Are you an Aggressive Forex trader?

Hi this is Artin Behdad and in this video
I’m going to talk about aggressive traders I’ve seen some people who trade a lot without
caring about their trading plan. They think they are aggressive because they
trade a lot. Yes, if you were a street fighter and you
punch a lot you could say I’m an aggressive street fighter but this is trading. This is forex trading. Even aggressive traders should follow their
trading plan and trade only based on their trading plan. But the difference is aggressive traders try
to get in the trend in the early point. The first signal that says trend want to start,
aggressive traders get in the trades… they handle the whiplash of losses and they gain
much more profit from big trends. Despite conservative traders try get in the
trend when the trend proved itself so, if you are an aggressive trader you still should
follow your trading plan.

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