5 Years Into My Trading Journey with Huddie

– What’s up? Tim Sykes here in Greece, in Santorini, one of my favorite places in the world. Get this. Always recycle FYI. And I’m here with Huddie. Come on in, Huddie. How’s it going, man? – It’s a beautiful, beautiful world. – Yo, yo, look at this! This is crazy. Huddie just made literally, what $3700 or $3600 from here? – 36. – 3600 from here. I made $400 … $350 dollars, to be exact. Traded with a small account, donated it all to charity, it’s fine. Just crossed over $5
million dollars in profits. Huddie’s closing in on a quarter
million dollars in profits. Life is beautiful, right? – Life is good. – I mean, what do you think about this? ‘Cause this is … How long have you been in the challenge? How long have you been in this journey? – We’re going on five years right now. – And what did you think, like in the beginning versus now? Like, aside from the
money that you’ve made, what has changed? – It’s almost surreal to
think about the person you develop as you go through the journey and as refine yourself
and refine the strategies that you take on. It’s just amazing to see
your dreams come true and your hard work start to pay off. – And you were actually here in Mykonos, so you took the ferry over to Santorini. Where are you these days? You’re all over the place
like me, what’s going on? – Just traveling Europe and working. Living my own life and
working on my own schedule and doing everything
that was always promised if you worked hard and got it done. – What are some of the countries
that you been to lately? – Did a lot of Italy this year. Did Lake Como, Milan,
Florence, Capri, Sorento. Going to Switzerland after this. It’s just fricking beautiful. And I’m not even trading. I don’t have to trade. – Well, you’re trading a little bit. – Little bit. – You just made three grand,
I mean, that’s something. A lot of people would
like to make three grand. You’re a little spoiled right now. – What’s beautiful is I don’t
have to trade every day. You know, I can pick the
days I want to trade, and I pick the days that
I don’t want to trade. – But can you admit that you’re
a little spoiled right now? – I feel very spoiled. – Right? Where you’re like, “I’m not even trading, “oh, I made three grand today. “Rent this view.” No, it’s kind of cool to
be here with a student in these places ’cause I know
that you usually just see me, but Huddie is a great
example of what you can do if you study hard and
if you have patience. He’s in year five. This didn’t happen in year one, year two. How much money did you make
in year one and year two? Just out of curiosity. – I wasn’t profitable. – So you made nothing? – I made nothing. – And you lost? – At the end of the day, not a lot, but it was make a grand, lose a grand five the next, pretty much. – What gave you the confidence
to just keep up with it? ‘Cause a lot of people
lose in the beginning and then they just stop and they quit. – I actually did door-to-door
sales in graduate high school. So I got used to having days
where you didn’t make money, failure, being rejected. And then, through door-to-door sales, I learned how to have a positive attitude, how to keep on with the game plan, keep on putting your best effort in, and knowing that the other side
is totally worth the reward, if you can try your best. – What were you selling, by the way? – Contracts. Door-to-door. – That sounds terrible. – Terrible, I wasn’t … Yeah, it was terrible. But I ended up running my own office because I ended up
breaking records, you know? – So this is the thing, this
is what I want you guys to see. You know, I’ve had several
successful companies, several successful pursuits over my life. I never gave up. Even when I was, like, you
know, just down on my luck. When I first got started teaching
there was a big headline, “Failed hedge fun manager
tries again on the internet.” I’m gonna link that article;
it’s a Reuters article. I’ve had my downs, when I frankly, did not pay attention to my rules. When you were losing, were you paying attention
to my rules or no? – The only one I was paying attention to was cut losses quickly,
live to trade another day. – So you minimized your losses at least? – Yeah, I was able to stay afloat. – But the other stuff,
you weren’t like really, you know, focusing on the
right patterns or anything? – I was all over the
place, I wasn’t defined. – Gotcha. So, now you’re defined, you’re
refined, you’re optimized. And you’re cutting losses quickly still. It’s not like it’s always a given. It’s not like, oh, we
planned to make money from here, you know? A trade popped up for each of us. We each took the meat of the
move, so that’s kind of cool. Leave a comment underneath. We just did a whole long Q&A, and I’ll link that Q&A
underneath this video too, but we want more questions, ’cause I want more students like this, you know, whether you’re studying and not doing great, in
year one, or year two, but give it time, year
three, year four, year five, and, mind you, not all
years are created equal. I think this is an important lesson, because some years there’s
just not a great hot sector, like right now there’s
nothing truly, truly, great. And just like you were saying, we’re not trading that much, or at least as much in previous years. – Yeah, and that’s usually
what happens over the summer; it just slows down, and in
that time of slow moments that’s when you start
focusing on the wrong things and you start doubting yourself because you might’ve had so
much success up to this moment, and all of a sudden, things have changed. And you have to recognize that. – And that’s when you can go out and live. People are sad when
there’s no great plays, or like, “I need money,
I need to make money.” No, you don’t. You need to study and you
need to go out and live. And when there are a lot of plays, you’ll frankly wish you had taken time when there were no plays
to go out and live. – [Huddie] And definitely enjoy your life. – Enjoying it. Thank you sir, good stuff, cheers. Leave comments underneath,
leave questions, we’re gonna answer them all. (speaks foreign language) Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor, and trader, thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
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  1. I study trading currencies. I find what you do interesting but I'm not sure if I can look at penny stocks the way that I look at currencies. I'm still in the struggle, but I believe I can do what you're doing one day. You inspire me.

