50Five powered by Smile and Magento Commerce Cloud, a successful e-commerce story!

The world around us continues to change at a rapid rate, paving the way for smarter and more integrated technological home solutions. They make our lives easier, safer and more fun. Through our connected smart devices, we too are more connected ourselves. How does a smart home company stay on top in such a volatile and ever-growing market? By combining the best smart products with premium advice, always keeping a keen eye on innovations and opportunities. Enter 50five! With smart advice for every smart device, 50five serves as a beacon in personal and home automation. Within five countries in western Europe, 50five had a booming start, resulting in a dynamic, customer-centric company with over 70 eager employees. Such a vibrant new company needs a online environment tailored to the specific demands of customers across countries. In order to outsmart the competition, we were looking for a scalable, multilingual and dedicated e-commerce platform for marketing, payment and delivery. Magento Commerce Cloud appeared to be the perfect solution that had it all. Of course, we needed a company with a proven track record to implement the Magento engine. Before too long, we found Smile. Magento Commerce Cloud really is the ideal environment for this ambitious company. Our experts were more than ready to take on the 50five challenge. So, we got cracking right away! To keep up with 50five’s fast-changing business, we permanently put a committed team of 15 in-house specialists on the job. After each two-week sprint, we basically delivered a new, improved business platform, tailored to the newly-gained insights. With each upgrade, we saw a significant increase in onsite conversion. Thanks to the dedication and the flexibility of the development team, the e-commerce platform is a success!

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