30 Days to Duke (2019): The Scoop on Marketplace

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode
of 30 Days to Duke. I’m Griffin. And I’m Liv. After moving in your
stuff, you’re probably going to be a little hungry. So first stop, Marketplace. Let’s check it out. What is your favorite
meal, here at Marketplace, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? All right. So there is this
one chocolate cake and it has chocolate
chips on it. And it’s super good. It just makes my day
better every time I see it. Marketplace brunch
is something that I’m going to miss so much, next
year, when I’m on West. Marketplace brunch is
definitely the best meal. Saturday, Sunday brunches– I get a little bit of
breakfast, and I switch it up and get a little bit of lunch. I think my favorite thing to eat
here, especially for breakfast, is just the omelet station. They’re always really good,
and it’s the best thing here for breakfast. My favorite thing would
have to be the omelets. They’re really good. I love the omelets here. I always get the omelets. The omelet, it’s just a
classic staple of Marketplace. I get one every
time I come here. A bowl of Life cereal,
a serving of bacon and a serving of eggs every day. I love the grill place because
they have the best pancakes. My favorite thing to eat
here is the pancakes. It comes every other day. So whenever it’s french
toast day, I’m sad. But pancake day, I’m happy. I love the biscuits. The Marketplace biscuits are
the first ones I’ve ever had. But they’re really good. What’s your favorite
dinner station? Pho, for sure. They do really good pho. The chicken and dumplings
are really nice. I always go for Durham Market. They have the most
home cooked meal style. The salmon, so good. I think what I like the
most about Marketplace is that it’s buffet style. It’s all you can eat. And every day, if you’re
feeling something different, you can choose to
get a different dish. And sometimes– all
the different choices also helps a lot. What do you love
about Marketplace? I like how I can always find my
friends here, because there’s always someone I know eating. I love how Marketplaces is
just so drop-in and casual. I usually come to
Marketplace alone because I know I would find
people there to sit with. Honestly, I just
show up whenever, and just see which of
my friends are here. It’s an awesome
environment just to hang with other freshmen who are also
all eating at the same place. I feel like I can usually
come in and sit down with just any group of people,
and just fit in and feel at home with all those people. Actually, most the time,
I just wind up here, and someone’s here. I usually end up staying here
way longer than I intended. I love their booths. I love being able to
sit with my friends and just really relax after
a day full of classes. You always come in, and
you could find someone to sit with if you
don’t go with someone. So just like the
unity of all freshmen, to be on the same campus
together and eating together, it’s really nice. That’s the beauty of
Marketplace, guys. It’s all about the people. You really can meet
people all the time. Really, it’s just
such a great way to socialize, to get to meet
new people all the time. And I made a lot of good
friends here at Marketplace. Something about Marketplace
is that you swipe in. And if you don’t swipe
in during the open hours, you get equivalency either
for Marketplace lunch or for the place under
Marketplace, Pump. Have you used equivalency? What is that like? Equivalency is super nice for
when you don’t have dinner here or you’re running late. You can go, and you can
get your equivalency, get a piece of pizza. You can get sushi. You can get ice cream. There’s so many
different varieties of options downstairs. I also use it sometimes
if I miss breakfast here, and I’m on West because I have
a lot of early morning classes. Where do you use it on West? At the Skillet in West Union. If you just take advantage of
the equivalency program, which is really useful, I
think you won’t really have trouble getting through
the semester with a good amount of food points and eat swipes. Equivalency is really
great, especially– we’re all so busy on campus
and sometimes you have to miss that
five to nine window. So it’s great to go
down to to Trinity Cafe and get equivalency afterwards. I know Marketplace
has a lot of themed dinners throughout the year. Which has been your favorite? Oh, my gosh. They’re all so good. They go all out for
these themed dinners. I love it. I don’t know. Probably the Thanksgiving one. That one was just really good. Yeah. I loved the Disney dinner. That was so awesome. That was cool. They had all these
decorations going on. It was so pretty. I really loved the Disney one. That was such a great joy. Mickey came around. Mickey came around. I really liked the Christmas
dinner that we had. That was awesome. I was a big fan of it. I enjoyed the winter wonderland
because there was sushi. That was nice. Yeah. I think mine was Thanksgiving,
the cornbread, the ham, everything, any kind
of goods you want. My favorite one was
the March Madness one, because there was
a bunch of cook out food like
barbecue and coleslaw, and all the make you feel
good, watch a game type food. Mardi Gras dinner. Because I thought it
was really festive with all the decorations. And I tried some foods
that I don’t normally eat. I really liked Mardi Gras. It was Louisiana,
Cajun type food. That was my favorite one. As your first year is
coming almost to an end, what do you think you’ll
miss most about Marketplace next year? Honestly– this is
kind of weird, but– I definitely am going
to miss the staff here, because I feel like seeing the
same people for pretty much– not every meal,
but sometimes it’s like that– breakfast,
lunch, and dinner. You really get to
know people here. They’re so funny. If you get them talking, they
won’t stop talking to you. They’re hilarious. They’re all really, really nice. I love being able to sometimes
have conversations with them. And I love how they ask
how my day is going. The staff are
always really nice, especially the people who
scan you in the morning and at dinner. They’re always super
friendly and just making sure that we’re
having an awesome day. Coming in and swiping
in the Marketplace, and getting a smile
from Julie or Sharon can make anyone’s day. The strong majority of the staff
is incredibly nice and always really friendly and helpful. And it’s really a pleasure to
interact with them every day. I have absolutely
loved Marketplace. It has been a great
experience and just an amazing part of the first
year experience at Duke. Awesome. Well thank you, [INAUDIBLE]. I really appreciate your time. After all that food,
I sure am full. Yeah. That took me back, three hour
brunches with all my friends on the weekends and swiping in
always seeing a familiar face. This concludes another
episode of 30 Days to Duke. Tune in tomorrow for
more great content. Come hungry! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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