4 Dividend Stocks Im Buying TODAY- Robinhood Investment Challenge

I just got some brand new audio
equipment everything hasn’t came in yet I’m still waiting for the actual
microphone but audio is going to be on point very soon welcome back to the
channel my name is Bruce Wang in today’s video I got another Robin Hood challenge
for you I don’t even know what Robin Hood challenge number we’re on I think
is probably 30 something 31 32 but anyways in my last livestream
a lot of you guys have been complaining about how the market was down last
Friday well lucky for you guys today the market is on fire yet again everything
is in the green so really quick the Robin Hood challenge is a self-imposed
challenge upon myself I deposit $100 a week into this Robin Hood portfolio I
try to grow the portfolio as fast as I can as big as I can through buying
selling and collecting dividends capital gains I’m somewhat brand new to stock
market investing I started this challenge about seven months ago if you
guys want to join me on this challenge links in the description let’s jump
right into the rewards from my subscribers my goal through this reward
is to get an apple stock Berkshire Hathaway stocks something very rare and
something very expensive in the last 30 Robin Hood challenges I’ve only gotten
stocks that are worth either $5 or less sometimes I get stocks that are about
$10 for example I got GE a few times that was ten bucks but anyways Thank You
Brandon I’m gonna open this up I’m gonna go right down the middle and try to get
this Apple stock so Fitbit for it worth $5 80 cents I only have about fourteen
stocks left so I think I’ll be opening about four more I’m gonna open this one
by Chris I’m gonna go all the way on the left side and let’s see what I get I got
a Groupon Groupon is worth three dollars and 41 cents let’s open up just a few
more thank you Chris for this reward and let’s see what I get
IKS steel aka steel I think in total I’ve gone like 10 of these this one is
worth $2 and 71 cents let’s open this one from Andy I’m gonna pick this one
all the way on the right I don’t think I’ve scratched on the right
time soon and yet again I got a Groupon three dollars and forty-one cents so
I’ve got two Groupons today and let’s open this one by Ian right down the
middle Berkshire Hathaway is it nope it is Sangha Sangha is worth five
dollars and thirty cents so after the recent update Robin Hood has been very
buggy not sure what’s going on with it it’s not showing me any more updates so
that last reward will be the last one and let’s try to get another rare stock
again next week because uh Robin Hood you’re messing up right now anyways
let’s take a look at my portfolio really quickly and see how I’ve been doing my
portfolio is worth three thousand six hundred eighty eight dollars and 64
cents on the day I’m up fifty five dollars about one point five percent of
my portfolio on the week I’m up ninety on the month I’m up 145 on the three
months chart I’m up seven hundred ninety I think that this is including my
deposit for today because wrote for whatever reason Robin Hood can’t
distinguish a deposit into the accounts so this is actually this should be about
six hundred ninety on the one year chart it should be about five forty five and
on the all-time chart I’m up I should be up around ninety ninety three dollars
Robin Hood isn’t the perfect app for stock market investing I’ll tell you
that but it is a good starter app just to just to learn about investing in
stock market in general two of the best features that it has is that it is very
simple to use very easy and the second one which is probably most best of all
is that it’s completely free it’s very accessible to everyone
that has a smartphone so right now it is about 350 the stock market is about to
close in about nine minutes I’m going to just buy some stocks right now before
the stock market closes I want to get in some trades in and first of all I’m
going to buy one share of AT&T AT&T is a blue chip stock that I have also paying
very good dividends there are a lot of videos out there about AT&T and a lot of
them are talking about how they need to pay back their debt or they’re gonna be
in some serious and the other part is how their dividend yield is
way too high right now and they might not be able to pay back their investors
I believe that ATT will get through all their challenges so I’ll be purchasing
some stocks for AT&T right now and I’ll just buy one on the day and just like
that I have one stock of AT&T purchase for 31 dollars and 31 cents I have about
$76 left and the next stop that I’ll be purchasing today is a G and C
investments this stock is a very risky stock so if you guys are jumping into
this one be careful I’m gonna buy one share of agency right now and there we
go I have now I purchased one share of agency for eighteen dollars and twelve
