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  1. but in my country on schooling (I probably spelled that word wrong) is considered intellectual abandonment and because of that is considered a crime (sorry by poor english)

  2. Teacher : teach nonsense..
    Everyone : ……
    Me : Trying to be creative
    & Making Art
    Teacher : Now this is an Avengers level threat

  3. Are we going to ignore that it’s cLeArLy Morty from Rick and morty on the thumbnail….???

  4. My school (elementary+junior high) makes us all use the college grading scale ._.
    is that normal or?…
    (Also, kindergarteners Get a lot of homework here-)

  5. We are preparing for the future.. yet they give us systems of the Past.. so are we being prepared for the future.. or for the past…? 😔😔

  6. you know I learn best with Hands-On experiences and if I understand what the heck I'm doing so if a teacher just tells me hey you're going to do this and you're going to do it okay that's not an instructions or anything that can give me an idea that says here do this and do it exactly as you say that's not anything clear in fact any like call of duty game that takes place during world war II I learn more about world war with from that than I do history class especially when it comes to games like maybe assassin's Creed I have learned history from that more than I have history class

  7. I actually thought that you know how in ecology chooser majors what if you did that during school then you could understand what your passions are and do those

  8. My school uses technology now, so those page 14 stuff is uh.. thanos snapped.
    And my high school is completely different from what I’ve heard of. So I guess I’m lucky.

  9. Law:your allowed to defend yourself if physically harmed. Schools: we don't do that here..me:fuck u if someone punches me I punch them back.school: HoW dArE YoU 10 WeEk SuspEnSiOn FoR dEFenDiNg YoUrSelF!


  11. School: sleep early before your test!!

    Also school: gives us a study guide a day before the test, and makes it harder and take longer than the actual tests

    Me: ಠ_ಠ

  12. our math teacher doesnt believe in homework we only have a little homework that we have 2 weeks to do. she believes in comfortable seating where you can sit where ever you want and have like bean bag chairs and stuff also she is very nice and understanding. she teaches us skills for the real world

  13. I think schools kids should be ordered by what they want to be when they grow up and smarts so they can have a good job. Who agrees?

  14. Basically, I'm at my last year of high school, And life just gets.. Boring.. Annoying.. No fun.. Nothing to do.. Just study. Study. Study. Study. Study. Study. Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study Study. Study and study.. For what? Study for what?! For such a bad education?! To get a job which is completely different from your passion?! I'm not good at math.. Yet I have to force myself into studying math.. I'm lost! I don't know what I'm going to work as! I don't know what job I'm supposed to go to! Welp, God knows. Good luck to all the people out there studying.. Study well and make the world a better place ♥️

  15. The hardest class for me it's art, I know how to draw and stuff, but, what do they teach me? Flute.
    Flute is too hard for me, I try to practice but I can't even memorize the notes, I'm so bad at it, I just want to flunk art, but I'm scared what my parents will say and it affects my academic average, it's just the same, my classmates are doing it fast and I don't understand a thing.

  16. What wrong with school is someone stolen my math book now my progress report is 16 in math 😤😤😤 comment if it was my fault and I did told my teacher he did nothing I told him each time there was a assignment in my math book am so freakin mad

  17. Teacher: You are all special unique individuals!
    One kid: Talks in class*
    Teacher: Detention for everyone who even knows this kids name!

    Me: then why do you have a hole that a boys stick could fit perfictly in?
    Teacher: (angrily whispers) shut the fuck up

  19. My teachers are and were very nice and let us socialize like we would always work in partners and if you wanted to do it by yourself they would let you.And the teachers were motivating.

  20. Me: I have human rights to speak. 1st amendment.

    Teacher: No only adults have rights.

    Me: OHH So were slaves! Because we are put to work without pay and have no rights.

  21. teacher: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
    me: how do i do taxes?
    teacher: sedimentary rocks have layers
    me: that's great, but how do i–
    teacher: san juan is the capital of puerto rico

  22. I don’t know if anyone’s schools is like this but in my middle school your given a chromebook which you are required to take care of and take home everyday to charge, and then bring back to school. Honestly 85% of the stuff we do in school can only be done using our chromebooks and when ever we have to do research they encourage us to google stuff (expect using Wikipedia of course lol)
    Heck, it’s so much easier cuz you can email your teachers outside of school if you have any questions on some homework.
    Maybe it’s just my school district that’s able to afford chromebooks but does anyone else use some kind of laptop or chromebook like thing that the school gives you or does your school only have PCs like in some kind of computer lab (which is a room I had in elementary.)?

  23. My teachers think that he is great that he learned me great at everything but 90% of my additives knowledge is from videogames and internet

  24. I hate school because they don't let us do anything accept talk and collaborate, luckily I am living my passion which is game dev , acting, and YouTube videos

  25. Teacher and parents: if you get good grades you will become successful in your future
    Also teacher and parents: today we learn about the mesezoic era.

  26. I forget everything we do in school because I don’t feel that we need most of it I feel that we should be able to take classes that help us reach our dream jobs because I hate writing essays, doin useless math problems, and learning about THE PAST if ik I’ll never use this in my daily life or my dream job like damn I wanna be a YouTuber or something and y’all tryna teach us how to be fckin authors and shit

  27. This video means nothing, the school systems will probably stay the exact same for hundreds of years. There is just no hope

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