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®Sud_Arun collections®Brother, where is Benny
Chettan (brother)? – What’s the deal with Benny?
– Nothing. I just want to meet him. He is sitting inside that bus. What is it, Shaiju darling? Benny Chetta, we have to go to Angamali.
There’s a small problem. Problem? You own a ladies’
store&not a bar, right? Where did you get this
filthy perfume from? I got it imported
from China, Chetta! China, it seems! What’s your problem? Chetta, they know that I’m from Mukkannur.
Even then they came to my shop&hit me! Did you see this? Keep your private parts with you.
Don’t show it to me! Who bashed you? That ‘team’ from Palliyangadi. Benny chetta, shall I
tell you something? You wait outside. We’ll finish talking&call you. If we help him now, we can make him
donate for the fireworks in the Church. Notjust that, we can get
a 50k from him as well. What’s the secret, Benny? Nothing! What you’re saying is right. But our bus has to run
through Angamaly, right? Let me call Unni&
‘team’ from Thriprayar. They said they’re going to
the airport to drop someone. Pour a small one. But Benny Chetta, will
we get anything for this? No, man! This is for
someone close to me. Just see this as a
‘charitable work’. But.. We’ll make it a happy new year
having a couple of rounds. Come! Let’s talk! Pour one for those kids! Give them very little. It’s brewed with dates&toddy. It gets you high like weed!
Give them some. Take one piece! – Pork meat, is it?
– No. – Deer meat?
– This isn’t any of that! Anyway, it’s awesome.
What is this item? The meat of a python! – It’s great for skin, man!
– I don’t want it, bro! How do you catch it, Benny Chetta?
By shooting it down? Only wild bulls are shot down!Right, Benny Chem?This was lying on the road, on
the way back from Athirappally. Benny Chettan just made a snare
out of a creeper&pulled it! – It was trapped on the spot.
– Don’t tell that to these kids! Hold that glass! Have one more! Have it! They will be in that
Chettungal Bar. He will show you the ‘team’! And if there’s any problem,
our guys would be around! They will help you
escape smoothly! Ok? So I’ll see you after the job!
Happy New Year! Happy new year? But this is October, right? Get going, man! By the way, which is that ‘team’? Team? You said that a team
would help them escape? That was just for effect, man!
Team? Get lost! Benny Chettan is having
the time of his life! He just has to chill having python&
wild bull meat with arrack, daily. What a life! Who do you think
‘Wild’ Benny is? Benny Chettan’s connections
are all international! There goes the next ‘team’! What is next? Tiger meat?Benny Chem’.!Who is it? What is it?
I’m Benny! ‘Wild’ Benny? That’s me! What? What did you do with the python you stole
from the school’s science exhibition? We made a curry with it&ate it.
It’s over! AC Bar is on the first floor.Why are you tensed,
Unni Chem“?
No problem, right? Hey! No problem! No problem man! You guys go&bait them!
I’ll come by then. If there’s any problem, Benny’s team
is inside. They will take care of it! Come! Hey Christ, give me a drag! Don’t spend all the money
you got over here. You’ll need it tomorrow as well! I think that’s Benny
Chettan’s team! – Which is this team?
– I don’t know! Hey darling! Hi dear! Will you
give me a kiss? – You want a kiss?
– Give me! Should I give? Give me! There’s a nun too? – No! Don’t do that!
– Come here, dear! Don’t touch the nun! Why? Give me a kiss! You swine! ‘My name is Vincent Pepe’‘I am an Angamalian’.‘Vincent Pepe’
06-10-2014 ‘Vincent Pepe’
01-10-2001 (Church Choir singing) What’s for breakfast, mom? ‘Puttu’? Can’t you get up early, take
a bath&go to the Church? Mom, half the ladies come without
a bath on weekdays to Church! – How do you know that?
– He who has eyes, sees! If you talk nonsense,
I’ll rip you apart! ‘She’s my mom’ ‘She mixes fish&mango
with milk for curry; and adds Chinese potato to pork meat. An awesome Angamalian!’ ‘She’s the only sister
to five brothers!’ Mom, what’s a ‘Puttu-thangi’? Didn’t I ask you to keep all those
curries in the fridge yesterday? They are all spoiled! Useless! ‘This is my sister.
Mercy!’ ‘She keeps poking her nose
into unwanted stuff.’ Mom, I also want some! That’s enough for you! Keep this on that table&eat! When you’re coming back from
school, drop in at your grandpa’s. He’ll give some
money&vegetables. – You can go there on Sunday, right?
– Just listen to me! This family is able to survive
only because of my dad&brothers. While everyone else goes to Bombay
or Gulf to save their families, your dad went to Kollegal,
to do cotton business. ‘I still haven’t understood why my dad
is doing cotton business at Kollegal; a place which is still 25
years away from civilization’ ‘The meaning of my
name ‘Pepe’ is Joseph’ ‘It’s Jesus Christ’s father’s name’. ‘And I was in the
altar group as well’ ‘But my idols were these big
brothers from New Star team!’ Hey Pepe!
Pass the ball! ‘Among them, I liked this
Chettan the most. Babuji.’ ‘Wherever they go & play, they
will return only with a cup’ ‘Just that they’ve won more cups
by fighting, instead of playing’ – There’s the yellow card!
– He made the foul. – Red card?
– Hit him! Who hit Thomas? Leave the cup, you swine! Ask your daddy to
get you a new cup! Got the cup!
Let’s go! ‘They are the ones who control the
crowds during the Church festival’ ‘No one says a word if they dance for the
music concert during town Chapel festival’ ‘If someone says something,
he’ll be thrashed!’ ‘The butchers in the market who don’t slice
meat even for the municipal chairman, will slice the meat
for these guys’ ‘If he orders a Ghee Roast
dosa at Paris hotel, he gets Beef gravy along
with it for free’ ‘At times, there will be a
couple of pieces in it as well!’ ‘They are the ones who compromise
many fights&quarrels in Angamaly’ Phew! Oh my God! You want to be muscular? Don’t
end up tearing your muscles! ‘In total, these guys were the only ones
worthy to be called a ‘team’ in Angamaly’ Hey Linu, we should form a team! – What team?
– Dude! A team like New Star! So I’m not there in it? What a question! You
are my selection No.1. – Then we’ll do great!
– Of course! Hey! Don’t take the mangoes!
I’ll kick you! Hey! Stop there!
Stop there, you! Give it to me!
Get lost! Hey, you saw this mango? You should crush it on a grinding
stone, and throw the seed away. And if you have it with
salt & chilli powder, it will be superb, dude! Shall we have it? ‘The best Parotta&Beef Fry in
Angamaly is at Paris Hotel; and the best Omelette is at
Kunju’s street food joint; and the best Biriyani
is at Thachil Hotel’ ‘Pork Varkey had discovered all
this at such a young age’ ‘With him also joining us, our
team became bigger & better!’ Hey kiddo, which way
do I go to Kariyad? Just go straight, brother! So will your dad make
the turns for us? Hey Bro! That steering is not for
your mom to swing on; Just hold it &turn it. Kids these days! ‘Catching a flying rocket with a
pole, and bursting it in the ass!’ ‘Have you heard of such a thing?’ ‘This guy is such an item!’ ‘Bheeman! The next
selection in my team’ ‘With the arrival
of Martin Chapel, many people in Angamaly named
their kids as ‘Marty’ ‘Bujan Marty, Thambor Marty, Petro
Marty, Punnari Marty, Kokki Marty; Ottappalam Marty, Darling
Marty, Chippi Marty; Style Marty, Disco
Marty, Kothakam Marty!’ ‘You couldn’t walk around in Angamaly
without bumping into a Marty!’ ‘And our team also
got two ‘Marty’s’ ‘Kanakuna Marty&Parippu Marty’ Dance, man!
Come on! Hey! Sit down! Keep dancing, kids! Let me see who dares to ask.
