previously on Papaji alright guys what’s
going on right now I just drew on the blog and camera because something is
happening something is going down right now
versus the emergency alert then this package something’s not right you don’t
think the Baron could be up to something to you trying to go yeah this is bank
passing now she goes for 30,000 a few boys can get 30,000 likes on this new
video you could buy yourself hmm this is supposed to cure the zombies we’re gonna
need to get one that trap to use it alright let’s use the duct tape trader
Joe gave us and start building the trap get into the back and secure there start
building sitting on okay I think we’re rolling
hey what’s going on guys finished my last shift on watch it’s
early in the morning it’s getting cold and as of right now I’ve been watching
outside for zombies hasn’t been much activity from last night but we set up
the trap they were hoping we caught one it’s time to wake up Logan though so far
I’m fairly low on ammunition and after last few supply run we’ve topped up with
supplies there’s still going ammunition and our weapons could be better but if
we can get this zombie and we can administer the Cure we might be one step
closer and fixing the zombie apocalypse it’s time to go wake up Logan Logan wake
up this morning we made it through the night last wash had a few zombies try
and breach the wall but held them back so the day of the zombie apocalypse
another day of survival guys that I wonder how many likes we got on our last
video you’re right we might be able to go to Trader Joe and trade them in for
some stuff last time we need 30,000 lights to get the new turret for the
base if we can go to Trader Joe we might be able to upgrade some of the base but
more importantly we need to check the zombie trap and see if we caught one
before that though I think we should make some breakfast and gear up I was
thinking about making some base improvements today I haven’t had a
proper shower in a while we get a shower running maybe a table for breakfast I’d
be great alright let’s do it alright guys here’s
our supply locker this is the serum that we’re gonna be trying to use on the
zombie we’ve got some extra clothing extra ammunition from trader Joe and
here is breakfast these are MREs these are
tactical supply meals and they last over 30 years I’m thinking I whip up the
table for us to eat breakfast and use some of our water to create a water
system so that we can actually have a proper shower I’m gonna get working on
the shower Logan if you can make a table for breakfast we should be able to eat
gear up and then we can head outside and check out the zombie situation we don’t
try to breach the gate hold on motive ammunition I gotta grab something the
trader Joe supply that’s the silencer we don’t want to draw attention at the door
okay I’m gonna go unlock it all right you won’t lock it I’ll take him out whoa
all right get him over the face please no they’re zombies
looks like use this a roamer walk up the door perfect okay
we’re really gonna have to get out here and stop this they keep coming in drones
if we get a horde coming at our door I don’t think it’s gonna hold us who
reinforced it alright guys so check it out we just
finished making some upgrades to the base we have here a breakfast table but
not only is this for eating breakfast and other meals
it also can fold away in emergency so you simply take it off like this and
then you can put this wherever you need it to go the cool thing about this
though is when we do want to breakfast we pull it out and then we can enjoy our
nice MREs with a clean space to eat over here I went ahead and made a makeshift
box for survival shower now if you guys have ever had a box for before and need
running water this is a perfect way to make it so all you need to do is have an
upside-down water bottle with some holes and a catch basin for the water then
when you want a shower you just pull on the holes and it drops it down like so
not the most luxurious shower no it’s not a five-star hotel guys but when
you’re surviving the zombie apocalypse this is the best thing you’re gonna get
wash your hands splashing water on your face when you wake up it’s a good way to
survive in the zombie apocalypse alright guys now it’s time to eat breakfast and
then we’re gonna head out and see if we caught a zombie here’s breakfast alright
we got ourselves an MRE let’s take a look inside let’s see what we got here
Gatorade beef patty bread heater carrot cake chocolate pudding peanut butter for
the bread and our utensils Logan I said we have to ration this so heading for
right now we’ll have some bread with some peanut butter and we’ll save the
rest for dinner we don’t have a lot of supplies guys so we can’t eat the entire
meal but I’ll show you guys the bread this is it
the stuff is made to last for over thirty years it’s not exactly the
luxurious breakfast bread but we can split this and it’ll be enough for the
both of us luckily we have some water saved up but
that’s another thing we need more food and water if we’re gonna survive here
alright there’s my breakfast time to dig in now that we’re done breakfast time to
gear up get all of our survival gear on helmets protective vests and have the
last remaining bit of weapons and ammunition and we’re gonna go check up
on the zombie see if we caught one last night in our trap
and from our experience one zombie tracks others so we gotta be stealthy
and quiet well kuda come on helmet survival best and the rainy ammunition
we’re gonna head out check the trap get any zombies that are out there and then
think it’s time to head to trader Joe when I open the store there might be one
outside get ready three two one
follow my lead got one coming from over there
alright hold on I’ve got in my sights hold your fire okay let’s check the trap
keep an eye out from behind we don’t want any zombie sneaking up on us
Oh Hogan oh jeez this is on me in there we caught ourselves a zombie okay okay
