eat some can I
eat some I was like didn’t I have a whole conversation with you at home and
tell you not to eat that stuff but he waited til we got him from the people
please mama please mama can I eat something I was like go ahead
oh that night he was sick as a dog and food never make him see cuz he was
greedy oh he was sick as a dog that night throwing up and everything yeah
I’m like that’s what you get you should listen to your mama he should’ve listened to his mama y’all ot say dog food has gotten fancy
especially cat food girl it’s still stink though miss Gloria say one of 101
on our meter and T say cat food eating scent cats eating salmon mixed with
vegetables all sanfur say I want to try the fried balls
never had them oh they so good y’all and if you make them at home yourself you
can fry them today a little bit more crunchy err I like mine and crunchy miss
Buster say girl you would be amazed at how many people are eating cat and dog
food eel Realty say uh rusty I know that’s right
I’m telling tasty y’all act like how easy t you eatin some cat food over
there I’m it supposed to say I know some folks they eat it cuz they can’t afford
food Sanford say y’all spoiling my appetite
y’all spoiling my appetite real teeth ain’t no way tasty
Terry say hey there Andrew okay yamas to 7:00 in the morning I got to go clean my
kitchen who watch my dishes y’all I think I’m gonna go live on my other
channel so I think I’m gonna go live on my other channel to clean my dirty
kitchen out of the kitchen is dirty dirty dirty dirty so I think I may in this life oh damn yeah don’t forget the videos come out at
6:00 in the morning so if you guys still be up
even if y’all don’t get even if y’all don’t get a notification be sure to go
check out go look anyway if you don’t get a notification just go check and
make sure the video then come out at 6:00 okay let me read which I’ll say it Tisa needed to retract that message lol
busted say it said we are living in a world where people can’t afford and have
to eat animal food I don’t think that’s necessary y’all because there’s so many
food pantries in people’s areas I don’t know why they would have to eat dog or
cat food Kitty say which one T and T say I’m glad y’all kitty Sanford said good night tasty good night
y’all good night Sanford I’m gonna go live on my other channel if y’all want
to come over there I’m gonna go live on my other channel so for you guys who
want to join me over there for a midnight late-night chitchat nice nap TJ
come on over and I will talk to you guys later I love you I’m back to washing
dishes and clean my kitchen cuz it’s a hot mess up over there I will talk to
y’all later right now thanks for watching tasty mukbang

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