Dance! ‘To steal rubber sheets&mace
from Kochuvarkey’s house; and to sell it in his shop itself; ‘To watch Sulu bathing;’ Who is it? ‘To watch Adult flicks
at Vinod theatre;’ ‘For all such activities,
we were together’ ‘Except for one thing’ ‘Goldsmith Sathish’s daughter
– Seema Sathish’ Dude, I have decided
to marry Seema. Me too. Me too. In that case, me too!
– Me too! – Me too! ‘This is Lily!
Linu’s elder sister’ ‘She must be around 3
years older to us’ ‘Combining Lily&Chechi,
all of us call her Lichi’ Don’t laugh too much! I will tell this to your mom! – Get lost Lichi!
– Come! Get the cycle! ‘It was when our team was set with
Varkey, Bheeman, Kanakuna, Parippu; that Linu’s dad got a transfer’ How long do you have to sit
on a train to Chandigarh? If we board the train
tomorrow afternoon, we’ll reach there on
the 3rd day morning. Dude, what will Lichi
do over there? Lichi will get admission for nursing
in a military college there. What about you?I willgo there, learn Punjabi” Punjabi! ‘Since we were busy with festivals,
weddings, movies, beer and romance; we somehow passed in 10th&12th
exams with a lot of difficulty’ ‘And then, it was while I was studying for
BA History Final year in Sankara college; ‘Palliyangadi Team’
01-10-2001 ourteam got involved
in a proper fight; and we were named
‘Palliyangadi team’. ‘Palliyangadi Team’
01-10-2008 Dude, the muscle-men from
Palliyangadi are coming! Let them come! Let them come! What is it? You can do your ragging! But putting your hands
inside girls’ blouses; don’t do that! But we didn’t rag your
mom or sister, right? ‘If you’re sure that the
fight is about to start, hit the guy who is standing
next to the guy who’s talking!’ Then he will think; ‘Why did he hit me? He should
hit the other guy, right?’ Even the other guy
would think the same. ‘Why are they hitting him?’ ‘They should hit me, right?’ In that gap, hit him as well! And that should be
one helluva punch! Then don’t bother about anything else! Once the fight starts, knock the
living daylights out of them! Don’t let them go! Stop there, you! Stop! Catch him! We’re screwed! My dear buddy, We can fight using Babuji’s method, only
if there are 2-3 people to fight with. If a hundred people come together,
that technique won’t work! Understood that now? – How’s your arm?
– It’s okay. Who is it?
Seem a? What is this? A medal
for being beaten up? Let me see. Watermelon&pineapple? Superb! Perfect to give someone
who’s in the hospital. Dude! We’ll go get this
chopped from a mill. You guys talk. – Come!
– Bye! Should we get lunch? Let them be! Go! Go! Where are your other friends? Nothing happened to them? They are in the next room. Where are your friends? I lied to them&came here. Why did you lie to them? Well.. I…
Just like that! Sorry! All this is
because of me, right? Hey! That’s alright! Are you in too much pain?
Let me see! Shall I give you a medicine
to cure your pain? What medicine? Close your eyes! Why? Close them! ‘So on the day of our first
fight, that also happened!’ ‘It happened again!’ ‘And again!’ .And k_ept happening
39am & again!’ ‘With that, me and Seema became
inseparable like tapioca&egg, the hit combination of those
timesat Kunju’s street food joint’ ‘Like Kunju, we also firmly believed that
this combo will be an evergreen hit!’ That’s not possible, Sabu! That’s not possible, Sabu! Won’t we look like schm ucks if they beat
our kids up&walk around Angamaly? We’ll finish it with a fight! Bring your people in a bus. Let me see if I can
bring some in a train! Fine then, Thomas. Let’s see! We’ll see! We don’t want any compromise! Come! I was just acting tough
over there for effect. Don’t mess with them.
They’re from the people’s party. And ya. They don’t beat up just one
or two people like us, they take up jobs to beat
up an entire township! So, didn’t you guys
hit them well? And you also got back in plenty, right?
No one needs to know! Come. Let’s have a
couple of ’10ml’s. We’ll sit in the dark room. ‘Oops! I forgot to introduce him!’ ‘This is ’10ml’ Thomas Chettan’ ‘In Linu’s absence,
he joined our team; and is currently working
as our compromise manager’ ‘He is the strongest member of
New Star club, after Babuji’ Where the hell is he? If the tapioca&eggs were here,
we could’ve started drinking! Let him come whenever.
Pour a 10ml. – What about the side dish?
– Have it with kerosene, man! This is a ration shop.
Not a bar! – Hey dude!
– Keep it away! That’s the girl I
told you about. Didn’t I tell you that day? I’ve
been behind her for 2 months. She’s giving me looks&all. But
I’m not able to make any progress. You just need 3000
bucks to set her up. – What?
– She is a whore! Don’t talk nonsense about decent girls.
That too, in my shop! Believe me if you want to! – I won’t believe you!
– As if I’m bluffing! Then, set her.. Set her up, man! _ who?
‘ Her! What about my love then? We’ll ask for a discount! Hey! Babuji was stabbed! Who? Come!
Come! – Where?
– Over there! Come here!
Come here if you dare! Move! Come! Don’t leave them! Someone help me! Tie him up! Let’s go, Thomas Chettan!
Come fast! Start the car! He’s still breathing! – Shall I go?
– Okay then. He was such a nice young man! I couldn’t bear to see his
mother&sister crying. What to say!
That must be his fate! Carpenter Kuttappan’s sisters sons
were the ones who killed Babu, right? Those were the guys who came to fix the
bed at Marty’s house last week, right? They are young kids, right? I’ll take a bath and come, mom! – Have some tea&go!
– No! ‘I have read somewhere’ ‘that a man grows older
when he faces sorrows’. Shall I shave it off? No need! Girls like bearded guys! Mom, ask her to get ready
quickly if she’s coming! . Hey!
. Yes! Stop dressing up and go to the
Church for the Sunday Mass. I’m ready, mom! Suni was cussing me saying that
it’s all grainy in his house! He hasn’t paid for
4 months, right? Tell him that the
grains will go, and Mammootty&Mohanlal will
come back when he pays it. Why didn’t you check the faulty
junction box at Maniyankulam? Get some ginger, chilly and
curry leaves on your way back. And, if you’re buying pork meat,
buy it from Thondanga Jose. What are you cooking pork with?
With Chinese Potato or raw banana? No! With 1.5 inches of metal. Go attend the Sunday Mass! Sim ply fooling around! ‘She hasn’t grown fatter
even after marriage?’ ‘How will she? That loser went to Dubai
within a week of their wedding, right?’ ‘Oh God, it’s time to get her married!’ ‘Muthedan’s chicken is ready to be made
into a curry. It should be really meaty!’ ‘The curry should have
potatoes as well!’ ‘Uncle’s shop is doing well’ ‘The Church’s sound
system is faulty’ ‘Those who’re at the back,
can’t hear anything’ ‘I have to tell the priest’ There’s your German program. ‘This is Sakhi Susan Kurian’. ‘My current sweetheart’. ‘So you will ask
me where’s Seema!’ ‘Like Kunju realized that Tapioca-Pork was
a better combination than Tapioca-Egg, Seema also had a realization. She
married a ‘pork’&left to Singapore’ ‘I realized that green peas is
a better combination for egg, won over this girl to get married
to her and escape to Germ any!’ ‘It was around the same time that
Varkey wooed Alice’ ‘She’s a police constable
atAngamaly station now’ – You go home! I’ll come later.
– I’ll have to walk. – Convey my regards to her!
Okay then! Okay! Give some way, bro! What were you up to with
your friends in the Church? I saw you signaling your friends
in between Father’s speech. Can’t you behave properly
at least in the Church? Leave it, dear! – Oh! You’re here?
– I want to ask you something. If I come this afternoon, will
I get a kiss like last week? If you come drunk like last week,
you won’t be getting a kiss; I’ll punch you in your pot-belly! You weren’t in your senses
when I called you yesterday. – You were drunk, right?