well look through the traps holding I’m putting off for much longer
oh guy are you gonna be the cure for all of this
if we’re gonna administer this year and we’re gonna need it but before we do
that I think we should pay a visit to trader Joe the traps should hold for now
but we got to move fast and quick this thing breaks he’s gonna get out of there
looks like it’s already starting to break you’re right okay hallo zombie we
try shoot it as like so we can’t move hold on three two one
seemed just slowed him down a little bit let’s visit a trader Joe and get this
Dom be sure I’m ready I want to cure this thing once and for all
okay this is it should be just inside here already here trader Joe trader Joe customers the bow traded yo always
welcome some new customers how can I help you boys today at Trader Joe’s
where’s tears I got everything for you all your way
that’s all your test and the only thing I charge for his likes oh it’s you two
again are you back for big messy probably fancy you with so much
brand-new stock items we’ve got ourselves lots of tape I may be a zombie
fighting sword oh yeah see you I am my little Groot here helps your new
adventures and how can I help you boys we’re back to spend some more likes and
we want to buy some more things and I think we got a bunch in our last video
do you know how many we got you did did ya let me take looks like you boys have
79,000 Jude doesn’t save any 9000 likes we should spend all that yeah well we’re
definitely getting big Bessie ah there’s so much stuff trader Joe
could sell you for all those lights first why don’t you spend those $30,000
whole bleep best here takes out zombies like nothing else trader Joe Sui this
movie’s awesome for our base that leaves you boys with so much for you to try got
some trader Joe specials makes a portable food to go call that fauna
trader joe’s specialty items not imported made right here in the shop
that i interest you boys is some night vision you could say everything like
this in the dark and the day dude that would be perfect for us we will see in
the dark okay we’ll take you how many likes is it not at you boys for 20,000
likes okay 20,000 yeah that’s perfect we’ll take it
beautiful you are now that leaves you boys with 29,000 marks
what about many crude you really help us how much for him you want me do ya character helps you on all your missions
that just zombies either but unfortunately he’s 50 you get many group
we could buy him I’m trader Joe sees how you can’t afford him except for those
last bit of lags we could really use some extra tape yeah
and feel free to show you how much I appreciate your business going this
sword for free dude that’s awesome dude is that mini Groot that could help
us on all of our adventures it’d be so cute to have a little made
Groot with us we need 50,000 likes guys if you think you can help us out again
to buy some more stuff from trader Joe smack the like button down below share
this video get your friends to like it there’s so much more stuff we can buy
from him I don’t know about you but I really want that mini group oh dude
check out these night vision goggles this is sweetie huh trader Joe is the
coolest stuff come on stop playing around you need I set all this stuff up
your right hand we had administer that serum to the zombie if we can cure him
you don’t even need all this stuff the zombie apocalypse will be over but
before we set this up dude I think we should administer the serum if we can
cure the zombie apocalypse we don’t need any of this stuff
Oh point Jay do you hear that yeah what is that Wow here horde they
seem pretty far off in the distance but there is a huge board heading exactly
this way maybe we should set up all the stuff before we administered see if this
thing doesn’t work we’re gonna need to survive in this base and if it does well
no matter what there’s no way we’re taking out all those zombies hearted
first priorities first we set up this turret and get it ready then we can
worry about administering the antidote Robo we got one coming let the tree set
up going just finished it – it’s all set up turn is all set up an ice cannot emit
it too soon we got a massive hoard heading this way
alright here you take this up machine gun I’ll load up on the turret shoot
everything that moves we got defend the base at all costs
alright good luck down there okay I think that does it for them we
got most of them let’s do this a little bit of clearing in the hoard looking I
think it’s time we’ve missed heard the serum to that zombie if we didn’t cure
him and that means we have the cure to the zombie apocalypse now it’s time just
give it to the zombie in the trap he’ll be a little tricky getting it to
him but if I can inject it into him it should work anywhere on his body are you
ready to go out Jake how do we know this is the cure
what if this doesn’t work and what if it’s a trap what if it just makes the
zombie even stronger right the Baron the bear has always been one step ahead of
us she could have planted this he could have planted the video this could be as
a way to spread and even worse zombie virus if we give this to the zombie and
it gets bigger it could spread to the rest I mean we can manage them now but
what if they’re what they’re bulletproof what what if they don’t stop when you
shoot them or worse what if this war contagious it could make this worse or
it could work and we could make everything better guys I think it’s
gonna be up to you should we administered the zombie virus to the
zombie and potentially save the world if it is a cure or should we not give it
to them and keep surviving build up our base fortify it because who knows if we
gave it to him it could make things worse let us know down below in the
comments hashtag give the cure or hashtag survive if we shouldn’t give it
to him you guys have to decide in the next episode

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