A multi-family office backing prop traders, market makers and CTAs

Backing prop traders, market makers and CTAs Trading the “Chimerica” story: Chinese trading US and US trading Asian markets Interesting supply “raw trading talent” of automated and point-and-click traders – often whole teams of prop traders or market makers – strategies are often niche and capital restrained: more suitable for family office than institutional investors – using managed account structures Procedure for manager selection. Building a set up for managing 100 or more traders. “There is no alpha, only costs and risk”. How properly measure correlation. Selecting appropriate risk measures. How to create portfolios of traders: – Doing the opposite of most platforms and large investors. – Remote or trading floor model?. – When to stick with and when to replace a trader?. s Eric Wong a trader?. Background in molecular biology: appreciation of statistics. TCG family office set up to find uncorrelated investments. Why TCG prefers smaller and emerging managers. When to question industry standard models. Huge opportunity: Asset management in China: – Sourcing traders. – Servicing the 2nd and 3rd tier investor base. – But you need to be familiar with “doing business in China”. Myths, misconceptions about the “Asian Family office”. Investment preferences of Asian Family offices.

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  2. Googling should always be a first step. You will find TCG-Capital's website, plus Eric Wong's listing on LinkedIn. YouTube does not allow URLs in its comments, otherwise I would have posted.

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