– No! – So I needn’t come?
– Hey Mr. Pork Varkey! When you come in the afternoon,
bring some pork roast as well. That’s not what I’m thinking. What will I do in Germany,
with my qualifications? You can help my Papa
at the restaurant. Sheesh! At a restaurant? Even my dad is
doing that, right? But after studying till B.A,
if I work at a restaurant; what will people think? But you haven’t
passed B.A., right? – That’s also true.
– Think about it. So I’ll work at the restaurant? My dear, you won’t bear it! There’s only that old man&
that girl in that house. That’s when they’re
doing their thuggery. They went there and threw away all
their stuff&destroyed them. The townsmen just kept watching. So no one said a word? Of course! Member Shashankan! When he was slapped,
he left immediately! That’s when he went, he went and asked that girl; whether she’d like to be his mistress! How can someone ask that? And then, someone went and called our
Induchoodan on the phone. He came in his jeep. This is the story of
a 15 year old movie! And you losers are listening to it?
Get out of here! Hey, the shop is shut! Go home! Come on! Thomas, what’s the program? It’s Sunday, right? Let’s
have a couple of 10mls. – I have shut the shop.
– Great! – It’s us!
– Kana Kuna, don’t put it over us! Will you break it? We have a couple of
stalls in the market already. And if we say that we’re selling for Easter
&Vishu, the old teams will withdraw. And if we want, we can set up a
couple of stalls outside as well. The idea is good! But still, should we get
into pork business? What’s wrong with pork business? His dad paid for his sisters’ education&
weddings, by doing pork business, right? And since he was fed up
of blood on his clothes, he started a rent-a-car
business instead. Will he say that there’s no
profit from pork business? Not that. Their bloody.. Filthy sounds&noises.. Hitting them with the iron bar; and their disgusting smell! Eww! It’s a troublesome job. Bheeman, we know what
you get in a month; even though you go for work dressed
up like it’s yourwedding! So leave it. We can make
triple that money in a week. And about the smell&trouble; On Sunday evening, after
the pork sales; after a bath with Pears soap; when each of us
gets 30,000 each; there won’t be any
smell or trouble! This pork is awesome! Is it from Paul’s shop? So on Sundays, we
can feast on pork! Pour a 10ml for our Sebastian! But the only problem is that. Rajan&Ravi are the
main pork dealers here. We will have to get
the pork from them! ‘Rajah&Ravi who went to
jail for killing Babuji, came out as ‘Appani’ Ravi
and ‘U-clamp’ Rajan’ ‘ Beware’ The stuff we bought last
time was spiked, bro! Heard it, Ravi? Then you do one thing. File a case in the
consumer court. My dear Sir, the weed I bought from
U Clamp Rajan in Angamaly was spiked! And we need justice! My dear, I don’t grow
this in my backyard. Tell me if you want the stuff. – Yes.
– How many? Two. Get it from the 3rd
auto rickshaw. Okay! Mom, I want to go! – Leave me!
– Go inside, you! Get lost! Leave me! Let her go if she wants to! Let them go!
Leave it, mom! ‘ Beware’ We tried several jobs Mathan bro!
Nothing worked out. To flourish in Angamaly, we
have to do pork business. Isn’t that true? So you can stop this business.
We’re taking over from you. We also have to make
a living, right? How is that possible, dear? You know iron rod which
is used to kill the pigs?I willsmash your head with it.
It will be possible then. What is it, son? Chetta, I want 2
kgs of pork meat. I want the meat from
thighs particularly! When you marry a girl & bring her home,
you bring only the parts that you need? She will have hands,
legs, eyes, nose&ears. And a little skin as well. If you want, you can buy it. Or
else, leave. Don’t waste my time! How come you guys are here? Josetta, what about
that thing we asked? Hey! Just chop this! What do you want to know? – About the business here.
– Business is fine. Pork business in
Angamaly is like, it’s sold wholesale
to places like Neeleshwaram, Kottam am, Malayattoor,
Plantation, Manjapra, Th uravoor, etc. And even to Chambakkara
in Ernakulam. After Malayattur festival, people leave
only after buying Zkgs of meat from here. Those who come from the airport, won’t
go home without buying pork from here. – His dad knows it, right?
– True! Angamaly &Angamaly
Pork meat are world famous! The sales sky-rocket during Easter,
Christmas&Vishu seasons. What the people ofAngamaly eat, and serve others;if we add everything, a business
cf A – 4.5 craves happens ‘nexe.
Business of 4.5 craves?Did you think this was a joke? It’s a business of 4.5 crores! Are you planning to start it? Ya. In a small scale. Then start it. You’ll flourish!
Get the pork from Ravi! – We came to see Ravi.
– There! There he is! Talk to him! Get things started! Okay then. Let us talk to him
and see what can be done. – Call me if you need any help!
– Okay Josetta! I’ll send it! Okay. He’s going to smash the pork.
We’ll have to do this as well! – So how many stalls in total?
– We already have 2 stalls. We’re planning to set
up 3 more outside. Hey Arappana! Did
you see Thomman? – No! Why?
– Nothing! I was thinking of getting
his mother married! I asked that loser to come in the morning.
He hasn’t come yet. We’ll have to kill 25 of them to
give 350 kgs per stall, right? Yea. Thomas Chettan, you’ll be
making a lot of money, huh? If the Easter business goes well, we’re
planning to continue it every weekend. – So you’ll bring the meat to the spot?
– Yea. What are you doing now, Pepe? I have a cable TV business. And I’m also involved
in this business. So you do one thing. Come here
on the previous day of Easter. Okay then! Since everything has been fixed, shall
we have a couple of 10 mls? – Okay. – Have you been waiting for long?
– No. One popcorn&one coffee. What do you want, Pepe? – I don’t want anything.
– What about a Iimejuice? I said I don’t want anything! Why are you getting angry, Pepe? Sakhi, I’ve told you a 1000 times not to
wear such clothes when you come to meet me. This is Angamaly. What’s the problem
with this dress? Huh? No problem! Don’t come to meet me
wearing such clothes! How will you come to Germany
with me, with such an attitude? That’s what I’m also
thinking about. You watch the movie alone! One minute. I’ll be right back. Don’t get in now! – But I…
I said, don’t get in! – Are you okay now?
– Ya. Shall we watch the movie then? Namaste! Yes. It’s Manikkuttan.
Tell me, please! Get lost you scoundrel! You come here!
Come to the junction! Or you want me to come there? Huh? ‘On festivals&sundays, every other team
would be in the toddy shop, like our team’ ‘That’s where big problems begin&
also get solved through compromise’ ‘Kunnel gang?‘T horappankavah team!’‘The posh team from Kizhakkangadi!’ ‘Angadikkadavu team!’ ‘And our Palliyangadi team!’ ‘Everyone will be in the toddy shop’
– Did you order something? – Grape toddy!
– Grape teddy? Order something strong
for Easter, man! I ordered grape toddy because I have to
go to my mom’s house in the evening. If she catches the smell,
it will be problem. That mom’s name is Alice, right?
The police constable? What do you want? Babu Chettan! – Come here!
– Tell me Varkey! You have tapioca?
And beef? – Yes. – Rabbit meat?
– There’s just one plate left! – Get the rabbit meat you have.
– Okay! You think I won’t find you? When I find you, I’ll rip
you apart, you swine! Such perverts! They’re calling women at
home&talking sleaze! – What is it, Thomas Chettan?
– Leave it. Didn’t you order anything? So Easter&Vishu – the money made from
these 2 days is around 2.75 Iakhs. I’ll get two dealers
in Thorappankavala. So, we’ll continue this
on Saturdays&Sundays? Me&Parippu will take care of
chopping, weighing&selling. We will get 2 Bengalis
to work at the Nayathodu stall. If so, we can make
one Iakh per week. – Right Bheeman?