  2. True wealth is found in Jesus Christ! Remember you have 80 or so years in this life at most. Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and you will have eternal life! No account size can beat that!

  3. Another question on top of my other two from before.
    In TimFundamentals Part Deux you go into abbreviated and detailed research strategies but I'm curious as to any changes you've made since that DVD was filmed and what is Huddies take on his research strategies.
    Love the video lessons, each one I watch is another tidbit for my knowledge account.

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    és egy centet nem engedek el belole:)))))))) hiába halogatoad a kifizetést ez csak több lesz :AI:)))))))) + a google térkép számára 10 milliárd euró a kilométer ora feltüntesért járó jogdij :)))))))))))) azt akarjátok dolgozam nektek nagy csicskák:))) akkor sajnos ennyi az ára, de nincs semmi gond ha azt akarjátok ne dolgozok nektek akkor is ennyi az ára:)))))))))))) ezt is boszoptátok:)))))))) adom a nagyhatalmaknak :)))))))))) nagyhatalmak elbuknak :))))))) én pedig nyerek:)))))))) megmondtam az elején nem tudtok velem mit kezdeni:)))))))) 2 választásotok van fizetek vagy fizetek:))))))))

  5. how do you know if trade going right, please
    do a video show entry and exit and example know when cutting loss and get out tim sir

  6. As always, GREAT stuff! What is the "mechanics" behind trading after the first green day and with no gap up or gap down during pre-market trading? Do you buy right at market open? Or do you watch it to see which way it goes? If it goes up do you buy right away? If it goes down, you watch it for a dip buy opportunity?

  7. Hi Huddie. Congrats on your success! I would like to focus on one pattern only, so if you had to start all over, what pattern would you focus upon? I don't want to be all over the place

  8. Preparation + Opportunity = Success

    "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."


  9. Huddie looks like Jesus with that halo in the background. haha Good stuff Huddie, keep up the great work and inspiring many more traders.

  10. Question: My account is restricted 90-days from day trades. Should I swing trade? Every time I swing, I gain the next day and then at pre-market it goes negative before the market opens.

  11. Love, love the video! I am a year and a half in…just went to your Summit and am studying and grinding away. I have faith in the process and my journey!

  12. Lovely video. An amazing vibes. Thanks guys. My first trip will be to Australia, I would like to enjoy a fancy Cruise as I plan in my mind.
    Good Job Huddie, you deserve it.

  13. what would you say, Tim, if after I graduate college for a degree in cybersecurity, I work for you free and in return, I study from you free full time? If things go as plan, I'll finish up next year June 2021, as I'm rushing my degree in 3 yrs rn.

  14. I have no money and want be part of journey i will read the book then i will hustle some money and for sure join the movement much love from south central Los Angeles

  15. Been following Tim for almost 5 yrs now. Finally decided to go for it and focus on this goal to learn as much and slowly begin to execute. For, Huddie, was there ever a point you felt you weren't seeing or understanding the patterns? How did you overcome, better yet, how did you make a connection to what you were learning and what the market was doing? Also, how did you overcome any emotions getting in the way of your executions?

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