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– Hey, ya’ll, what is up,
this is your girl Mona G MD your favorite dermatologist
and we are here today to discuss Trader Joe’s beauty. Now I’m just gonna be
real with all of you, I grocery shop at Trader
Joe’s, I’m there, like, every Saturday, but, you know,
my patients are telling me more and more about these
products in the beauty aisle and the ever expanding
Trader Joe’s skincare line. So, I’ve never tried it, but
I am going to with you today. We’re gonna do this in real
time, and we’re gonna go through these products
and we’re gonna figure out what all the hype is all about. (upbeat organ music) All right, so let’s start at the top, first we think about cleansing our skin, so I’m gonna check out the Trader Joe’s Natural Facial Cleansing
Pads, with tea tree oil. I will just throw out
there that pads are not the most eco-friendly, so we’re just gonna put that on as a side bar. But let’s check out the ingredients, witch hazel, which can
decrease inflammation but can also create inflammation, so I’m a little bit on
the fence about that, flower oils, chamomile, lemon grass oil, it seems to me that for
somebody who doesn’t have inflammation in their skin, somebody who doesn’t have acne, somebody who doesn’t have rosacea, and you just want a quick cleanse, this may be a good option,
but if you have any inflammation in your
skin, I may steer clear just because it has some botanicals in it. So that’s my take on this one. Next in the routine,
we usually moisturize. This is the Trader Joe’s Ultra
Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, with aloe and green tea extract. I like green tea extract,
it’s a natural antioxidant, so just by looking at it in that regard, it has some powerful ingredients. Let’s check it out, I like
that it says ultra hydrating, but it is not ultra greasy,
so that’s a major plus in that department, I feel
like this is a winner. I like this a lot, actually. This is Trader Joe’s Oil-Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. Okay, so this is great, I
like that there’s options it’s fragrance-free, and no parabens, glycerin, glycerin is great
it’s exceptionally hydrating, vitamin C in there, big fan, so a combination of something hydrating with an antioxidant in it, a multi-tasker, and co-enzyme Q, another antioxidant, let’s check out how this feels. Okay, so this is how
much I would probably use of a moisturizer on my face, so I think it’s definitely lighter in texture than the Ultra-Hydrator I just put on. Cosmetically elegant, I think
it would be nice and easy to layer, I’m just gonna put
the rest on my arms here. So moving around here, in a clockwise way, this is Trader Joe’s Enrich
Moisturizing Face Lotion. So, I’m gonna throw out one thing, I like products that are multitaskers, I’ve said that, like, four
times already in this episode. I like the fact that you’re moisturizing and using your SPF at the
same time, big win for me, I don’t have a lot of time in the morning, so, the more I can combine, the better. Let’s look at the ingredients, all right, so one thing
I’m gonna call out, no big deal Trader Joe’s I
still got a lotta love for you, but this is just an SPF
15, so the American Academy of Dermatology and all my
dermatology colleagues, including me, we
recommend a broad spectrum SPF of 30 or higher, for daily use. So, just something to
consider, I’m not hating on it, just saying, I like that
it’s fragrance-free, I like that it has vitamin
C, and E, and A in it, again, a multitasker, in
addition to it’s moisturizing component, and it’s non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic means
it doesn’t clog pores. So, I’m actually, I really like this. I’m gonna try this out now, and see the real test, does it
make my skin look white? That’s the ultimate test. Let’s see, we’re all gonna
see right here in a matter of moments, whether it does or- no, it rubs in pretty nicely, actually, and it appears to me to be
something that any person with any skin color can use,
it goes on pretty sheer. So that is a major plus,
TJ’s, I’m all about it, just make the SPF, thirty. So, we’ve cleansed, we moisturized, let’s move down here to an
antioxidant facial serum. This is Nourish, an
Antioxidant Facial Serum, also says for all skin types. One of the ingredients in
here, it has vitamin C in it, one of the ingredients
I really like that it has in here is vitamin K,
vitamin K is really particularly effective for puffy eyes, and I like this because it’s kind of a gel, it has a gelatinous consistency and a really cool hack, no pun intended, what