– Yes! Toddy! That’s a good deal! Beef, – What about rabbit meat?
– There was only one plate left. Those kids took that. They said
they ordered rabbit meat first. Who are those guys? Crap! I was really
craving for rabbit meat! You want it?
Huh? Come! Leave it man! They must
be some wayward kids! We can’t allow such bullshit!
Who are these kids? Kids, you don’t have to
eat rabbit meat today. Let us eat it. We want
to see if it’ll digest! Get lost! Get lost!
Get out of here! Get lost! Shashi, who are these kids? That guy who got kicked
is Appani Ravi’s brother-in-law, Sijo!Great’.!‘The one sitting in middle
is Koluthu Jaison’ ‘The third guy is
Vedimara Anees’ Bro, come. We have to go to the toddy shop.
– Why? That Pepe from Palliyangadi kicked
me unnecessarily. I want to hit him! – What is it? Move! Move, I say! – Ravi Chetta,
– What’s the matter?Chem, we ordered
rabbit meat first.
And when they came & took it from
our table, Sijo held his hand. Then that Pepe from
Palliyangadi came&kicked him. Leave it! They buy pork from
us for 4-5 Iakhs every week! If you get kicked, will you stay quiet?
I got kicked! We don’t need any business with them.
If you can’t, I’ll hit them! Can’t you understand? We’re here to decide what to do. You&your bloody rabbit meat! Go back home, you scoundrel! We’ll take care of him.
You can go! Come here! He’s our brother-in-law. If I come to know that you took
him for such silly matters again,I willsmash you into pulp! Got it? Leave! These three have started
peddling drugs. And I heard that they’re the ones
snatching chains on bikes in Athani. The current S.l ofAluva is Shahul Hameed. He’s a terror! He hits you even
before you can utter a word! – Namaste Sir.
– Sit down, Thomas. Tell me. Sir, these guys did it unknowingly
because they were drunk. What? My dear Joy Chetta! Joy Chetta! Who’s this broad? She was this dead guy’s mistress. His actual wife&kid
are standing there. This a-hole threw those poor things
out of the house for this whore. Condolences
Joy Thomas (35) Don’t take him away!
Joy!! Joy!! Don’t take him away! – Hold it!
– Towards this side. Put his hands inside the coffin. Why are you taking
the towel away? What torture is this? Try&keep it inside somehow. Jose, what are you doing? Someone please come&help us! Move away!
Let’s see! Sm ash it!
Now close it! Keep the box inside now! They unknowingly broke a dead
body’s arms because they were drunk? If I get them for
such cases hereafter, they won’t be able to work anymore.
I’ll smash them to pulp! Sir, we’ve started a
small pork business. These guys are the ones
who chop the meat. They are just getting better. This won’t happen again.
I can guarantee that. When you guarantee something to
me, think really well about it, Thomas. I know that, Sir. Get out! Okay Sir.“W Pew.!When did you come, Lichi? Around 15 minutes back. – Pepe is here.
– Doing well, Aunt Mary? Yes, son. Why is your face
looking so tired? No! That’s because he is
going to the gym. Everyday, he goes around
this time to the ‘gym’. Oh! He’s going to the gym?
That’s good! – How many pegs did you have?
– Keep quiet, Lichi! If mom hears you,
she’ll shout at me! I’ll go wash my face&come.
Lot of dust on the way. Move, Lichi! Wash your face well!
There’ll be a lot of dust! I thought you would be coming
for Mother Mary’s festival. How come you came here suddenly? Linu had called me yesterday.
He didn’t say anything. He doesn’t have time to
move away from his wife. She doesn’t obey me at all! Always shouting back at me! I had told him back then
itself, not to marry that one! – But he didn’t listen!
– Shut up mom! Get lost!“W Pew.!We will be here from now on. We’ve started building
a house at Chem manur. I’ll call you if
I need anything! Shut up, Lichi! Linu had called me. We were the ones who laid
the foundation there. Mercy, come! And I keep going to that area to
collect fees for cable TV. So when you come there to
collect cable fees, come home. Yes, Lichi! Come here. Is there something we
can give them to eat? – There’s Vattayappam.
– Should I buy something from outside? And there’s beef curry as well. We can serve that together. And, you have food and come.
This won’t be enough for everyone. – So both of us will starve?
– Not us. You will starve. I’m dieting. I had food already. What’s the discussion
between brother&sister’? Hey! I was just telling her to
let you go only after lunch. I have to leave right now. I said I’ll be back quickly and
left in between a program. Shall I go? – What program is it?
– Keep quiet, Lichi. Move! Have food before leaving! See you later! Aunt Mary, see you later! Hey! Come back home on time!
Don’t be late! He drinks everyday.
With a bunch of loser friends. Pepe! I joined as HOD in IF Hospital. Really? Sakhi is my student. Which Sakhi? Don’t flirt around in
the hospital hereafter. One tight slap, I’ll give you! Are you serious about her?Rea” v? _ Yes! ‘Babuji Pig Farm’ ‘Arayckal Meat Super Market’ ‘Malayattoor Church Stall’ Pepe, things are not happening
according to what we agreed upon! What things? You stopped taking pork meat from
us&started bringing it directly. We let that go! You started doing business with
people we do wholesale with. Even then, we kept quiet. Now you’ve started a new deal. Selling it for 20
Rupees lesser than us. You better stop it! Not just that, you kicked my
brother-in-law out of the toddy shop. It’s not like I didn’t
know how to react to that. But I kept quiet because we were
doing business with each other. Move! Who do you think you are? Move! I think there’ll be
a huge fight today! Move! Thomas Chetta, I had
already told you back then that we needn’t have any deals
with these guys, who killed Babuji. You think we’re outsiders?
We’re also Angamalians! You think you’re the
kings ofAngamaly? Ravi, this is a business. We’ll sell it for a price which
we can make a profit from! You sell it for a price which you
can make a profit from! What say? Rajan, you better leave! Okay!
We’ll see! Rajan, get into the car! Hey! Move away! – Move away!
– You bloody.. Hey kiddo! This is a local bomb! You wouldn’t have seen this. You will not do wholesale, or retail, or whatever the fuck
you want to do! You heard me? Move away! Hey kiddo! I’ll make a couple
of them&send it with you. Why do you want to
learn how to make it? No Kunjootty. They threw a local bomb in the market
to show-off and went into hiding! If something happens again,
we should also be ready! That’s what. I’ll
come sit in the shop. What will you do in the shop? – I’ll be the cashier.
– What? As the cashier! That’s not necessary. Hey, you went in for a bath
right after your aunt, right? So who will take her
chain other than you? Give it back if you have
taken it, Kunjootty. There won’t be any case. My dear Sir, I’ve was involved in a few
fights&local bomb cases in Palliyangadi. I’ve only been involved
in cases with a standard. But this Kunjootty won’t
do such lame things, Sir. I don’t steal stuff, Sir. – I asked you decently a couple of times.
– Sir, he has taken the chain! I won’t be asking in
the same way anymore! Sir, I haven’t taken it! Admit it if you’ve taken it! How do I admit if I’ve
not taken it, Sir? They’re from the Crime Branch. Try questioning him! – How is David Sir? Sir, shall we question him? Try! Come here.
Let me ask you something. We’re going to hang
you on this thing. You better tell the truth. Have you taken that chain? Yes sir. I’ve taken it. You won’t tell the truth
if we ask you, is it? – Phew!
– What’s this for? The rock pieces on the
outer side would be damp. That’s why we have to
pick a piece from inside. Only then, there will be ‘sparking’! ‘sparking’! Don’t make it really tight. If it’s really tight, it will explode in
your hands itself! Why are you hugging the tree? I am in love with this tree! Our wedding is on the 16th. Come with your grandma! My dear Kanakuna, if this explodes right now, only my hands would be damaged! Or else, my face” and
everything else will be wrecked! Got it, Kan Kun? See this. There are three. This is enough. Even if it falls on the floor, it
will be a huge explosion! Be careful! – That’s okay! We’ll be careful!
