2019’s Best Indicator For Moving Stocks

– Every single year, the market has one or two key indicators. It changes every now and then. I’m gonna go over 2019’s
best single indicator. (upbeat music) What’s up? Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor, and trader here, talking about indicators. Before I get into that, click the little subscribe button, click the little ringing bell, get notified when I
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and bitter all your life. It’s your choice. I’m here to teach you through
20-plus years of experience. I don’t know everything, but
I know more than most people, and I’m trying to share it with you. 2019 has been a very interesting year, and one indicator rises above
all the other indicators. You need software. Let me remind you, you need software to scan for different indicators. I’m gonna post a link just below. You should click it and you should use this software. I’m not even gonna name the software. I’m just gonna tease it. Just click the link that
says revolutionary software, because frankly it is. When I first got started teaching how to check dozens of websites, looking at all kinds of news, all kinds of indicators,
frankly wasting a lot of time, we refined it and put it
into all one software. And this indicator that has
been working so well in 2019 is contained in this software, because 2019’s number one
indicator for me so far is looking for short squeezes. Okay. And most people think,
“Oh, let me just look at “the amount of share short. “It’s like on Yahoo Finance. “I know it’s a month old,
but that’s all we got. “So let me look at that.” Nonsense, nonsense! The short data that you
have that’s a month old or two months old, it doesn’t even matter. It’s all irrelevant, because the best short squeezes happen over one, two, three, four days. So, whatever was short a month ago is totally irrelevant to
what is going on right now if the stock is in a short squeeze. Not to mention that I think that if you actually did
like an academic study, you could probably
disprove the short interest from a month ago. I’ve never really seen that indicator or that data to be very accurate, and I’ve seen people lose a lot of money who were trying to use that
indicator in their trading. So how do you determine if a
short squeeze is happening? How do you determine the short interest over the past one, two, three, four days. Well, long story short, you can’t. It is not an exact science. But with that magic tool software, it also includes a
social media search tool. Okay, and with this
social media search tool, you can see specifically which stocks are being targeted by shorts. Because there’s a lot of
short sellers on social media, they try to rip on these companies. They usually are right in the long run. But because there are so many shorts right now in 2019 is why I’m saying this is the indicator
that I’m using right now. It wasn’t a very good
indicator in 2017 or 2018. But in 2019, we have an
excessive amount of shorts. And if you look through social
media, you will see that. You will see a lot of
these big percent gainers being targeted by shorts. And guess what, even though
they’re right in the long run, they are usually wrong for
one, two, or even three days. Right now in 2019 we’re seeing stocks not just go from one to
three or one to four, three or 400% increases, but we’ve seen stocks go
for two to 20, two to 50. In the past few months,
we’ve even seen stocks go up even more than that. A lot of shorts are just newbies. I’m partially to blame or to thank, depending on how you look at it, because I have made millions
of dollars short selling, and frankly my business for education has grown substantially. And so, there’s a lot of people who think that you can just
short any stock that’s up these penny stocks all go to zero, so let’s just short anything that’s up. If you actually look at
what the short sellers say on social media, it’s pretty funny. They try to justify their trades with the valuation of the company. And I’m not gonna actually go into any specific short sellers because, frankly, I
don’t want them to stop talking about this stuff on social media. I want these idiot shorts to
keep talking and trying to get other people involved in their shorts. So let them try to create these
bare raids on social media. I think it’s sad, but they’re basically showing their hand. This is what’s so beautiful. You’re trying to get the price down if you’re a short seller in 2019 and you try to use
social media to do that. Meanwhile for me and
many of my top students, especially top performing
students in 2019, we see all these shorts, we see these stocks even
when they’re tweeting like, “This stock should go down.” but the stock doesn’t go down
and it keeps ticking higher. Then the shorts get desperate
and they tweet more and more. “This company is
worthless, it’s worthless.” And they try to lure
people into their argument. It’s like these political
tweets where you think, what, you think you’re gonna
change somebody’s politics based on a tweet like, “Oh, this tweet really changed
by whole political ideology.” Come on, that’s not gonna happen. The same thing with short sellers, but they’re so bitter and they’re so just narrow-minded that
they will just keep tweeting the same thing over and over again, using different facts, using
different valuation methods, saying, “This stock should be zero, “this stock should be zero, “this stock deserves to crash.” And you’ll see the
usual suspects doing it. Again, I’m not gonna name them, because I wanna keep them doing it. Don’t show this to them. Don’t show this video to any short seller. Shhh! Just use their naivety. Just use their bitterness
and their trollishness for your advantage. Because when there’s a lot of shorts who are trying to put a stock down, and they’re all trying to trade together and they’re all using these
kinds of weird strategies and finding shares to
short at weird brokers, guess what, if the stock is not cracking, if it’s holding near
its highs, it can spike. And that some of the most
fundamentally screwed companies can spike the most. It’s not about valuation when it comes to trading short squeezes. It’s not to say that is
an exact science either. Because like I said, these short sellers are usually right in the long run, but I would not become a short seller, especially at this point in time, because there are so many shorts, there’s so much
competition for the shares. A lot of these shorts
are shorting too soon when there are shares available, and that creates the short squeezes. And a lot of my top students have been riding the short squeezes up a hundred, 200, 500, a thousand percent in a few hours or a few days. Just remember to sell into strength. If you are buying one of these fundamentally screwed companies, the short squeeze last for a little bit, but then it usually subsides. So, that to me is the number
one indicator right now. Short squeezes, their
working fantastically. Congrats to all of my students who are partaking in the long side. My apologies to the shorts
who are getting squeezed. I think you guys just like punishment. I think you had bad
childhoods or something, and you subconsciously need to be in pain. I don’t know, I don’t get it. Frankly, I don’t short
that much these days, because there’s too much competition, because the risk-reward
has been so skewed. So I enjoy going long, and these short squeezes are lasting. So again, click the link
just below this video where I’m gonna show you the software, where it has a social media search tool so you can see the short sellers trying to get the stock price down and usually failing when
they’re tweeting so much. And also leave a comment underneath, and just type in LOL. Just laugh if you’re laughing alongside me at all these short sellers. (laughs) Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor, and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there. And also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become
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