I’m about to tell you, is to put something like this in the refrigerator, so
it’s cold, and the cold plus the vitamin K can totally be a fantastic combo for, like, those puffed up
eyes that all of us get, particularly on those
sleepless or stressful nights. This is kind of packed with
a lot of anti-oxidants, it doesn’t just have vitamin
C, it also has resveratrol and vitamin A in it, or retinol. Next is the Rose Water Facial Toner. This is something, that,
if it floats your boat, and you like rosewater,
it has a nice scent, you can use it, I personally,
it’s not something that I would do only because I don’t know that there’s tons of
science behind rosewater, in terms of doing anything great for your skin health, it’s
certainly not gonna harm it, it may give you a little
glow, but if it works for you, go for it. All right, moving towards the Nourish Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum. All right you know I’m a
hyaluronic acid junkie, let’s put it on the other hand, now, let’s see how this feels, I think this would be a
great choice for a hyaluronic acid, I don’t see nothing wrong with this. Lastly we have the Trader Joe’s Blueberry and Acai, which I just
learned how to pronounce here today on Dear Derm,
I’ve eaten it 100 times, but I just learned how to
pronounce it, facial scrub. So, I’ve talked about this
before, I’m not a huge scrub fan, that’s okay, everybody has their preferences. It smells delicious. Here’s the thing, this
is something that I don’t know that I would
necessarily use on my face. But I tell you where I
would use it, my elbows, maybe my heels, and my knees,
because those are places that generally don’t really
get a lot of exfoliation. And have sturdier, stronger skin and wouldn’t necessarily get inflamed as easily as facial skin. So, I may try it there. All right, check me out
for the next few days, were gonna be figuring out,
what works and what doesn’t. And then I give you my final answer on what I think is worth investing in when it comes to Trader Joe’s beauty. (upbeat organ music) – Hey guys, it’s Dr Mona Gohara reporting out of the Dear Derm
studio in my actual house in New Haven, Connecticut. So, I’m super excited to be
here with you guys today. We’re checking back in on my take on the Trader Joe’s Beauty line. I have to admit, I really like some stuff. So, lets start at the beginning. This was my hero product,
this is the Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum, I was a huge fan. Here’s what I did, I kept
it in my refrigerator, so it was nice and cold,
and then I just applied about that much on my hand,
put it on my face actually, and then, this is like a little hack, what I did ’cause it’s like
really frickin’ freezing here in Connecticut and
my skin is super dry, I would lock it in with this moisturizing gel. So these two, actually,
prove to be a really happy and good combo for my winter
skin, A pluses right there. The Antioxidant Facial Serum, I liked it, I would definitely use it,
what I did was I took it with me as I was traveling
for the holidays, and I didn’t want to
take my other products, so this is TSA approved. It felt like when I
used it, it left my skin with a little bit more of a glow, I only used it for a month
so it’s hard to see how much of a difference it made, but I liked it. I also used these pads, now I’m not a huge pad kinda person, I usually wash my face, even when I get out of the shower, or
when I’m done working out. But I actually used these
when I was on vacation, when I was done working
out on my chest and my back ’cause I didn’t want to
take a shower right away, I wanted to go down to
the beach and just chill and hangout, so they
were the perfect thing to use on my chest and
back so I didn’t get acne. This, my blueberry facial scrub, I didn’t use it on my face, full disclosure, but I did
use it on my elbows and knees ’cause my elbows and knees
and legs were super ashy. And remember that one
of my main tenets is do unto your body as you
would do unto your face. So, exfoliation in the winter,
is super duper important and that’s what I did, I used this. The Anti-Oxidant Facial
Moisturizer, again, it’s a little light for me,
because it’s oil-free, a little light, I’m like, I’m 44, I’m super dry, I want hydration left and right, that’s why I liked this
little combo right here, that hyaluronic acid and
the moisturizing gel. So next time you go to TJ’s, think about what my recommendations
were, think about Dear Derm, and we will see you next time. And in the meantime,
subscribe to Well + Good we’ll catch you next time.

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