– Give it to me. Leave it. Why? You just be there with this stuff. – It’s okay, Bheeman.
– What’s okay? If it explodes while it’s with
you, I’ll be blamed for that too! Carry on! I’ll come there! Okay Kunjootty.
We’ll see you there. What will the neighbours say
if they know this, my dear? That too, before we’ve even
considered an alliance. Did I know that they’re
going to come here? – Shut up! What have you studied, Pepe? I was doing BA History.
I haven’t cleared the course. I also did BA History.
I didn’t clear it too! What are you doing right now? I had a cable TV business.
But I stopped it. Now I have a pork business
along with friends. No one would believe over here. But in Germany, pork
carving is a degree course. It’s a good job! Aunty, where’s the washroom? There! Go there! It’s over there. It’s over there. Leave me! – Why is everyone so stunned?
– We came for a casual visit. We just dropped by after Church. What’s your daughter doing? – I’m doing B.Com.
– Nice! Hey dude! Is it like this in Germany too? I heard pork business is
a dignified job there? What do they teach in this
pork carving degree? Parippu, I’ll tell you! In Germany, pork carving
is just a decent job. But in Angamaly, pork carving
is a highly respectable job! – Hey Bheeman! If they have come home, things
would get finalized soon, right? – It might get fixed soon, man!
– All right? Bheeman, I think his wedding
will happen before yours. – That’s okay. Let it happen!
– My fate is sealed! Don’t say this to everyone. It won’t take much time for
a wedding to be called off. The people of your street
are famous for that! But who will say
anything bad about me? Ya right! No one will say anything! They just give fake smiles
when they see you, Pepe. A couple of my weddings were called
off, because they said I’m a thief! That’s true, right? As if you’re all perfect gentlemen! Even though we’ve caused so
much trouble in Angamaly, have we been in a police case so far?
Have we? No! We just want to chill happily, hogging some
pork meat and having a couple of drinks. Got it?
Huh? See if the guy who went
to get the stuff is back! Your bloody pig farm!
Take it down! I think it’s them!
Come! Move away! Stop it! Thomas, you want to send
these guys to jail again? We’ll decide who will
go to jail, later. You came into this field by keeping
a knife on Mathan’s throat. Don’t talktoo much! Raj-a”, keep quiet! Come here! Get your car&get lost from here!
You&your bloody business! Get lost from here! Let me see how you
do business here! Bring him here! I told them that they should
do business properly! Your bloody business! You better stop it! Thomas, leave me! Come here! – Come here!
– Leave me! Leave me! Take all of this&
get lost from here! What is this? Thomas, this business
won’t happen here! Sabu, everyone is doing
business to make more money! The meat they’re getting for
75, is sold to us for 130. When we enquired, we were told that we’ll
get it for 75, if we take 2 loads! So after our requirement, we can
sell the rest on wholesale, right? And they are not the ones who’ll decide
what price we should sell it for! You’re selling it for 20
Rupees lesser than them. And you’re selling it
to their customers. Can we do business to
help them flourish? Notjust that, they’re even throwing
local bombs for silly things! That won’t work, Sabu. I wasn’t scaring you with the bomb.
There’s more to come! – Shut up! Thomas, how do we solve this problem? This is the problem. You can’t sell it for 20
Rupees lesser than their rate. This problem won’t
be solved otherwise. This is exactly the problem. – What?
– What? What are you staring
at, you pig? What will you do if I stare? Hit him! Catch him! Bheeman, throw stones! Him him! Hit him! Kunjootty, what are you waiting for? We’re not interested in
continuing this problem, Sabu. How much ever loads of pork comes to
Angamaly, it will all be sold easily! Will the problem be solved if we
sell it in the same rate as yours? – Yes.
– Ravi should say that. Rajah? – Is that okay, dude?
– Ya. Then we’ll have a couple of 10mls, Someone threw a bomb! Move! Varkey, go! Catch them!
Don’t let them go! Run! Stop there, you! Pepe, catch him! Stop right there! Don’t leave him, Varkey! Pepe, kick him! You Pig! Kick him! Kunjootty, throw the bomb! Run for your
lives, you pigs! – Varkey!
– Sabu, hold them!Kunflootty, some fast’.!Give me the bomb! I’ll throw it!
I’ll throw it, Pepe! No: Finish him! Kick him to death! I’ll throw it! I’ll throw it! Pepe, don’t throw it! Pepe, no! Throw it on the wall! Dude, even though we’ve caused
so much trouble in Angamaly, have we been in a police case so far?
Have we? No! INTERMISSION‘Me, Kama Kuna, Paflppu and Kunflootty were
remanded far A5 days far knees’ murder’
‘We stopped bringing pigs
to the farm for the time being’ ‘The lawyer said that it won’t
be easy to get acquitted from the case, because Maramkothi is going
to be the prime witness’ Angamaly Police Station ‘We have to go to the station
daily&sign the register’ This Anees was part of a
gang of thugs from Vedimara. And to make matters worse,
he has a lot of cousins. What were the names of
those kids from Vedimara? Some kids called
Abu, Libu and all. Sir, what do we do now? You needn’t do anything.
They will do everything! Move away! If you walk around proudly saying
that you killed him with a bomb, your asses will be soiled! It’s not my job to sweep
your bodies off the street! So, if you’re careful, it
will be better for you. But if you try to show off,
I’ll rip you apart! Got it? (in Hindi) It’s made of iron.
Keep it inside an oiled cloth. It’s an iron gun. It should be
kept covered in an oiled cloth. This is made of brass. This
is not that difficult to use. I don’t think Rajan&Ravi will have any
problem because Vedimara Anees died. But the only problem is that, his brother-in-law will
give a witness statement. If we want him to shut up,
we need Ravi’s help! I’m really hungry. I didn’t eat
anything in the morning. That’s why! What about his family, Suresh? I enquired about them. There’s an aged mother, and a sister who’s
studying in 8th or 9th. We might have to
give them something. But that’s not the problem. He has a few cousins. They’re not the type of guys
who would listen to us. Even if we have to deal
with them, we need Ravi. How do we talk to them? Let me meet Ravi first. And let me hear
what he has to say. After that, I’ll arrange
a meeting between us. Even if that doesn’t happen, you don’t worry! There
are other options as well! There are other options! Have some tea. – Why did you call me Lichi?
– Why aren’t you picking up Sakhi’s calls? Listen, she is not like the
other students in class. She is a girl with quality. Whatever it is, talk to
her and clear it out! What do I tell her? Go meet her. I’ve brought
her out from class. Go! Why didn’t you pick up my calls, Pepe?
I called so many times! I was busy with that case. And I didn’t have my phone with me. – Did your parents go back?
– Yes.Your father has some, fight’?– Yes.
– When is he going back? No. He is not going back again. Sir, what do you want? One coffee.
I don’t want anything. Pepe. What should I do now? If you ask me what you should
do, what do I tell you? My parents are asking me to
stop my course&go back. Why are you stopping
your course? You studied so hard, right? Sakhi, I’m the prime accused
in a murder case. Understand that first. Hereafter, it won’t be a
life like we imagined. I met your parents, right? We can’t blame them as well! Not just them, no parent in this world would get their
daughter married to a guy like me. So, think really well
and take a decision. Think practically. Sakhi, Leave only after
completing your course. I’ll talk to your Papa
if you want me to. I will be busy with
that case from now on. And my phone might
not be with me. I don’t know when we would
be able to meet again. Pepe, are we.. Are you saying that we
should break up, Pepe? Don’t cry.
People are watching! Have your coffee.
I’m leaving. I brought her out from the
class to talk to you. And this is what you told her? – What should I tell her, Lichi?
– Lower your voice! What should I tell her? Should I tell her that I didn’t
throw the bomb to kill him, and the bomb killed him
when he slipped from the wall? Or should I ask her to wait for me
until I finish my time in jail? Tell me! – Is it over’?
