5 KEY Lessons to Day Trading Penny Stocks ( Low float stocks $SOLY $ELTK $GNCA $DMPI )

The past week we’ve seen many low float penny
stock runners such as $SOLY $ELTK $GNCA and $DMPI. There’s definitely
a lot of money to be made on the long side and the short side. These 200% 300% movers
are definitely some of my favorite and most lucrative set ups to trade. Today I will be sharing my 5 key takeaways
and rules to trading low float stocks, including a very important one on spotting market maker
manipulation, especially in penny stocks. After watching this you’ll be able to implement
some small tips and tricks when you are trading these penny stocks this week. And if you want to see more videos on trading
low float penny stocks, Make sure to smash that like button for me and subscribe! The first golden rule that is so simple, but
yet so many traders don’t think about is, low float day one movers with FRESH news,
are almost always a long on dips. When people in the chat room alerted everyone
that SOLY is moving on Tuesday with news of FDA approval. I immediately checked the float
and the daily chart. Beaten down daily chart stocks been selling off since $14 and the
stock was trading around $6 at the time of the news release. Beaten down charts with a lot of steady selling
has a lot of complacent shorts still in it, and charts like these, especially with IPO’s
like I’ve mentioned in my previous video, generally has less selling pressure overhead. SOLY was also a recent IPO from february,
a low float stock with 5 million shares float. And added with the positive news release of
FDA approval on day one move on Tuesday. The stock was set up to be a squeezer long. All
that little due diligence could have been done in less than 5 min by the way on Finviz
or google. So there’s no excuse not to do this. As for ELTK, the runner that started on Wednesday.
Yes it had news regarding their earnings report losing less money than before, but that’s
not the key here. The key on ELTK, was that it has a micro float of only 800,000. Thats
tiny. It doesn’t take much to move this stock. Even without the news micro floats
like ELTK is still almost always a long on dips for me. A lot of traders love to short anythings that’s
“up too much”. Yes the pop and fade strategy works a lot of times and has made short sellers
a lot of money… until these low float or micro float day one movers with fresh news
comes around. So this is my first rule that I always think of when trading low floats. The second key takeaway that can help maximize
your profit, is to consider buying overnight these strong day one movers. This is the set
up I’ve mentioned in my previous penny stock overnight strategy video. The key is to be
very selective with these stocks that you do decide to hold overnight. But make sure
the stock have all the factors favoring a gap up or day two morning spike. Let’s take a look at SOLY. first of all
beautiful daily chart like I’ve mentioned earlier. Was beaten down from $14 in the beginning
of may to $6 but closing strong on the day above previous resistance with above average
buying volume, very important factor. It also has positive FDA approval news. Recent IPO.
so all of that met my criteria for an overnight long with small size. I personally held a small ⅛ size from around
$13.20’s average with rest of my chat room. And i sold some into the premarket gap up
around $20 and the rest of the position on that morning spike into $27’s. This is the
exact same thing I did with LFIN, HMNY and many others in the overnight strategy video. I understand a lot of people are scared to
hold these sketchy penny stocks overnight. And I was the same way when I first started.
But i encourage you to try with paper trading. Personally I’ve found that these set ups
give me really good risk reward if I’m selective. And honestly there’s no better feeling than
waking up to see that your overnight position is up $10 dollars premarket. It just gives
me a mental buffer to trade well and stay very patient the rest of the day and a lot
of times I just walk away and go out after closing that overnight long position. So consider
paper trading and testing out this new overnight strategy and see if it’s for you. The third key takeaway, is to scan more specifically
for recent reverse split penny stocks. If you have done some quick research. Runners
near the end of the week like $GNCA and $DMPI were both reverse splits from earlier in May.
So if you can chart out and put out alerts on these stocks. You can be ahead of other
buyers whenever these companies release PR to pump their share prices up. I personally use paid services like Benzinga
pro and a chat room to help me alert and track reverse splits penny stocks. But I did release
a video last week on how you can find reverse split penny stocks for FREE. So check that
out if you haven’t already. Some subscribers messaged me and told me that
apparently there are people selling this “strategy” for $500 $700 in DVD’s… well, I hope there’s
more to learn in those DVD’s because I talk about reverse splits in my videos for free,
ok not really free… all it is costing you is to destroy that LIKE button if you haven’t
already. Seriously any likes or comments down below
from you really helps a lot with my YouTube algorithm. These videos take me a long time
to make and that’s all I ask from you guys I’d really appreciate it. And I will be
talking about market maker manipulation on these penny stocks and even more bonuses I
don’t see other channels talk about so make sure you stick around to the end. So like i’ve mentioned before, sketchy penny
stock companies reverse split their stocks to stay compliance with NASDAQ or NYSE, to
keep their prices above $1 and stay attractive to potential investors, and most importantly,
to reduce their shares float outstanding so the stock price can move easily when they
do “conveniently” drop a news release few days or few weeks after the reverse stock
split. Again not all the reverse split penny stocks
will run. But when they do, you will be prepared and be able to capitalize on that strategy.
