A Day in the Life of a Day Trader

hey it’s marina the trader chick villatoro and I get often I get asked what is life like for a day trader um so you have to do i have to work every day what what if I can’t work what if I have things to do well the beauty of day trading for yourself is that you don’t have to answer to anybody you could show up every trading day or you could just show up when you have the time for me and normal trading day doesn’t go for more than two hours a day right normally it’s from 932 1130 Eastern but if i’m busy in the mornings and maybe 130 to 330 in the afternoon because those are usually the best time for me to trade but let me tell you I sometimes take weeks sometimes months at a time while the most that I’ve taken off so far has been nine weeks when every year my family and I go travelling from november till mid-january since i live in Guatemala that’s actually when my children have school there if their summer so their school time off right so instead of camp what we do is we travel so last year when we took off nine weeks we went to Spain for six weeks and then we went and traveled in the United States for another three weeks visiting my family and also doing of road trips during that time I think maybe I checked the charts and maybe trade it like two or three days simply because we were in Barcelona for two full weeks so it wasn’t like full-on travel we weren’t exploring every day they were just some down days and those are the times that I just kind of okay great i opened up my computer and in Europe it’s fantastic because the market opens around three-thirty so it was like a chill-out time yes why I trade it for a couple hours made a collage of bugs here or there but i had fun right so pay trading gives you complete flexibility there’s no boss there’s no one to answer to you don’t have to do anything and that’s the coolest thing of all right so when somebody asks you you know how hard how much time you put into a trading it’s how much you really want to so if you have any questions about they treating and how I can help but let me know it could not be fine

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