– Yes. Tell me Lichi! Even I am sad about it. Some things are like that. Lichi, there are
witnesses for this case. I’ll surely go to jail. Shall I leave? ‘Hey tea-maker, your tea
doesn’t have sugar’ ‘Hey tea-maker, your tea
doesn’t have sugar’ ‘The water isn’t hot, and
there’s very little tea powder’ ‘Not even a little sugar,
I won’t pay a penny’ (continues singing) – What is it, man?
– Nothing. Catch them, Valkey! Stop there! Catch that pig! Come! Come fast! Catch them! This way!
This way! Stop there, you! Dude, open the door! Give me the cig.
One minute. I’ll tell you! Hey! Did you do it? I hit him, brother. But it was a miss! Othenlvise, he would’ve
been finished. I should be blamed for
sending you to do it! Bloody hell! Hey, wake him up! We’re not safe here anymore. Come! Let’s go! Who is it? What’s happening here? This is Abu. Anees’ cousin. – You bloody..
– Hey Ravi.. Abu, we’ll do the work in Angamaly!
Got it? If you&your kids come to Angamaly&do
what you want, we’re not here to suck up! The dealings here are different.
You won’t understand that! Majeed, switch of the TV!
Bloody! Ravi, he killed our darling! Just give us the job, we’ll
finish him&escape from here. Put that on hold!
Tell him! It’s nothing else.
Their lawyer had called us. If we compromise the case,
they will give us some money. You can give it to Anees’
family or keep it yourself. We don’t want his money. Let
him give that to his family. But we will finish him! That you can do as you please! But you can’t do that in Angamaly. Notjust that, he shouldn’t
be involved in it. Got it? Leave the room!
Everyone, get going! Which room are the
guys from Vedimara in? – Vedimara?
– Tell me you pig! 307. Come! – It’s upstairs!
– Go up! Ravi, I heard you gave the job
of killing us to these guys? We don’t give the job to anyone else!
We do it ourselves! Kill him! I’ll shoot you, you bloody! Move! Move away! We came for a compromise talk
because your lawyer had called us. And not to plan your funeral. You and your bloody gun!
Take him away from here! Don’t try to show off in
Angamaly, you sons of bitches! Come to our street, you losers! Pepe. You saw this, kiddo? Even we have this stuff with us. We’ll talk about the
rest to the lawyer. Get going! Come! Ask your dad to write that property
near Mullassery Canal in my name! Ya right! You wish! Don’t dream about
getting any of that! Marry me without any of that in mind!
Or look for someone else! Then I’ll do that, Pepe! I’ll punch you in your stomach! Keep calm, Alice! Leave my hand! It’s paining! Calm down! Hey! Calm down, man! Why are you acting like kids? – Are you getting down here?
– Stop near that cross. Enough with that sad face.
Get down! Get down, Alice.
We have a lot of other things to do. Shall I leave? – I have to invite some people here.
– So you’ve started inviting? What do I say! I just
want to get it over with! So I’m not inviting you separately, Lichi.
Be there on the previous day itself. Lichi, you should come. You can have dinner with some yummy
mango curry, meat and raw banana. So there’s no booze? Do you booze? What a question! Then I’ll also drink!As if you don”: think otherwise.Alice, keep quiet. We’re leaving! You
keep fighting! If you’re like this before marriage,
how will you be after marriage? Lichi, do you really drink? Why?
I shouldn’t drink? Hey! I was just asking! Hey. Did Sakhi call you? No. She went back to Germany. So what about her course? That’s okay! Classes are almost complete. She just has to come
to write the exams. She said she would come
back to write the exams. Lunch, right? Lunch will have Boiled
Karimeen (Pearl Spot fish), Mutton Stew, Appam, Beef and
we’ll cook pork as well. Then rice, mango curry, Sarlaas,
pickles, will that be all? Ya! Fine! Hey! Did you send Appam&Stew
to Andrew’s house? – Yes. Brother, won’t there be
any vegetarian dishes? Vegetarian item s? If you want vegetarian items, we’ll add potato to the chicken curry, and raw banana to beef; and in pork, we can always
add Chinese potato! – Not that, brother.
– Then what? Like cabbage dish,
stir fried vegetables, etc. – Don’t you have such items?
– We’ll get that done! So I’ll call you, brother! – Okay then!
– Okay! Which Angamalian would eat stir fried
vegetables and cabbage dishes? It’s me, Pepe. Tell me Suresh Chetta. Okay. I’ll be there. No. They will be there.
I’ll tell them. Okay. So Rajan, tell me. What can we do about this? The dead guy is long gone! Moreover; he wasn’t a temple
priest or a Father in a Church, right? So, leave that. And your brother-in-law shouldn’t
give his witness statement. Also, there shouldn’t be any problems between
you guys in the future because of this. So considering all this, tell me what you
have in mind, Rajan. – Right?
– Yes. We can solve this problem
if we get Rs.35 Iakhs. Thomas? 35 lakhs?
Suresh Sir, this is.. 35 Iakhs is too much, Rajan. Think about it again. It is a fair price, Sir. It isn’t for cutting a
finger or anything; It’s because he killed someone, right?
– I know! Moreover, Anees’ cousins came
here to finish him twice. Okay. If they are also paid
something, we’ll see. We’ll take care of them. Then why are we here? Come, Rajan! Sit down, Ravi.
Sit down! Sit down, please. You handle those
guys yourselves. But reduce something
from this 35. Thomas, let me talk” Sir..
– Where will they make all this money from? Sir, 30 Iakhs.
No more talks. What if they take the money
&attack us again? They won’t come. Are you sure that your brother-in-law
won’t be a witness against us? I’m sure, man! Sir, just call me when
they have made a decision! Come, Rajan! See you! Sir, this is not possible. This Kana Kuna&Parippu are
staying in a 3 cent colony. His dad is in Karnatakajustforthe
sake of it. He doesn’t have a penny! – And to get his sister married”
– Didn’t I ask you to wait? They’re going to sell that house
to get his sister married. This is about us. But we will have to pay at
least 5 Iakhs to them now. We can ask for some time
to pay the rest. We can pay it by the time the hearing
&judgement of the case happens. But if they ask for 5
Iakhs immediately. We have no other option, Pepe. Or else, you will
have to go to jail. Can you do that?
Huh? But Sir, didn’t you say that there are
other options if this doesn’t work? What option is that? – When did I say that?
– Last time we met. Oh, that? We lawyers say that
for effect, Thomas! There’s no other option! This is the only
practical option. Because it’s a murder case. And the other options
are all twisted. They are still going strong because
they killed Babuji long back, right? You are the accused in
a bomb case, right? So should I tell YOU guys
what should be done? Sir! Sir, he has come from Thodupuzha. There goes the car.
Speed up! Overtake!Ku “potty, drive fasted!Isn’t it a blue ‘Polo’ car? I swear on my mother.
This is the car! – Isn’t this the one?
– Blue Polo! I’m 100% sure! Pull over! Come! Come! Get the money! Go! Go! Gosh! Don’t do anything to us! This is not that car.
This is someone else! Didn’t you check properly? I have a small doubt if the
car was blue or green. Run! Get in! Dude, the douchebag who’s coming now is screwing the wife of the guy who
gave us this job, back in Australia. Nothing can be done over there. Or else, who will give 1.5 Iakhs
to beat up someone? – I was also wondering about it!
– So this was the case? Hey! Hey! He’s coming! Kunjootty, you hit him! I will do something dangerous! Don’t worry! Hit him! Then you hit him! Someone hit him! You go&hit him! – We will pray first.
– Pray? Go hit him! – Dude, decide fast. He will get away!
– Move! – Brother, one minute.
– What? – Do you know him?
– No. I don’t. Hit him! – What happened?
– I think something has happened to him! – Bheeman, he’s having a seizure!
– Run!! Brother, nothing has happened to you!
