Andrea Unger – Why do you teach instead of just being a Trader?

“Tell me why?” That’s the question, “Tell me why?” Bronski.Beat. Well, probably, they were not asking me, but
“tell me why?” tell me why are you teaching? “If you are a profitable trader, why are
you selling education?” This is a question that comes up from many,
many sources, and it’s a reasonable question. I was asking the question myself when I started
looking for a good education in trading. I ended up at Larry Williams, a legend in
trading, and he gave me a number of answers. But the best answer was when I saw his material,
his approach; and starting from that, I was able to build my approach. So, actually, I offer education, first of
all, because it’s a help for all those who want to be serious in trading. So, “Okay, but you’re paid to do that.” Yes, I’m paid because it’s a value that
I’m offering; it’s my time that I’m offering. It’s normal to be paid. It’s a matter of opportunity. It’s sort of a business: opportunity of
diversification. I have income from education, I have income
from trading. I don’t know when trading is profitable
or not profitable; education is more stable. It’s a stability matter. So, look at it as opportunity. Start thinking in a business tuned mind, and
it will be positive also for trading; believe me. “But if you make so much money, why do you
need the money from education?” Yeah, that’s true. I don’t need that money, actually. I don’t need it, but if I gave out everything
for free, if I did that, believe me, you would not value it. Because if I don’t value my material first,
nobody could do it afterwards. And if you don’t value what I give out to
you, you would not use it the right way and you would not take full advantage of that. You must be committed; you must show me your
commitment in purchasing education, and I give you my commitment in producing quality
education—it’s a very simple equation. Another thing, if you want to become a medical
doctor, you go to university, you study a long time, you pay for education. And, probably, you will never go to somebody
who has not studied to get surgery—I hope so. If you want to become an engineer, to build
bridges, you go apply to university, you pay for education and you become an engineer. So, why shouldn’t you pay if you want to
become a successful trader? Why? Just because you are studying from somebody who makes money; it is not a good reason in my opinion. At least I don’t believe it’s a good reason. If I go to learn playing tennis to Roger Federer, I would never say, “Teach me for free because you’re rich enough.” I know he’s dedicating his time to me; it’s
obvious I have to pay for it. Well, I will never be a good tennis player
in any case, but that’s a matter of age mostly. But it’s so reasonable, so it’s a misleading
concept. Why? Because it’s obvious—this is the most
obvious answer to the question. Stay tuned. Enjoyed it? Click the link below and you will be noticed
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