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  1. Love your content clay, very inspiring.i plan on joining your community very soon. Just trying to figure out what platform I want to trade with. Currently have TDA thinkorswim but the response time is not where it should be for day trading. Possibly going with webull.

  2. Nice to share real live guys!!!.. mine is not green enough to include these lessons!!! I would be full time job and down 34 percent. Stepping back for more live practice paper accounts. Know my ACTUAL mistakes so just time to beat in the fix!!!

  3. Hard to follow Jose's statement from TDA. (No opens vs. closes; net sums; etc.) But can see that he carries "a big stick" compared to most/many traders, swinging $100 – $300+K principal around. If he's this good/consistent, month after month, yr over yr, he'd do even better in options trading (%-wise; ROC-wise;) IMO.
    Looks like Jose "is into [AMD]" or as he might say, "AMD has been beddy-beddy good to me!" 😂😂😁😁
    Am curious if he has a hot-key set up like yourself, or is just entering limit orders for an hr or so before he "goes off to work" at his 9-5 job, assuming its elsewhere than home?

  4. Hey clay, I'm looking at becoming a day trader in the crypto space. I have spent many years watching the crypto markets and have a very good understanding it. I have been successful swing trading for a few years. I love your content and was wondering if your trading academy was appropriate for this space? Thanks!

  5. Clay have you ever thought about trying to use Td ameritrade? I see the no commission and I do remember you saying that you use expensive programs for graphs and trading which I believe take commission. Have you ever thought about switching or have you just becoming very comfortable with those programs you use right now?

  6. Great lesson as usual, thanks Clay/Jose! But need to disclose all the info for your viewer's perspective. Such as from what principal he made $23k and 6.94%. In my math he must have $23,029/0.0694 = $332k as a starting capital. That's a big starting capital!

  7. Good lessons! Awesome. Yes. Make more videos from other traders. But it would help to show the losing months. And for me, making 20 and 30 trades a day would require long hours for me. Unless he uses super high-risk high price stocks. I'm slow….so not sure how he only shows the .5 to 3 hours per day. He's the fastest and best trader I've ever seen unless he is scalping. And that is just too risky for students. But years of education might fix that. Also no mention of the $28k loss last month. LOL Just joking. But, as a consultant, he could really sock some money into his trading. And probably does.
    If I made this much even in a year I'd quit all my other work! LOL Keep em coming! I like to see the winners! I wonder about what happened to him on the 23rd. Huge losses. Perhaps setting up long stop limits I Guess. Hoping to bounce back and didn't. Great STuff! I'd like to know his strategy since each and every one of us has a certain thing we do. Perhaps a very risky one.

  8. When you dont know
    What you dont know
    I can totally relate that statement when I first started 🤣
    I thought I didnt need an education as it looked easy but that is so far from the truth.
    I wish you would go into more detail on your videos around your trades. What has happened and why

  9. That sort of monthly returns is certainly doable IF one has about $300k account balance and knows what one's doing. But MUST keep a very close eye on risk levels. For me, I make between 5-15% monthly returns with a 60-75% batting average. Though it took over a decade of hard knocks to start achieving that.

  10. Hi again Clay. I used to look down on your trading style, but now it seems rather interesting. Your course is a bit too expensive for me so I will just look through your YouTube channel to see if there is anything interesting. Subscribed! Cheers.

  11. Hey Clay, I'm really glad that I was led to your channel, I've been learning a lot from your videos.
    I'm a college student, I work part-time job and I'm planning to trade micro-futures because I'm on a budget. I lack knowledge about trading and I still have a lot to learn. But I watched all of your lessons about Futures for trading many times, now I kinda feel stuck and don’t know what to do next. I watched all 4 of them and I don’t know my next move. I’ve already decided what my broker is going to be, looked at everything I need to check. I was hoping if you could do a day trading in futures? even if it's just one short video it's totally fine with me, I just need to know how you do it and so that I can have an insight of what day trading in futures would be like. I appreciate your time for reading and replying to my messages, I'm really grateful.

  12. Hello Clay, if Jose were to keep up a 6.94% yield for all 12 months, it would be more than what you said because of exponential growth.
    What was suggested: 6.94% * 12 = 83.28% growth
    What it is supposed to be: (1.0692^12) *100% – 100% = 123.71% growth.
    Sorry for the correction. Keep up all of your videos – they're very informative and thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

  13. I like you Clay, really I do. Can I make one suggestion though?: script your thoughts ahead of time and read them, or, create bullet points you need to cover and ride the flow.

    I only say this because you tend to stutter (not literally like my brother) around your sentences and it seems like you are grasping for the words. If you prepare a bit it may make the videos much smoother and easier on the listeners ears. HTH!

  14. I just started trading on a small account, i'm subscribed and watch all your videos!
    I had a growth of 13% my first week (this last week), hoping to get into the course by the end of this month :]

  15. I believe you it could happen

    Once upon time i made 20,000 in two weeks from capital of 2500

    But it was risky no strategy apply plain fluke. Only open support orders 2x

    But at the end i lost them all

    The question is do he manage constant profit overall or he is in loss totally

  16. I thought you can only trade 3 times in 5 days with a small account, unless I had $25000 or so. Does that mean I can purchase shares, then sell them, and then sell some more and then I cant anymore until next week ? Or does that mean I can open a session, buy and sell as much as I want, close the session, and do that 2 more times throughout the week ? Confused.

  17. All AMD huge size he had 300,000k orders picked 3 cent on orders of 2500 shares 75.00 profit. This guy will have big swings. Both ways.

  18. Sorry, Clay. Correct on the last point ? Open session, buy sell buy sell s much as I want, close session, and then twice more of the same ? So once I close the session, or end of day, that is considered 1/3 ?

    P.S. thanks for getting back to me.

  19. I am so sorry for bugging you about this. I just dont understand that I can only trade 3 times out of 5 days. I dont know if that means I can only do 3 transactions , or if I can do as many transactions as I want 3 times a week.

  20. Hi Clay,

    I plan to start your course soon (probably another month or so) but the one issue I still haven't figured out on my end is how I'm going to find the right time to actually trade. I work a 9-5. Do you address this at all in your program and if so to what extent? Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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