Don’t worry! ‘So both the plans to make some
easy money nicely went for a toss’Thomas Chem’.!Get out of here, you scoundrel! – What’s the problem, Thomas?
– I’ll kill you if I see you again! What’s the problem? What do you think you’re doing?
Move! You want to loot people,
beat them up&make money? So you haven’t had enough? What are you saying? Then kill that
‘Wood pecker’ Sijo as well! Then there won’t be a
case or a witness! Things will be easy! Then what should we
do, Thomas Chetta? If he gives a statement, we’ll
have to go to jail for 12 years. I can’t be at peace at home. My sister isn’t married yet. I am going Crazy! I will do something drastic! Ravi&Rajan used to organize
poker games in Angamaly town. But after that bomb blast,
they haven’t been doing it. Do you understand
what I’m saying? There are many who
are ready to play. But there’s no one to
organize the game. I’ll arrange a place for you! Just try organizing it. Keep this money. I don’t want money
for my son’s death! Keep this! I’ll tell her! – Chem ban, aren’t you
acting in movies now? No dude, I’m doing masonry now! Okay then! Having fun, right? How dare you romance a
girl from our family? Men will romance women, you bloody! – Mom, it’s him! He’s calling again! – Who is it?
– That pervert! Don’t you have any other job?
Shut up! Mangalasshery Neelakantan style!
(movie character) I kidnapped this whole team! Come on boys!
Bring it on! One. Two. Why are you acting like
a kid, Lichi? – Huh?
– Five. Oh God! Why did you drink if
you can’t handle it? Did something happen? Why are you smiling, Lichi? Nothing. Stop smiling and tell me what it is.
Don’t tease me! Will you tell the truth
if I ask you something? What truth? – Will you tell the truth?
– Yes. You romanced that Sakhi to get married
to her&escape to Germany, right? Initially, it was for that. Sometime later it
became serious. Why are we talking about all that now?
Leave that topic! By the way, you’re
considering only Germany? No way!
Nothing like that! If someone is okay after
knowing everything about me, I don’t mind China, Russia,
Japan or wherever the hell. But sir, would you be interested
in small countries like Dubai? – Dubai?
– Yes! Ya. I’ll think about it! – Where are you going with this booty?
– Get lost you fu.. Scoundrels! Shall I propose a wedding
alliance for you? Are you serious, Lichi? Yes dude! Who’s the girl? Is it someone working with you? It’s someone I know. After the Sakhi episode, I haven’t
thought about such things. Right now things are
going smoothly. I don’t know what will
happen in the future. As soon as that case is settled,
I have to leave from here. If I stay here any longer,
it won’t be right. So if someone is interested after
knowing all this about me, we can think about it! You don’t have any problem
in getting married, right? What’s the time? 2.30 Come here, Lichi. We have to go early in the morning.
Walk fast! Do you have a photo of
that girl in your mobile? Don’t hurry! I’ll
show you all that. Lichi, go sleep upstairs.
Mercy is over there. – Okay!
– Okay then! Close the door. I’m leaving. Hey, I can’t find the
switch for the light! Let me see. – Who is it? Lichi?
– It’s me! Why are you prowling
around here? I was looking for
the switch. It’s 2 in the morning.
Come, Lichi. Let’s sleep. Chetta, don’t forget the jasmine
flowers in the morning! – OK Hey! Did you understand
who the girl is, now? Think about it really
well &tell me. Stop grinning&go sleep! I’m leaving.
I’m not getting a good hand. Hey ‘Wood pecker’, dude! Dude, look! I think they’re our
new neighbours. Parippu, open the gate! I hope there are nice aunties
whom we can ogle at! Not ordinary aunties.
Aunties with daughters! – Which building?
– The very next building! Run! Kana Kuna, run!
Police! Run! Escape!
The Police are here! Get the money&run! No need of any tussle. Don’t run as well! If you run,
you’ll get pounded real bad. Come & get in the jeep! Go! Get in! Come! Screwed with a capital F! I had to do it now, since you
didn’t do this when you had to. He just got out after
a murder case, rig ht? He’s planning to make a new
underworld in Angamaly. Sir, to com promise the bomb case. You shut up! I’m not here to support
the frauds in Angamaly. If I catch him again
in such cases, Sir, It won’t happen again, Sir. You may go! Get lost! Go! Call them right now! Our guy’s name is Sijo. The guy along with him is Jaison. Sabu, Hi! – SI is calling you!
– Ravi! – I think Sabu is up to something. Sabu, I’ve told you many times not to
come to me for such thugs&gamblers! Sir, didn’t you get a call
from the SP’s office? Then you get this done at SP’s office!
Get up you bastard! Sir, talk decently. What decency should I show you? You know what these guys&that
dead Vedimara Anees were up to? Chain-snatching&drug peddling! He will get remanded in this case. Both of them are saying
that he doesn’t know anything! So if you come here again with such
cases, I’ll hang you upside down! I’ll face the SP later!
Take him&get lost! Hey! I’ll catch you&your
brother-in-law soon enough! Take him&get lost! Get out! Ravi, it’s true that
we have a good bond. But don’t call me ever again for
any of his cases! I won’t come! Even if that puts an end to our bond! – I can’t lose my honour!
– Sabu! – Listen to me!
– I don’t wanna hear anything! Get in! You bloody!I willkill him &throw
him on the railway track! What are you doing, Ravi? We’re at the police station!
Get in, you bloody! Get inside! Keep the tool inside. Move! Hey! You better shut up! Understood? I let this parasite stay here all these
years because of these tears of yours! And now because of him, I
can’t show my face outside! Either I will kill him; or else,you learn to stay
in this house properly! Properly! – Got it?
– Don’t hurt him! What the hell are you looking at?
Go inside!“Av Sm!If both brother&sister
want to leave my house, go wherever you want. Got it? You’ll get some money from Anees’ case.
Take that&go wherever you want! – Why did you marry me then?
– Shut up! But my child will stay here! Shut up, you hag!
Get lost! Ravi, calm down! Go outside. Mom, go inside. – Chechi, go inside.
– Come, dear. Make the child stop crying. Do you understand?
Stay here properly. Or else, he wouldn’t have to kill you.
I will kill you! Got it? Kana Kuna&Parippu said that
they will arrange some money. Around.. 2-3 Iakhs. They will have only that much.
I know. And, I’ve asked Lichi
for some money. She said she’ll give me. All that won’t be enough, son. What should be done, Thomas? Everyone took my son along for everything
and finally, he landed in a trap!What are you saying,
Tresya Check“?
When there’s a problem, we’re the
only ones who came to help, right? Don’t you have 4 – 5 brothers? Did anyone say that they’ll
sell 5 cents&give the money? When it comes to matters of money,
everyone will disappear. I have a deposit of
5 Iakhs in KSFE. I’ll get you that. And these guys have promised
to arrange some money! – I didn’t mean that, Thomas.
– Keep quiet, mom! If we keep talking like this, this
guy would go to jail for12 years. Find a way out quickly! For the rest, There’s a property of 5
cents in my name, right? We’ll sell it! What
else can we do now? But what will we have when
it is time for her wedding? Get me married only to someone
who doesn’t ask for money! – Keep quiet.
– I’ll say it! That’s not the main problem here.
Get my brother out first. Are you happy now that we’re
going to sell our house? You were saying you won’t take
the money&now you took it? Dude, we took the money.. Whatever your reason maybe, you
shouldn’t have taken the money! If you can’t help us, tell me.
We’ll do it ourselves. You fool! We took the money
for his family’s needs! You listen to me for the time being.
