10 Best Trader Joe’s Products

Hey everyone – Trudi here from It’s
the TruStory and today I’ve been very deeply concerned
about all those people that are eating Tide Pods as a challenge and maybe as a snack. So instead I thought I’d share with you my
insider’s scoop on what you need to get from
Trader Joe’s, which is the best shopping there is
because their products are outrageous on
many many levels. And once you get past Dantes 11th Circle, which is their parking lot which is always a nightmare, you can find some amazing
things. And so I’m gonna give you some
ideas. My top ten and these are in no apparent order. And they also are from all different
parts of the store but they’re going to make your life
easier. Yes that’s right. They’re hacks that
you can enjoy. So starting off, let’s just go on the kind of snappy
appetizer end of the spectrum. This Artichoke Antipasto is insane. I dare you not to eat the entire
thing in one sitting. You will unless you
hate artichokes and then you’ll hate it. So I love this. And I love it on a beautiful savory cracker. Like savory is not even the word for it. These are outrageously delightful. Moving on to something that falls somewhere in
between a snack and a Food. Y’all, it’s the Cookie Cocoa Swirl. Cookie butter, in and
of itself. The idea that it’s got cookies and butter is like is there anything better? Is there any better branding ever? Now we’re going to add cocoa into
this and you know I’m going to dare you not to
eat this all in one sitting, too. Now we’re getting into a little spice. You guys, everything tastes better with this Everything But the Bagel Sesame Spice. It’s insane. You can put it literally in a salad. You can put it on your popcorn and you can put it on here whatever
you’re eating. And you can probably put it
on a bagel if you wanted to. Now moving on to the main course. This is very very important. Trader Joe’s is the epitome of sauce ecstasy. I’m going to pick out one but it was hard to choose. I am a big fan of their Masala Simmer Sauce. This is something that you can just
put whatever you like in here: veggies, if you like chicken- you just cook it up it’s like a 10
minute meal. Now Trader Joe’s also has nan in their freezer section -the garlic nan is outrageous. I didn’t include it in my top 10 only because I was limited to 10. Now, Pot Stickers. That’s right. They’re Gyoza – Gyoza – it’s Chicken Gyoza Pot Stickers. I’m not sure how you even say them, but they’re amazing.
And my friend Everett who works at Trader Joe’s – he’s my new
friend because in the check out line we’re
talking about his favorite hacks. He likes to cut these up like he
cuts them up into little pieces and puts them on top of a salad. It sounds like the most delicious
thing I could ever imagine. And I’m making that immediately when
we’re done here. OK, this uncured bacon jerky. Not only is it a delectable snack but my friend Everett over at Trader
Joe’s – this guy is a genius and throws it into mac and cheese and sprinkles a little like spreads
a little Sriracha on top and bakes it. I mean are you kidding me right now? OK. I know everyone loves orange
chicken. I’m with you. I’m in it. But I don’t do a lot of fried stuff. So for a quick meal. I’m going to give it. my big thumb’s up for this Teriyaki Chicken you guys. It’s amazing. And you serve it over like rice or even you can serve it over riced
cauliflower, which is actually the worst food at Trader Joe’s. That’s right. You heard me. I really have discovered that cauliflower when it’s riced tastes like riced farts, not like rice and not even really like cauliflower. You I’m just cluing you in on that. But the
Teriyaki Chicken – now there’s something special. So now rounding
home. OK. This I was tortured about – there’s
so much good candy at Trader Joe’s but I’m gonna give it up to the peanut
butter cups the dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I also enjoy their 100 calorie dark chocolate and their super dark
chocolate. So there’s a lot of -there’s dark
chocolate theme. I like to think about dark chocolate
as like the essential ingredient to
every single day. If you want to happiness every
single day, have some form of chocolate and that’s like a cliche but I feel that way. Capping it off guys, I know Trader Joe’s is the place you go for Two Buck Chuck, right? Cheap wine. That’s actually kind of good. I mean let’s all be real with ourselves. That’s like a rip
the enamel off your teeth kinda thing. But if you want a cheap buzz, fine. This wine is unbelievable and you can find it at Trader Joe’s. It’s Cooper & Thief; they age it in bourbon barrels, it’s like kind of high alcohol
content – I don’t even like red wine. I literally have dreams about this. This is not cheap. It’s like somewhere in the $23 or $24 range. But it’s amazing and worth every penny. So you guys that was 10 and an amazing Trader Joe’s haul. And I am doing a bonus round because Chazz here loves Trader Joe’s too. So this Beef Liver Snack – it’s just freezed beef liver, and he really loves it. I’m just gonna show you how much he
loves it. I think that’s how we all feel about
Trader Joe’s like just shove whatever we find there
into our mouths. And so anyways guys, that’s what I have here today. If
you like what we’re doing here, please hit that like button, subscribe, we’re here every first and third
Thursday of the month. And you know I brought enough food here at Trader Joe’s
right now to last me the next month. So once I finish eating that, I’m gonna see you again in a
couple weeks. Bye.

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