Agent and Broker Guide to Marketplace Updates

Registered agents and brokers play an important
role in helping consumers with Marketplace health coverage. With plan year 2020 around the corner, they’re
training hard for Open Enrollment to make it their best one yet! This year, the application
is being redesigned and will offer a singular, streamlined experience – making it easier
for agents and brokers to help their clients get coverage. The application’s question flow has been
updated, so there will be fewer questions to complete for most consumers. Agents and brokers can also help consumers
enroll in Marketplace coverage through Enhanced Direct Enrollment, or EDE, the latest innovation
to the Marketplace’s Direct Enrollment Pathway. Watch this video on this topic to learn more. As always, agents and brokers still need to
include their National Producer Number, or NPN, on the application to get credit for
the enrollment. This year, registration and training for the
Marketplace and Help On Demand went live in August! Returning Marketplace agents and brokers can
still expect to complete the Marketplace training in as few as 30-minutes. Agents and brokers can then hop over and complete
Help On Demand training to be ready for Open Enrollment. If you already participate in Help On Demand,
you’re not required to complete Help On Demand training again for plan year 2020. Your account may remain active year-round. Agents and brokers should remember to keep
the information in their MLMS profile up to date, and choose the appropriate settings
to be displayed on tools like Find Local Help and Help On Demand. This ensures consumers can find and connect
with them on when they need assistance. As a reminder, agents and brokers have the
option to include their website within their MLMS profile so it displays to consumers on
Find Local Help. New guidance on Health Reimbursement Arrangements,
or “HRAs,” means consumers may be able to use the funds from their employer-provided
HRA to pay for expenses that are associated with Marketplace coverage. As an agent or broker, you can use the new
HRA employee affordability tool to help your Marketplace clients determine their eligibility
for premium tax credits based on the HRA they’ve been offered by their employer. You can also direct employers considering
offering an HRA to their employees to the new employer affordability tools on Agents and brokers are important Marketplace
partners. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
values the contributions of agents and brokers to the Marketplace and is here to support
you throughout the year. Check out the links provided in the video
description below for more information on the Marketplace and resources available to
help you!

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