Do what his lawyer is asking you. Say that you didn’t see it. And should we watch him walking
around freely? Come, Jaison! The guy who died was
our best friend! You thought we’re getting
that guy out to let him grow? You get the money from them. Let him get out of this case. We will finish him! We will finish him
in Angamaly itself! Got it? Have your tea! Go! “Woodpecker’ Sijo Sijo&Koluthu Jaison
changed their statements’ ‘And the court acquitted us’ ‘We’ve promised to pay the rest of the
money as soon as we sell the property’ ‘When that’s done, this problem
will be solved forever’ ‘2 weeks after thejudgement,
I got married to Lichi’ ‘A small function at
the register office’ ‘2 months after ourwedding, she packed
some sweets and went back to the Gulf’ ‘She said she will
send my VISA soon’ Aren’t you ashamed to collect money
wearing all those fancy dress costumes? It’s a tradition since
the time of our big brothers. We’re not shameful about that! And, when are you paying the money? We’ve asked them to come to the
lawyer’s place tomorrow morning. My dear Bheeman, Don’t let him roam around there anymore.
Send that guy here! – I promise!
– You should send him soon. I have to go to Velankanny with
my parents after the festival. After that, I’ll come flying there! There’s that faggot who has a
ladies store in Mukkannur, right? Who’) Th .. ‘ at Shaqappan? Yes! Pepe, come here. We’re bursting crackers here. – Let me go.
– Call me when you’re free. Okay! There’s a loser who calls my daughter
&says vulgar stuff, right? – I’ve found him!
– Who is it? That Shaijappan who
has a lady store! But when we’re about to
settle everything tomorrow, Thomas Chetta, we can’t
let this go easily. We have to burst crackers in that
pig’s ass during this festival! Come, Thomas Chettan! I was waiting to hit someone
during the festival! – Get that.
– That one? Here VOu go! – Shall we go?
– Ya. – That one!
– That one? Come here, you! You will talk nonsense to girls? Don’t do anything! Kick him! Don’t hit me!Thomas Chem, CCTV’.!Dude, there’s a camera here. Come! Let’s go! I won’t be satisfied if I
don’t give one kick at least! Try calling again! Shaijuetta, did
something happen to you? Ravi, all the problems between
you are solved now, with this. Hereafter, there shouldn’t be any fights
between you guys because of this. And you will pay those
guys their share, right? We’ll pay them. They are
waiting downstairs. – Okay Sir. We’re leaving.
– Bye! We’re also leaving. We have to do the
tableau after this. It’s the festival, right?Raflan,Dude, we’re not doing that
pork business anymore. Varkey will have a couple of stalls. So discuss with Valkey
&proceed accordingly. And, I’m going to
Dubai next month. My wife is there, right? I can’t stay here anymore. Did you get a job there? No! I have to find one
after I get there. That James is in Dubai, right?
Why don’t you call him? Ravi, come to Pepe’s house during the
procession in the evening. Let me see. We’ll have a couple of
10 mls&pork meat. Yes! We’ll see! – Okay! Bye!
‘ okay! Bye then! Here! It’s the festival, right?
Have fun! Ya! Dude, did you get the money? Ya. So what’s the plan? We’ll finish him! Then come, get in! Come! They will be at Chettungal Bar after this.
We’ll get them there! Which is the team? Those guys at the counter! Come! Too many people now. Now we can’t do it here. Let it get dark.
Let the procession begin! The procession has started! Start lighting the firecrackers! Get the crackers! Get them fast! Hey, one at a time!
Light one cracker at a time! Don’t drop it! – Pass it!
– Don’t drop it, brother! Be careful! Light it! Bheeman, come home! We’ll have a couple of drinks. – Yea?
– We’ll come back for the finale. Hop on! – Are you coming?
– You carry on! Move away, chechi! Chechi, make some way! Are you gossiping in
the middle of the road? Move, auflty! Where are you off to? Vaikey is fighting with someone!Thomas Chem, stop’.!What is this? Who is he to decide if I should
mix my drink with water or soda? Go inside! He took our girl away from us! Take him away, or I’ll kick his ass! I don’t care if he’s your uncle! Go away!
Take him away! He’s been on my nerves
since the wedding! I will do whatever I want with her!
Who are you to ask? Varkey, com e! You better behave when you’re drunk! Isn’t he an old man? I haven’t even had a drink yet! Don’t fight during the festival! He was getting on my nerves! Let it be! Don’t you know that
he’s a troublesome fellow? Aren’t you ashamed to
fight with old men? – Alice, go home!
– He should know his limits while drinking! Alice, go home! It’s the first festival
after your wedding! Uncle, pour me a drink! I have fixed it.
Come! Fighting for such a silly matter! How I struggled
to get rid of him! Have a drink! Give me a cigarette. Enough! Light a cigarette! I don’t want any more. Give it here. Chetta, let’s go home! The procession will
reach home soon! Come, Thomas Chettan! We’ll come back soon! We’ll be right back. Try your best to avoid such unwanted
troubles during the festival. – Hey! We’ll be back!
– That’s all! Hey! Don’t get sloshed! I’ve had only 3 drinks!
I’m not sloshed! What were you doing then? Sheela Chechi, didn’t you
join the procession? Rajah! Did you drink? Did you drink? We had one each. Bheeman, let’s go home!Kunfloofly, Way’-!Valkey, we’ll drink at my house! – Let’s have a couple of quick shots!
– Mom will be furious! Enough! Dude, it’s been such a
long time since I saw you! (singing a Tamil folk song) Hey guys! Let’s go home!
Mom will be back now! Rajan, come home! Get lost Pepe! This
Kunjootty is always alone! Kunjootty, I will come back!I willcome!
Definitely! Come! Where’s Ravi? Where? – He’s over there!
– Call him! You started drinking as soon as
you got the money in the morning? My dear! You little devil! – He’s outside the house!
– Outside which house? Ravi, you millionaire!
Come! I have my child with me! – I’ll give her to my wife and come!
– You come! Come! – He’s sloshed, Thomas!
– I’m not sloshed! My wife is at the procession!
Let me give my kid to her. Thomas Chetta, let
me give you a kiss! Who’s that?
The little millionaire? Come on! Hey, come here! What are you doing here? Come,
let’s have a couple of drinks! I’m not coming!
You carry on! Come, have a drink&go! No! You guys carry on! – Come, dude!
– I’ll come later. What’s wrong with you?
– Come fast! You wait here.
I’ll be back. Go! I’ve heated the curries &
kept them in the kitchen. – Go home with our daughter!
– I’ll go! Come fast!
Let’s start drinking! Pour the drinks! Thomas, take him inside. – I’m not sloshed!
– Go inside! What is this?
I’m not drunk! I don’t lie! This is a great set-up! Pour a drink, Bheeman! Drink it, dear! Did you spend those 30 Iakhs? Everything is settled, right?
That’s enough! We’ve paid everyone and
settled everything! – Don’t waste that money!
– Who is wasting it? We paid ‘Wood pecker’&
Jaison their share. What? What’s happening? What? – Do you know how much they got?
– How much? 30 Iakhs! – And how much did they give us?
– 4 Iakhs! Slipped out because he’s drunk! They killed our best friend & tried
to settle us for this meager amount! I don’t care if he’s my brother-in-law!
Let’s finish all of them! Come! Move away! I will take a leak&come.
Where’s the bathroom? – Over there!
– I’m also coming! I also want to pee! You bloody pig! Hey! Come fast! He stabbed Ravi! Run! Varkey, catch him! Pepe, catch him! Move!
Move away! Move away! Move! Parippu, catch him! Catch him!
Don’t let him go! Where are you, you bastard? ‘6 months after Appani Ravi
&Woodpecker’ Sijo died, Angamaly became peaceful again’ ‘I leftAngamaly’ ‘For the past 2 years, I’ve
been here with Lichi’ Ya. I’m done, dear. I’m leaving now. ‘Everyone from Palliyangadi
team is doing well’ ‘After the Sunday mass, all of them would call me while
hanging out at Sebatti’s saloon’ ‘2.5 hours ahead from here, Angamaly
would still be going ahead happily’ ‘Hogging pork meat, and having a couple of
drinks in the evening; everyone would be
chilling nicely!’^.^.^.^.subtitles by.^.^.^.^
®Sud_Arun collections®

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