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  1. Oooo if you do the work out at home video, you could try one of Love Sweat Fitness' workouts (she has a YouTube channel and an app)

  2. Whenever I workout I enjoy doing the fitness marshal dance Zumba routines or just straight up watching it (especially the me too vid) because he so energetic and entertaining and his commentary is hilarious

  3. Some of my fav playlists on my Spotify!


  4. keep lying – donna missal, 10 victoria's secret models – max, when i r.i.p. (from euphora) – labrinth, love me less – max!!! been obsessed with these lately

  5. Greece is my dream to visit so yes!! I’ve been listening to Social House recently and I feel like you would love them! Listen to Magic in the Hamptons.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this entireeee video and then literally the last 40 seconds you like I’m watching Quantico… and I was just all YES👏🏼 HON👏🏼EY👏🏼 and then that somehow pumped me up for idk what…but I am a fan of yours gworrrl. 🤘🏽

  7. Purple carrots are naturally purple! The first carrots were actually purple and the orange carrots that we know today have actually been modified from yellow and white carrots.

  8. Music : collide – Tiana Major9, EARTHGANG ; faux -red tullett, novo amor; paradox – James Young; puppy love – bülow, Jimi Somewhere; floatin (filous remix) – Alina Baraz, filous, Khalid 💖💖, when I R.I.P. – Labrinth; words – Naaz

  9. Waterparks' new album "Fandom" has been on repeat a lot for me lately. It's a fun, energetic album with a few acoustic songs as well.

  10. Would you consider doing a domestic (US) trip? Like we meet up in a city for a couple days or a weekend and explore things together? I'm guessing it wouldn't be possible with contiki but maybe like a tourism company of a city, national parks, etc? I know theres companies that you travel to different national parks in nevada and utah. I feel llike that would still be fun while also being more affordable and easier for people's schedule.

  11. I know the perfect thing for when it comes to when you can’t remember anything else to get from the store mainly grocery store there’s a notepad I highly recommend getting a knock knock notepad called things run out of please do vlogmas excited for holiday videos to come I’d love to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas, other places I’d like to go to Italy etc fabulous video

  12. ohmygosh i would be on top of the world if i got to travel with you! never been to greece so that would be amazing, especially since you know all about it, so you can show me all around! definitely think that’s an awesome idea

  13. 3:15 and Star by Bazzi are really good. Also, anything by LANY especially Run and Thru These Tears. And lastly, Fool by Cavetown. Those are my song suggestions, hope you enjoy 🙂

  14. would love to do a trip. However, most europeans dont have holidays in May or June. You might want to look into July as more people outside the US could go.

  15. You need to check out MadFit on Youtube! She posts awesome workout videos from at home, to dumbbell. They are so challenging but so worth it! Highly recommend! She also has a second channel called Maddie Lymburner where she posts a lot of food related videos!

  16. for all the Starbucks fans, there is a Christmas cold brew coming in the beginning of December! But I definitely will be trying Morgan's creation!

  17. Try les mills channel, they have good boxing workout videos, or the Nina Dobrev video.
    I’ve done them multiple times and died each time.
    Good luck xx

  18. Not sure what is your music taste but here are a few suggestions: CRMNL – wicked as they come, K.Flay – giver, Celeste Buckingham – run run run, Tones and I – dance monkey, Banners – supercollide, Bishop Briggs – river, Madison Beer – home with you, Halsey – castle, Sabrina Carpenter – thumbs, One Republic – rescue me, Little Mix – wasabi, Zayn, Shaed – trampoline, Zayn, R3HAB, Jungleboi – flames.

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