A Pre-Market Pep Talk for My Traders

11 Replies to “A Pre-Market Pep Talk for My Traders”

  1. Powerful as always OV. Before I trade, I say to myself "let's make this the best trading day of my life." Accepting the FULL risk of one bar is the demon I must over come… And I will.

    BTW, I am an IFT member… My only regret is I went a whole year of trading alone and losing a few grand before joining your program.
    But that year of failure lead me to you, so I'll chalk it up to the game.

    You will see me on top OV, and we will share a bottle of the secret one day 🙏

  2. Thank you! I am thinking a lot about your teachings during my work day. I try to learn everything from your videos and periscope. This information is priceless. Thank you!

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