5-COURSES $10 MENU ! Trader Joe’s Challenge 2/2 | NYC FLOG #9

Hey guys, salut, it’s Alex, So this is part 2 of the Trader Joe’s challenge. In the first episode, we listed all the ingredients. It was some kind of a food haul, but this one will be all about cooking a 5 courses menu. Yes, in a hotel room. [nervous laugh] It was challenging. Okay guys, okay guys, okay guys, okay guys, so we are back in my hotel room right now. I’ve made some room on the table, and this is all the ingredients we have. Let me give you some specific information because sometimes, it’s not what you expect. Butter will definitely be used as a fat, just to grease the pan, thicken things, deep fry. I swear to God I wanted to take some oil, but I couldn’t find some. I mean, it was too expensive. It wasn’t fitting in my budget, so I went for butter. Poor little French man. Nacho cheese tortillas. I’m sure many of you might be surprised that I took those cheap, very salty and cheesy tortilla chips, but that’s precisely the reason why I chose them. Well, the salt was very expensive in that place, so I thought to myself what if I pound them to a powder, for example? I would get the cheese taste, the corn taste, of course the salt ‘cuz it’s very salty, and then I would even get some crispiness. It’s a win-win-win-win. Ginger cider. This is not exactly my favorite kind of booze, however this can be used like vinegar, for example, ‘cuz it’s quite dry and it has lots of freshness to it. For example, if you pair it with some fat, then you’ve got some kind of a dressing. And of course, along the way, you can drink one glass or two. You know, it’s never bad. A sweet onion is very interesting ‘cuz you can use it for savory dish, but you can use it for sweet dishes as well. A small squash. Quite cheap, this one, I know it’s very good. I had those in the past. You can use it for savory dish, you can use it for sweet dishes, you can even use the flesh to thicken a sauce. Cinnamon grahams biscuits. So, the reason why I took this is because I wanted the cinnamon flavor and also I needed some sugar, so instead of buying cinnamon and sugar, I’m gonna pound them to a powder. Whole wheat, fresh pizza dough. Very useful, very convenient. Flatbread, dumplings, turnover, pizzas, you can make so much stuff with it. Before we move onto the actual action, let me just clarify the budget, the total budget. It’s $30.08 and some of you were very close. I’ve also asked you guys about the menu I was gonna make. Uhh, I guess you were quite inspired ‘cuz many of you have found the pizza, the soup, uh, just wait a moment for the motorcycle to stop. But some of you deserve some special mentions. Alright, let’s go. [music: Midnight by Peter Kuli] Okay All the squash seeds floats in water, so, that’s an easy way to separate them from the flesh. [music continues] Super salty So this one, I did not scoop all the flesh out because we’re gonne use it afterwards. Aaah, forgot the seeds. Sometimes it happens, you just forget and it burns. Let’s move on. So this is a small coleslaw of apples, shredded cabbage, carrots, cranberries, green onions, and it’s tossed in coconut and apple cider ginger dressing. So that is the second dish, this is a squash soup with coconut and chicken stock. So there is some squash flesh, so it’s funny to eat, and also there’s some cinnamon sugar and green onions. Whole wheat pan fried pizza with mozzarella cheese and a bit too much green onions. [humming and eating chips] So you’ve got two apple, pears, and onions and cinnamon turnover, and you’ve got two cabbage and carrots and onions and mozzarella turnovers. And now I realize that I completely forgot about the banana and the chocolate-covered almonds. It’s not that I did not want to include them in the recipe, it would have been easy, like… I would… Just scoop out the flesh. The bowl is edible. Pizza, might be a bit cold though. Pizza is always good. It’s lacking some heat. This is bringing some freshness to the game. Super sweet, super delicate. You don’t feel the onions at all. Aaaah so at the end of the day, is it really worth it? I mean, in real life, is it something you can do in a hotel room? So, I would say, like, for the pizza, for the dumplings, and the turnovers, the flavors are great, but it’s way too much work. Uh, on the other hand you’ve got the soup and the coleslaw, which are, in my opinion, way more manageable, but still quick, easy, and flavorful. [humming] So guys, that’s it, I hope you enjoyed this Trader Joe’s challenge. For me, it was super fun to make , very challenging, and also, super exhausting, but I really did like it and I learned many things from it. Ahhh If you like this video, then give it a thumbs up, like it, and share that over your social media, spread it like butter. But, so, people, click subscribe ‘cuz I make new videos every week, and it’s, you know, most of the time about sharing my passion for food, but in different shape, ‘cuz it’s always a different format. I know I’m a nightmare, but it you’re allergic to surprises, then, you might just unsubscribe now. I mean, it’s better, but if you do love surprises then you are on the right channel. In the meantime, take care, bye bye, salut.

