Access A Trader Review – Thomas H. Testimonial

– I’ve been trading
for about six years and I joined the room a little
more than six months ago. It wasn’t quite a year
ago I decided to take what I was doing really seriously and I had to kind of step
back because I didn’t know how to define what I saw, I guess. You know, I started to
notice trends or patterns. Kind of, well, if the
chart looks like this, you know, I might do this. Especially when you’re day trading, it’s important to be able
to define entries and exits. You know, very clear cut. You could write it down on paper, follow it and execute it the same way over and over and over and over. That’s the way that you’re
gonna generate some success. You know, mentorship has
always played a huge part. Anybody that’s doing
anything successfully, didn’t have people that they looked up to, at least one person. It’s the same in all industry. Now, it’s kind of different. A lot of us are working from home. We’re working from offices
without anybody else. The difficulty now is
finding the right mentors, the right people you can
learn from and grow from. I would say the majority
of people starting out aren’t going to be able to
tell the difference between somebody that really knows how to trade or has been in the business
for a long time and somebody that hasn’t and
sees an opportunity to become a mentor for people. “I got these alert systems,
these trading systems.” So, starting at ground level, you kind of have to get creative, figure out a way to find inspiration. For me, that was Dan Shapiro. Just through following him
on Twitter for a while, I knew that he knew what
he was talking about. He’d post ideas, basically,
entries so to speak, ahead of time and it’s like,
the guy’s hitting every trade. I mean, not in reality, probably, but what was in front
of me, I was just like, “Holy crap!” I’m sitting there treading water. I can’t figure out high
from a low, pretty much. So, that sort of interested
me and I thought, let me do more research and
literally just took notes, listened to his interviews over and over, just trying to get a
sense of what he was doing from the little bits of information that was out there and available. He understands the fundamentals
of supply and demand, order flow and tape reading. I’d say that’s the single most
important part of trading. You can look at charts all day, your hot stock tips and all that stuff, but if you’re not properly reading what the price is telling you, to be able to actually
watch how that price goes through that level, what’s
actually happening, is crucial. Just listening to him, it’s
like I’m sitting next to him. You know? If he’s watching Tesla
trade and, in real time, talking about his thought process, like this is the level we’re looking at. “Oh, like, you guys see
there’s a buyer here.” He can clearly see it, you know? If you’re watching, you’re timing sales, you can see that, you know? It’s like, wow. Like, I get the concept but
to try and figure that out, on your own, it seems sort
of like duh, you know. But, it’s not. That has benefited me so
much just listening to him and his sort of process
throughout the day and his mind, what he’s looking at, what he sees. If I don’t see that, I can
scroll back and look at sales. I can try and, oh, that’s what he saw. You have to be confident. You have to know beyond a doubt that what you’re doing is going to work, has positive expectancy behind it. If nothing else, the biggest
thing that I’ve gained from this room and listening
to Dan is confidence. I really appreciate
everything that he’s done for me, for all of us. For everybody else that
wants to put in some time and dedicate themselves
to becoming a trader or becoming a better one, this is the spot to be, you know?

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