Automating image creation in e-commerce

At styleshoots we make a full range
of robotic studio automation machines. They are designed for the fashion
industry to create rapid content… for their e-commerce stores. That includes videos and photos
that go onto their product pages. So the customer can get a good
experience of what they are going to buy. When you look at stores and
online businesses today. New ranges and collections are
released almost every week. There is almost no time to capture
a good image of the product or to record it on video. Therefore our choice for
Canon was completely natural. They lead the industry in imaging technology. They have the best lenses and camera bodies. On top of that they have an SDK
that actually allows us to integrate this technology deep inside our software and machines. Without Canon’s SDK this whole thing would not be possible. To my knowlege, Canon is the only
one who has a robust SDK. That is both documented, supported, solid and runs over wire. So we can integrate it
into our Mac platform. And have a continuous
uninterupted connection with the camera. What happens when the user
taps the iPad. You take those coordinates from the iPad app trough
the Mac in the machine through the SDK to the Canon
camera and tell it to focus there. The Canon camera tells you it’s focussed. This goes back through the
iPad and the user gets the message. Focus is established.
And this happens in one second. We have a fantastic relationship with the Canon team. We are able to discuss our needs. And in some cases unlock some features. Or expand a bit on the SDK. So we can deliver the experience
that we want to our customers. Time to market with appropriate
and multichannel content is today the main challenge for this industry. Canon’s combination of hardware excellence
including full frame cameras and lenses Software Development Kits and industry understanding. Provides a pathway for easy
and high-level integration into our customer’s workflow. Introducing automation in
photo studios is often perceived as being limited in terms
of the user being creative. We claim the entire opposite of that. We can abstract the UI to give the user
only the information that they need at that moment. But the experience is as good as
having the camera in their hands. If the camera just works.
And the machine just works. People focus on being creative instead of troubleshooting.

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