30 Days to Duke (2019): Tour of Marketplace

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode
of 30 Days to Duke. I’m Griffin. And I’m Liv. After moving in your
stuff, you’re probably going to be a little hungry. So first stop, Marketplace. Let’s check it out. So we’re at the
inside of Marketplace. Let’s see what they’re cooking. Over here we’ve got
wood-fired pizza. Always delicious. Over here we have the pop-up
bar that changes every night. Sometimes it’s a taco stand,
a chicken tender stand. Over here we have the make
your own sandwich bar. Pretty famous during lunchtime. For dinner, this turns into
a create your own pasta customizable pasta dish line. Over here we have our
gluten-free station right next to Harvest, which is where all
the vegan and vegetarian food is inside Marketplace. This is Sticks and Steam. In the morning, this is
the famous omelet line. But for lunch and
dinner, it transforms into a customizable
stir fry option. Also a pho station. Steamed buns, dumplings. Super good. Over here is Leaf and Ladle,
the soup and salad station here inside Marketplace. All of our leafy
greens are right here with a bunch of the salad
additions on the sides. This is the 1892 Grill. So in the morning they have
a lot of the fresh pancakes and French toast. For lunch and dinner, they have
fresh chicken breasts, burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, turkey
burgers, all grilled to order. Over here we have Baker’s Table,
our famous dessert and pastry station in Marketplace. Also, there’s all of
the drinks and fro-yo here, so this is a great
corner of Marketplace. And finally, tucked away
in the side of Marketplace, we have Durham Market
here, which changes out almost every night and has a lot
of food that tastes like home. Super awesome southern
options, but also food all over the world. I remember their chicken
parm is the best. Well, there was a bunch
of great dining options here in Marketplace. There are even more
downstairs in Trinity Cafe. Let’s check it out. [MUSIC PLAYING] So this is Trinity
Cafe, also known as the place under
Marketplace, or POM. Here you can get equivalency
after marketplace swipes close for dinner, which includes
full pizzas, ice cream, sushi, fresh sandwiches,
tons of options. But also, it’s open during
the day with amazing coffee and other drinks. Over here you can
study, watch TV. It’s a great space. And so the options definitely
don’t stop upstairs. After all that food,
I sure am full. Yeah, that took me back. Three hour brunches with all
my friends on the weekends and swiping in, always
seeing a familiar face. This concludes another
episode of 30 Days to Duke. Tune in tomorrow for
more great content. Come hungry! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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