4 Secrets About Music Marketing The Music Industry Isn’t Telling You

– Have you ever felt
like your music is great, and people just need to hear it? Don’t you wish you just
had a proven marketing plan you could follow to promote your music and get it out to all those fans? Keep watching because by
the end of this video, I’m gonna tell you how to do exactly that, how to be taken more seriously
in the music industry, and I’ll show you how
to invest in your music even if you’ve tried advertising
in the past and failed. Hi, my name is Joey Sturgis, and I’ve been in the music
industry for over 15 years, and in my time, I’ve
produced hundreds of albums, worked with tons of artists, and learned how to navigate
the music industry. My goal is to help you get
the tools that you need so that you can reach more
fans, play more shows, and build a career around your music. And today, I’ve got four
secrets about music marketing that the music industry
simply isn’t telling you. I’ve talked to a lot of musicians, and many of them seem to agree that you shouldn’t have
to advertise your band because talent should
just simply shine through. It’s funny to me because
nine times out of 10, these are the bands that sit
at home and play Xbox all day and really just go
nowhere with their music. The reality of the matter is simple. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. The fact is that if
people never get a chance to see that talent, it’s
silently going to waste. So, secret number one is that you really need to be advertising
to increase your reach and grow your fan base. Advertising is the most effective way to increase the reach beyond
the one you already have with your existing fans,
especially on the internet and especially on social media. The higher your reach, the more chances you’re
going to display your talent, and that means the more
chances you’ll have to reach and build an
audience around your music. This should be exciting to
you because it means that if you can manage to get a
successful advertising campaign behind your music, you’ll
begin to see the results that you dream of with your music career. You already know that your music is worth investing in, right? So, all you really need is
the right advertising campaign to help you get it in
front of the right viewers. The success you want to see
might just be one campaign away. I know what some of you are thinking. “But Joey, we’re different. “You know, advertising is
just not gonna work for us.” Or maybe you’ve tried
advertising in the past and it totally failed. The problem here is that no two advertising campaigns are the same. And that leads me to secret number two, the expertise, thought, and care that’s going into your
advertising campaign is everything when it
comes to your results. You’ve gotta have someone
running your campaign who understands the marketplace
of the music listeners and how that interacts
with social media behavior. Now, if you’re like a lot of
musicians that I’ve talked to, you understand music and
organic social media, but paid social media
is totally different. You want an expert in the
nature of interrupt marketing, and proper audience targeting. And quick tip: this doesn’t just mean typing in the bands you
like into the interests box on Facebook’s post boost feature. You want someone that is a total ninja when it comes to budget optimization or you’re gonna end up
wasting your entire budget on empty promises. The good news for you is that there are many professionals
who are easy to reach, willing to work, and ready to
help you achieve your goals. This means you’re quite
literally one relationship away from knowing someone who could help you do this for your music. Most bands I’ve met always
have some kind of goal. And the thing about goals is,
if they don’t have a deadline, they’re just dreams. Secret number three is that,
having a clear and defined goal as well as a deadline for
your marketing campaign is the only way it can ever be effective. Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say you want to go on
tour, and it’s a goal of yours. You know, maybe you’ve set
a deadline in the past like, “Okay, we’re gonna go on tour by August!” But August came, and
you didn’t go on tour. You didn’t even have a trailer. The problem wasn’t that you
didn’t set a goal or a deadline, it was that you treated
the goal more like a dream. You see, in order to set a goal,
it must be a reachable goal but also a little further into the future so that you’re always stepping ahead. How this relates to you is simple. You’re in a situation right now where you wanna grow your fan base, and you have goals that you’ve set. Maybe some are long term, mid term, some might be short term. You just need a roadmap
that can prioritize and manage the goals
that you wish to reach. But what if you can’t afford advertising? What if you’ve spent thousands
of dollars in the past and all you got were a few Facebook likes, or maybe a couple hundred views. What if you’re already spending
so much money on your band, and you can’t afford another thousand dollars
more on advertising? Well secret number four is you really don’t need a lot of money to get the results that
you’re looking for. I’ve seen bands spend $1500 on a campaign and literally get a million views. It all depends on who you’re working with and how they’re handling your campaign. It’s not necessarily about your budget. It’s more about, how is
the budget being spent? There are tons of ways
to optimize a campaign so that every dollar is going
as far as it possibly can. The exciting thing here is
that if you save up some cash, or spend less on the things that are draining your band account, you can invest a small amount
to get your music promoted to a lot of people in just one weekend simply by optimizing the
way that the budget is spent or hiring someone who knows exactly how to
stretch those ad bucks. Anyway, this is just what I think, but there is something that
is always more interesting and that is what you think. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Like and subscribe if you
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