cents and my new position you can see that I have 67 shares my plan with this
stock is to get to 100 shares and I’m thirty three shares away thirty-three
shares of agency that’s about six hundred dollars and my so my total
equity would be about just under two thousand dollars with agency again
agency is a monthly paying dividend they are paying a dividend of 12% twelve
point three percent for the whole year so if you look here at the history of
agency I get I got paid eighteen dollars in dividends for last month for this
month so again this is a very risky play be careful if you’re gonna jump into
agency because you can lose a lot of money especially if they do a dividend
cut if you guys are enjoying the video don’t forget to leave me a like down
below and now I’m gonna talk about Nike so last week I did a dedicated video
just on Nike to let you guys know what I thought about it if you guys missed that
video I’ll link it up in the cars for you
but today I’m not gonna buy any Nike stock Nike is 83 dollars and 32 cents
right now just on today’s return I’m up almost $3.00 and that’s from buying the
diff on Nike that’s what that’s why you hear that very generic term that people
always talk about buy the dips Nike last week dropped about 6-7 % and that’s when
I bought in and now I’m up just like almost $1 just from buying in the last
Friday so at the moment every week I’m either buying monthly dividend stocks
or I’m buying blue chip stocks it just so happens that this week I’ll be mixing
it up a bit and the next talk that I’ll be buying is s PhD another another one
of my favorites I’m gonna get this in about have about two minutes left in the
trading day and I’ll just be buying one share and there you go I bought one
share of s PhD for forty two dollars and 46 cents I have about sixteen dollars
left I’m going to buy some sa n Santander group this is a very big Bank
headquarters in Madrid so let’s just get this in I think I have like one or two
minutes left let’s see I can pipe I can buy three right now and yes I just got
it in before the markets closed I like buying the stocks during the market
hours not really sure I think I have some issues buying stocks after market
on Robin Hood but I did I was able to get three shares for third at a total
cost of $13.80 so now I have eight shares of Santander total equity of $37
average cost is four dollars and sixty two cents this is a very small position
in my portfolio a lot less than 1% as you can see but this has decent yields
dividend yield is a three percent Santander is again part of the banking
services as you can see I’ve had this stock since September 11 2008 een in my
total returns I’m down just 17 cents I’ve had to stock for about seven months
basically is just moving sideways and I’m collecting dividends on the side so
overall this stock is a low risk in my opinion if you guys are going to take
anything away from my Robin Hood challenge videos the number one lesson I
think I can give you is that invest for the long term if you’ve tried day
trading you guys know the struggle and you guys know how difficult it is not
many people can do it and not many people can do it successfully and do it
well I think most day traders they’re out there losing a lot of money they’re
losing their shares they’re losing their just losing money in general and only a
few day traders are actually very good and if they are really good I doubt that
they’re going to be on YouTube teaching you guys how
trade if I would like for example if I was a really good day trader I would
just be in my office day trading 24/7 making money not give me a care about
anything else in the world I think if you I think you’re gonna be investing in
the stock market you’re gonna be very new so just take it slow invest a small
amount something that you’re very comfortable with and slowly and
gradually just invest a little bit more when you get more experience and just be
patient because right now you don’t really know what you’re doing when it
comes to the stock market everybody thinks they know what they’re doing
everybody is an expert especially when the markets are doing well for myself I
can honestly say I’m not an expert I only started really investing in the
stock market just seven months ago I’m learning as I go so you guys can’t hate
on me if you guys want but I’m still making money in the stock market I know
it’s not a lot but I’m still making it and I think that if I keep this up long
term I’ll also still be making money in the
stock market so with that being said thank you guys for watching check out
some of my other content very useful and informational and if you like the video
drop me a like subscribe for more content just like this three videos a
week right now and I catch you in the next one bye

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