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  1. It can be a bit "out of the comfort zone" cooking elsewhere with limited resources. I probably would have got the butter, then some good ham, nice cheese and a loaf of bread to slice and made some of those nice toasted sandwiches you make 😀

  2. Why eat thie wierdo stuff when the worlds best kosher jewish deli food is in New York? Instead of this mostly nasty looking food he is throwing together I would much rather have a deli corned beef or pastrami with dark mustard on rye with a few kosher pickles and a cold beer! Now that is a nosh worth having, not some weedy looking soup inside a squash with some burned seeds and raw onions. Yukkk!

  3. now I know why french food is so expensive, because they make incredible dishes from simple ingredients like what you just did… super creative and funny too .. greetings from indonesia ..

  4. like i hate asmr vids but lowkey dig it and ur vids are the perfect balance. also more vegan recipes please!!!

  5. Question: What could be used as a substitute for the alcohol? I know he said vinegar but is there a specific kind? I'm new to cooking as well as being under the drinking age in my country so I'd like to know. Thank you!

  6. I'd love to see/hear your experiences comparing and contrasting (pros and cons) of American grocery options compared to Parisian/French options.

  7. Whole Foods prices are beyond extravagant. They're just plain criminal. I can find organic fruits and veggies of equal quality for half the price at a regular grocery stores. If you go to a produce stand, you can find better quality local produce for at least a third less. Whole Foods has also been busted multiple times labeling things organic when the know they aren't organic, just so they can charge the much higher price. Whole Foods is a scam, and a total waste of time and money.

  8. I love the silliness with which you cook. I love the videos even though I can't eat most of what you cook due to allergies. Still it is fun to watch you. I like surprises.

  9. Alex, you and your show are addictive! You just gave me so many more ideas. I watch you at least twice a day, on many days more times.
    Thank you!
    Eddie in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA

  10. Maskvp is like "I bet you only spent 30$", while I'm sitting here wondering how te much money for that little food is just 30$

  11. I never comment on youtube videos because I kind of rarely see the point BUT I want to comment on your videos so hard. Your videos are AWESOME!! Witty, funny AND informative about food, everything you could wish for in your life. You are the best godamn youtuber I have ever seen. You put so much effort into your videos, the production, and editing and they turn out GREAT. Keep rocking! #spreadthelove

  12. Next time you get your hands on an acorn squash (the one used in this video) cut it in half, remove the seeds, bake the halves upside down in a 350 degree oven (you figure out Celsius) until you can put a fork through the skin. Remove them and fill with crumbled fried sausage and either cooked chopped apple with cinnamon or applesauce. Yum! Good fall food.

  13. Nicely done. Some things I would never do – like a pan fried pizza, but still quite creative with a few ingredients. If I were to embark on a hotel room challenge I'd probably grab a few of the frozen items at TJ's. They have a nice mushroom meddley you can use for sauces, soups or as side and a bunch of other simple frozen items that aren't ready to eat but are nice combinations of veggies ready to go. I'd do fresh whenever I can, but in a Hotel room or airbnb you're limited, so a few pre-mixed items will go a long way

  14. I love NYC. I love Trader Joes. I always need to eat on the cheap. When in Paris, I always have breakfast first and then head to a grocery store for things that can sustain me in my hotel room. I eat out, of course! (It's Paris, after all!) But I try to be judicious. Thanks for this inspiring video.

  15. Suffering some “kill me now” levels of flu, and your videos leave me inspirers at a time when I’d otherwise wallow in how terribly my fatigue is.

    I think watching your videos improves my life quality.

  16. Alex Vous etes magnifiques!! I'm New to your videos. Im diving in all. I'll try to reproduce your recipes Trade Joes guy here. Tres geniale!! Fun… Fun.. Fun… Loved all

  17. If you want sugar you can find a cafe and steal all the sugar sachets the have on the tables. At least that’s what happens in Australia

  18. Idk which hotel you went to, but the ones I went to don't even have utensils in them…. In the room I mean.

  19. Bon et bien alex, bien que j'admire ta créativité c'est bien la première fois que ce que tu as cuisiné ne me donne pas envie.

  20. You are a true cooking enginner. I also love your background music! Keep up your great work, Alex 🙂
    Greetings from Germany

  21. i dont think saying this costs $10 is very genuine. you spent $30 to get the ingredients used to make the meal… even if you didnt use all of it you still spent $30. for example someone could not buy a third of a bag of tortilla chips or a third of a stick of butter or only a third of those graham crackers. please try to do this again with an actual $10 budget.

  22. Thoroughly enjoyed this video out of all the cooking videos. You’re amazing bro! Keep the goods coming, much love and God Bless. When are you coming to Southern California?

  23. You worked so hard, treat yourself well, and as a result we are treated to 'quite a show'. In that respect, it is a 'win, win' as you say. To say the least, I was impressed. Relax, Alex. You deserve it. Thank you, kindly Bonnie P. S. Truthfully, when you travel, I think you ought to be cooked for. It would be an honor to cook for you.

  24. I never would have thought of making all this, especially in a hotel room! You, sir, are a genius. I love Trader Joe's, so many great things there.

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