Adam Ruins Everything – How Drug Cartels Took Over the Avocado Trade | truTV

No, Adam, at bro night,
we watch “Game of Thro–” What?
Are we in Mexico? Yup! You wanted to hear
the twisted tale of how the drug cartels
got involved in the avocado trade,
right? No! Oh, we’re here anyway. Americans can’t get
enough avocados. In 2017, we imported
$2.6 billion worth of ’em. Nearly all of that
from Mexico. But we weren’t always goo-goo
for the guac glop. In fact, Mexican avocados
used to be banned in the U.S. until the lifting of a trade ban
with Mexico in 1994. Okay, I’ve got
your avocado toast, avocado smoothie, and avocado mimosa. Sorry that took
a couple decades. America was eager to import
cheap Mexican vegetables and export American
staple crops. And Mexico was deep in debt, so the U.S. government offered
to bail them out. But they demanded
some big compromises. Okay, Mexico,
if we’re gonna trade, you gotta be
more like us. More business,
less taxes. But if I can’t
collect taxes, how am I supposed to run
my country? Oh, relax,
Tío Manuel. It’ll be fine. But it wasn’t fine. Since the Mexican government
wasn’t investing as much in local institutions,
the cartels were able to strong-arm
small-town police forces, pay off politicians,
and just take over entire towns. I am the one who knocks… over
your town’s infrastructure. Who’s the bad guy? The cartel dude
or Uncle Sam? They both are,
just in different ways. Okay?
Keep up. But when the U.S.
and Mexican governments started cracking down
on the drug trade, the cartels needed
to diversify their interests, which brings us to avocados. They want to crack down
on my drugs? Fine! I’ll prey on a legal trade,
like avocados. No!
(grunts) Wait!
I didn’t say no! (growling) (laughing) Oh, my God.
He bit through the pit.

53 Replies to “Adam Ruins Everything – How Drug Cartels Took Over the Avocado Trade | truTV”

  1. If America were smart they'd trade with the Carribean nations that have Avocados about 4 times larger and filling.

  2. Yup…because there aren't black markets in most industries. Including weapons, drugs, etc. Yup…banning stuff from good people because bad people use those items has obviously worked throughout history. Liberals & conservatives are both hypocritical. And this video is full of some BS too. But hey, history and facts shouldn't get in the way of a TV show making profits.

  3. Wow have not watched Adam for a while but it's really has devolved to Adam ruins everything uncle Sam by the looks of it. Somehow USA is at fault for the Mexican government being corrupt and greedy and weak on the cartels?

  4. Please also talk about how the debt on Mexico was also caused by the US’s exploitation of Mexico’s oil!!! History just gets darker!

  5. Wow this show sold out to the liberals big time. Only they didn’t do their homework. Those trade agreements happened under Obama

  6. I mean are they really a cartel anymore if they’re just selling avocados? Also I love the idea of these mexican crime lords each harder than the last. Talking about starting to trade avocados

  7. Taking over avocado market… Ha!, drug cartels rule the country. Sicarios make their "interships" in elektra and coppel collecting money.

  8. YEP! the plan the cartels have is to stay alive long enough to see the legalization of Marigooana! lol Once that happens, they will be able to build on the cartels and turn them into profitable businesses! Of crime! 

    SO avocados are a good "Test Subject" and alas it seems to Work! No more drugs=less crime, More avocados, and basically no more police threatening to arrest these people for farming.

    Plus if something is stolen they CAN call the police now lol ( though they really don't need to)

    If this experiment works, the next thing people will be seeing is annoying Sinaloan Cartel branded stuff.  Sicario Merchandise and ads online and on TV "Sicarios Marigooana cigarettes!" or in this case of course. " If you have a hankering for avocados….. Call a Sicario, to kill that urge! Sicario Avocados… Lets assassinate dinner!" *bullet ricochet sound*lol Hay better a business than a Cartel or Sindicate right?

  9. Wrap your sweet noggins, gulliver's, and conscious tongues around this, o brothers and sisters: we, as humans, consume such vast quantities of corn ( it is in EVERY f**** thing) that we, as humans, have corn within us, in our molecular DNA. CORN! I am so corny. …and exceptionally horn*

  10. Ever since Joe Rogan exposed Adam for the pandering idiot that he is, I can’t believe anything that this WOKE ass buffoon says.

  11. No one cares about Adam Aberra and his friends from M1, Fidjac or Lund. they are charged in four countries for sex crimes, child abuse, fraud, burglary, and about 41 other crimes. #scum

  12. I know the US messed up a lot but what country hasn't? Just how much do you Americans hate your country? I guess it's easy to complain when you have a silver spoon shoved up your asses.

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