[2019] Must Have Free Resources for New Stock Traders

– What’s better than paying
for the top five great information resources out there? Getting them for free! (upbeat music) Hey everyone, Lead Trainer
with StocksToTrade, Tim Bohen. I’m gonna talk about some
of the great resources we offer at StocksToTrade
and I really, really think you should be taking advantage of ’em. Not only are they great to learn and grow from but they are free. So as I mention that,
be sure to comment below and let me know what you’re usin’ to get your stock trading
information right now. Are you usin’ the old
school Yahoo Finance? Used to be a big fan since
they redesigned that so much. But what are you usin’ to
get your stock information? Comment below, also
subscribe and ring that bell. Every week I go live on YouTube,
breakin’ down with charts, breakin’ down the watch
list and I want you to be there as soon as I start. We get right into it, I’m
always on time and I get right into the information so ring that bell to be notified right away. First resource I wanna talk
about is something we’ve started doin’ about six months ago
and that is twice monthly, three open webinars so we do
these at night eastern time. We’ve kinda moved the dates
around a little bit to fit everybody’s schedule but what
we do in these is in advance you know the topic so you’ll
get an e-mail, you’ll know exactly what we’re gonna be
covering in that webinar and then the great thing is I
prepare, I get ready, I dial that slide back in, I get the
presentation, I get all the information ready, we go right
to work on a specific topic. So I like it because a lot of
these videos, a lot of these educational materials
they throw a lot at ya. So you know in advance what
the topic’s gonna be, we get right to work, dial into the
information then this is one of the things I like the most
is we wrap up with Q and A so if you miss sumthin’, if you
need elaboration, you have a detail, a question whatever,
I answer those at the end of the webinars so you get the detail dialed information then you get to
hit Q and A at the end so check out these twice monthly free webinars. The second great resource
that I really want you to take advantage of is the stocks to trade blog. We post a ton of articles, I
think most weeks, three to four articles and they cover the
whole gamut, a lot of times they’re breaking news, maybe
we’re covering a recent I-P-O, maybe we’re covering a current
hot sector in day trading and swing trading, you always want
to know what the current hot sector is whether it be crypto
related stocks or marijuana related stocks or any of these
big movers, we cover those on the blog, we also go into
technical indicators whether it be vwap or R-S-I or Fibonaccies
and all of these things, we go in-depth in these articles
breakin’ them down, lots of times we’ve gotten videos
embedded and then we go into features of StocksToTrade so
maybe you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the product,
that’s on the blog and then we also go into individual
stock analysis so if you’re looking for that next idea, maybe a potential trade, we do that. I really think it’s a great
resource, oh I almost forgot, we go into something that I
think is often overlooked, psychology, you know taking
losses, having that trader mindset, how to show up every
day, get a little bit better every day, how to truly
craft yourself as a trader so news, indicators, features, psychology, watch list,
there’s a ton of wealth of information there, check it
out: StocksToTrade.comblog. The third amazing resource
is something that I’m really proud of, it’s the steady
trade podcast so great, great great way to learn on the go
where we post these episodes to YouTube, we post them to our
webpage but they’re also on all of the podcast networks: Itunes,
Stitchers, Spotify, every network and I tell ya, you’re
all busy, I’m busy, you’re busy, maybe you’re commuting,
maybe you’re jumping on the treadmill, maybe you’re doing
chores around the house and I appreciate ya for watching
these videos, I think we offer a lot of great information
but hey, it’s 2019, it’s all about multitasking, great
thing about podcast, you can drop those earbuds in and
when you’re doing these, maybe boring or mundane tasks, you
can be learnin’ and gettin’ better and you know SteadyTrade
podcast, we have a lot of fun so I think it’s entertaining
but we really try and be educational so if you’re workin’
on getting to be a better trader and you’ve got a job,
you’ve got school or you’ve got family, you’re trying to maximize
your time, take advantage of SteadyTrade to learn
on your commute or on the treadmill or doin’ yard work. Fourth thing that I think is
a great asset, is YouTube Live so you watchin’ this video,
obviously you’re on YouTube but keep in mind every Monday night,
I go live talking about the specific stocks that we’re
watching that week and then we also review the stocks that
were in play the previous week so the great thing is, I think
these videos are a great way to learn, I mention the podcast,
the blog but don’t forget the instancy of the YouTube
Live so you can jump on there and know what’s in play that
week and start planning out your trades going forward
so on that note, as you’re watchin’ ring that bell below
because that will notify you the instant we go live, you
don’t wanna be there late, ring that bell and check out the YouTube Lives. Number Five and it may sound
a little redundant but it’s YouTube, you’re here, you’re
watching this video, I’m a huge fan of YouTube, maybe if
you guys know a little bit of my bip, I’m kinda of a weekend
handyman, I always like to be improving, I like to weld, I
like to fix all the old, all my own stuff around the house
or on my car or on my son’s car and YouTube is a wealth
of information, it is probably one of the greatest things
that has ever happened in education, well I’ll give it
to maybe Gutenberg with the printing press but YouTube’s
a close second so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube,
ring that bell and go through the archive, we’ve done
hundreds of videos, I’m proud of each and every one of
’em, check ’em out and we’ll see you on the next video. Thanks for watching our video,
be sure to comment below with any trading related question,
we love answering your questions, also like and share
with your friends and be sure to subscribe and be notified
as soon as our next video hits and if you’re looking to
expand your trading knowledge, don’t forget to check out all
of our other videos and be sure to click the trial below,
check out StocksToTrade, I think it is one of the best
most rapidly advancing softwares out there, be sure to check out our trial. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thanks Tim! On the 60 day trial right now. Never traded a stock. Learning for the long haul. Excited for the future. Great info!

  2. Awesome Tim. Using STT trial/ YF/ & FINVIS right now. Got some decisions to make after the T&I Summit as to whether to become a Pro member of even continue with the Challenge. Thanks again for the resources.

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