$DMPI and $GNCA will definitely be on my watch for possible continuation next week. The fourth key takeaway for trading penny
stock runners, is to avoid trading breakouts and wait for a consolidation or a downtrend
break to enter. I’ve mentioned this in many of my previous videos. The risk reward when
you enter at break out is generally against you. Buying breakouts is the most commonly
taught strategy in most day trading chat rooms and DVD. And it’s the most predictable. Let’s look at ELTK here. Yes buying breakouts
worked here on day one, and second time here near noon. But third time here this is a critical
failure. Spiked for fifty cents and if a stock is breaking previous highs it should push
even higher right? Wrong, ELTK quickly slammed down for almost two dollars. And it’s the
same thing on day two and day three. This is also market maker trapping longs and taking
these buyers money by the way. I’ll come back to that in a second. But
what I’m trying to say is. Buying breakouts generally only work in the morning with significant
buying volume. What i prefer to do is to buy downtrend break from previous high. This provides
a much better risk reward in my opinion. When others longs are chasing these breakouts
from alerts in other chat rooms, I’m selling most of my long position from down here into
the push to these breakout buyers. Again, think for the other traders. You have to be
trading the traders like I mentioned in my day trading psychology video. The last key takeaway I have for you guys,
is to take the meat of the move and avoid the mid day grind all together. This will
get you out of trouble with the market maker manipulation. ELTK and SOLY were perfect examples of false
breakouts and breakdowns. Market makers on these small penny stocks love to play games
trapping shorts and trapping longs. SOLY on day one during the grind from 11am to 1pm
market hours were trapping shorts. They were keeping this stock in a small range between
low $12’s and high $13’s. And if a stock isn’t making new highs, thats
a sign for many shorts to pile in. And finally at 1:20. They cracked this stock from $13
to $11.50. From the technical analysis standpoint this looks like it’s the end of SOLY right?
So they pulled this down quickly only to slowly bring it back up and have this stock rip again
around 2:30pm and squeezing all the shorts they were trapping in earlier. This is the kind of manipulation that happens
in the small cap penny stock world. Especially when these stocks have such low floats its
really easy to manipulate. We saw the same with HUNT and BPTH. And they do the same to trap the longs as
well. ELTK on day two around 2pm in the afternoon. They squeezed the stock higher to 11.56 and
breaking above previous high of 11.30. This is a nasty move squeezing out the shorts and
trapping all the longs buying breakouts, again, this is why i don’t buy penny stock breakouts.
And soon after this trap they quickly killed it to below $9 and cracking it to $7. Nasty
manipulation. Keep in mind that ELTK only has a 800k float and its extremely easy to
move up or down. So to avoid being trapped on both sides, I
just take the meat of the move in the morning and avoid all these mid day grind all together.
I’ll either go trade other mid cap or large cap movers or just step away. Sometimes I’ll
come back in the last hour before close to enter overnight positions but staying away
mid day has kept me away from trouble like these. Also another tip I have for you is to consider
using higher time frames like 5 min charts or even 10 min charts. This allows me to be
more patient and gives me a bigger picture perspective and I can easily see that the
stock is grinding instead of tending to the upside or the downside. I really hope we get more continuation on
low floats like these next week. But the reality is that when more penny stock runners are
popping up left and right everyday, that’s when the overall small cap market momentum
dies and don’t give us a lot of follow through. Because the buying volume would be scattered
around 10 stocks instead of just focusing on 1 or 2. Remember to do your research when you see
that a runner popped up, check the float, daily chart and the news, and enter on dips. Then if the stock closes strong on the day,
consider taking a small position overnight Scan for reverse split stocks and chart out
a list of potential runners and do your homework outside market hours And if they run, you’d be prepared. Stay
patient and be careful if you choose to buy breakouts. Once you’ve made your money, take a break,
walk away to avoid the midday grind and any potential market maker manipulation. There
is no glory in slowly giving back your morning profits in the afternoon grind. Trust me,
i’ve done that and learned my lessons the hard way. If you’ve enjoyed this video make sure that
smash that like button for me and Let me know in the comments below if you’ve traded SOLY
ELTK and GNCA. I’d love to hear how you guys did. And if you have questions, the best
way to reach me is in the comments section below. I’m the humbled trader. Thank you guys for
watching as always. And i’ll see you next time

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