Asian People Taste Test Trader Joe’s Asian Food

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  1. The woman who is Chinese was so against the food before she ate anything what;s the point? Panda Express? Give me a break.

  2. Vietnamese food is better than Panda express. Yes lots of good Vietnamese food does include Japanese, and Chinese food.

  3. Yeah from this we can conclude that people from different asian cultures have different perpectives about foods,so just lump us together…

  4. The Guy has no opinion of his own. He is easily swayed by his companion.

    His companion isnt walking into this with an open mind or palette. She discourages everything before she even taste them. Both of these points are evidenced by the back track on the bao.

    Relax… it ain't freshly made Asian food… it is frozen heat and serve food.

    The two girls are better.. more upbeat. The upbeat vibe made it easier for both of them to try the foods with an open palette and mind.

    FYI – Japanese fried rice often times comes with furikake which contains seaweed. Korean kimchi fried rice often times it topped with roasted and ground seaweed as well.

  5. Tbh I enjoyed that they all weren’t hating on the food, no matter your race different people have different standards

  6. As a Chinese-American I don't like the orange chicken but my mom does. People shouldn't expect authentic with the Trader Joe's food.. If it's convenient and it taste good then it gets to the point.

  7. The girl girl duo is a more realistic representation of how asians feel about trader Ming's food. Like it's good college Asian food. The Michelle girl seemed like she was trying hard. She didn't even know what nori is in the Japanese fried rice

  8. That guys is from “The Big Short” movie that play the chinese mathematician for “Jared Benette” that is played by Ryan Gosling.

  9. If Michelle and Stanley is couple I'll love to hear them talk about others behind peoples back, they make a perfect Disney stepmother and stepdad

  10. When I was pregnant my husband made that Trader Joe's fried rice. The smell made me sick, it smelled like boxed Latkes a little bit. I'm sure it tastes good but the smell was so potent I was airing the apt out all day.

  11. All this stuff looks more like Panda Express than real Asian food. I'm surprised they didn't review the Trader Joes Asian dumplings, which at least are tolerable.

  12. There should be a mandatory requirement for People that say "I cant even eat this" or "I wanna spit it out"…
    To submit video documentary of what they ACTUALLY EAT on daily basis.

    So we can decide if we can throw raw eggs on their spiteful ass together in unison

  13. If we are comparing horrible corporatized representations of Asian Cuisine why are we not giving happy wok credit where credit is do? Like Panda doesn’t even compare.

  14. 'That's not a thing you put in fried rice'
    Yes, because there is only one type of fried rice in the whole of asia.

    These people are Americans, not Asians.

  15. there is bunch of ways to make the food and people of different regions have specific methods by adding and eliminating ingredients to match with local people. Japanese fried rice is different from chinese version and there are people who dont drink tea meanswhile others drink everyday. Stop making yourself be so thoughtful even though you know nothing

  16. Bruh the 2 Asian Americans are trying extra hard to to show their Asianess. Food doesn't have to be completely authentic to be good. There are fusion restaurants that do great because of the care and attention the chefs put into the food. Creativity and experimentation is part of cooking and is what drives the culinary world. That being said there are also bad authentic food solely because the chef wasn't good.

  17. I really feel like the girl in the girl guy combo thinks all fried rice is the same. There’s other versions of a pretty basic meal🙄

  18. I'm from louisiana too! I wonder if he's from an area of louisiana near me so i can try his fam's restaurant??

  19. i’m kind of disappointed they left out the trader joe’s soup dumplings. they’re one of my favorite things to get at tj’s and my mom even likes them better than some dim sum places 😂

  20. If I was craving Asian food that badly, I'd would just make it from scratch. Most of these Asian dishes are quick and easy to make. Aside from the Bao since you have to make the dough and filling and those take at least an hour or more to make.

  21. Listen, quit being boujee y'all. I'm Mexican and my favorite memories growing up were from my Summer and Winter vacations when I would spend it in Mexico following my grandmother around as she made the most delicious, mouth-watering, authentic, savory food. However, I'm not about to turn my nose up in the air on the burritos and tacos and chillaquilles and guacamole Trader Joe's makes. Are they authentic? Hell no. But it's still good food. And decent quality. You all should be more like the girl Asian who enjoys Trader Joe's for what it is: loving life.

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