Acorn TV Exclusive | Doc Martin Season 9 | Trading Roles

I think I would have to be Bert Large
I’m gonna do reciprocal back to you my darling because I love your dresses that
you wear and I like those very much very colorful.
I think but would make a great Louisa I’m sure we could organize that one day that
would be quite fun I’d like to be a bit funnier but then everybody is so funny.
Selena is hilarious as Mrs. Tishell I mean there’s no way I could do it as
well as her. I wouldn’t mind playing Penhale
’cause he’s funny I mean I like doing funny. The dog he gets a basket he just lays around all day. Buddy gets fed. Every time
the dog does something he gets a hot dog that’s pretty cool when talk about
Winnebago’s have you seen what the dogs traveling batted luxury Hate them

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