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  1. Please make division 2 multiplayer more accessible to Lone Wolf's always get ganged up on. By 4 people and make it where no one can kill you unless your Rogue or carry contaminated gear it's so irritating dying every 10 seconds and you're only there for daily or weekly missions we're looking for certain guns like the D50 pisses me off add an option to toggle PVP or PVE in the dark Zone or single agents no grouping up make another dark Zone or make one of the three with that option please too many Twitch TV players with 15 people with them.

  2. Disliked because a Metro Exodus scenario is being pulled with Anno 1800. This game is up for preorder on Steam yet it's going to be a Epic store exclusive. Wtf is wrong with you people?

  3. Played the beta a bit, loved it. But I did quit after 5 min… y'know why? Because I want to keep my save! xD Finally back to the roots! Such a 1404 feel. Love it.

  4. >epic store exclusive
    >anno 2205 is still a a mess (massive memory leak causing whole systemm slowdown after 15 min of play)
    >is a anon 2070 reskin

    humble bundle bargain bin it is.

  5. Reminder: They would never put 'bad reviews' in this video… so it's extremely biased and only shows good reviews…

  6. Played beta and so hyped for this. Im said tho that there are no land troops/police for riots and economy bar for each class of people. Loved it when i could tax farmers rly high bcauz they had everything they needed

  7. Epic games store was made to silence negative comments and feedback from gamers. Its pure corporate greed and any developer or publisher that does an exclusivity deal with epic games will be boycotted by me.

  8. This comment section is even dumber than a Flat Earth channel video talking about aliens administering autism causing vaccines to gay frogs.

    Anno. Is. Not. An. Epic. Game. Store. Exclusive.

    Anyone who thinks that Ubisoft is not selling the game that they made on the store that *they run*… I don't even know what to say. I really don't. That's a level of 'dumb' that's gone beyond anything that humanity has ever faced before. We actually have to come up with a new word to describe how incredibly fucking stupid gamers are in 2019. And no, that's not impressive. It's embarrassing.

    Humanity just took a picture of a black hole 55 million light years away and you "people" can't even wrap your heads around how games are sold on the internet that is at your very fingertips.

    The contrast is staggering.

  9. I will wait for the reviews instead of this fake reviews. the last delivery of Anno was a mess, and going epic exclusivity and have no reviews on your uplay store at this point raises suspections.

  10. ubisoft, quick important question? why are you showing no diversity in this game? there are no people of color in it, only white people! and why no option to build a mosque or a temple instead of a church? dont you think you should be more progressive? or do you despise minorities?

  11. Played it for 12 hours yesterday – only stopped because I had capped out my tech (the open beta is capped at artisan). It's a really, REALLY good game.

  12. Just bought it on Steam and loaded the Open Beta with Uplay. Absolutely stunning! Looks and feels truly next-gen, running flawless so far and I peeked at Afterburner and it's actually utilizing my whole system very effectively. Running i7-3770K @ 4.2 with a 1080Ti strix oc.

  13. ahh I wanted more space travel!!!!! I just download Anno 2205 it was awesome and I guess tomorrow I will download anno 1800

  14. Next assassin's creed game needs to feature a hidden blade in which we can use to achieve double assassinations ,cover between objects to avoid being spotted make use of stealth, please we are looking forward to this game and we hope it ticks all the right boxes I have stated right here and hopefully if it's set in the Vikings you can still have the option to wear a hood so we the gamers are truly an assasin in the game please please listen to this feedback to improve the game that your working and exceed our expectations ,looking forward to this game yours sincerely,memereview

  15. was looking forward to play this game. was not able to purchase the game until today. then found out they took it off of steam. stupid move on your part, wont be buying it now

  16. it looks like the sort of footage a mobile game studio would put on its facebook advert when the game is nothing like the footage

  17. If this game is close to CityVille then i am going to be getting it. i miss cityville i still can't believe they took it offline.

  18. I like city builders, and this looks to have good mechanics and a good era (industrial/colonial), this is intriguing.

  19. im planning on getting this game but jw is it similar to age of empires in any way and is it worth getting the deluxe edition. Im gonna bite the bullet but 49£ ffs better be worth it

  20. Yeah, Ubisoft, this is great and all but can you throw in some effort on Scott pilgrim for switch? Thanks!

  21. Art style: 10/10, it's beautiful
    Gameplay: 9/10, I felt overwhelmed at points during the Campaign, especially when going between new and old world.
    Performance: 8/10, I have a 1070 and i5 8600k, yet this game starts to run badly at around 4k pop. I had to greatly reduce graphics options for it to keep running smoothly, but then there's also the DirectX error which will sometimes pop up (and sometimes not). The game is very good in that it saves every 5 minutes though without lag or fps drop, so I'm not too worried as long as the DirectX bug doesn't happen more often than current (about once or twice per 10 hours /played).

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