BCIS 5379: Chapter 6: Mobile Commerce and Ubiquitous Computing

Welcome to BCIS 5379: Technology for E-Business.
This is Chapter 6: Mobile Commerce and Ubiquitous Computing. The learning objectives for this
chapter include the discussing the value-added attributes, benefits and drivers him or mobile
commerce will describe the mobile computing infrastructure that supports mobile commerce
devices, software and services that are added things of that nature four major types of
wireless telecommunication networks talk about mobile commerce applications and banking services
will describe enterprise applications. We’ll talk about consumer and personal applications
and commerce mobile commerce including entertainment, you should understand the technologies and
potential applications of location-based mobile commerce and talk about location-based mobile
commerce more detail in section may be a little bit less familiar some of you will define
and describe was computing and sensory networks finish up talking about major patient issues
from security privacy to barriers commerce. So what is mobile commerce sometimes and commerce
are in business is really any business activity conducted over a wireless communications network
or from mobile devices so typically will use our smart phones, portals, tablets to access
websites to waxes banking sites were were e-commerce sites to conduct business shop
things that nature some of the attributes of mobile commerce ubiquity networks everywhere
we had the ability to access virtually anywhere and obviously that leads to convenience convenient�
We access something from sitting on the couch or train station or the airport interactivity
were able to quickly and easily over to submit queries get feedback. These are just things
that interest interactive is a give-and-take relationship. Personalization hours were were
able to create or generate or consume content that is very personal in nature or sweet our
local weather we can find local movies that are currently occurring and purchase movie
tickets things that make lastly localization words were able to take advantage of the services
and goods and services that are near us again referring to things like weather so we were
tasked to illustrate the concept of mobile computing graphically might look something
like this in Exhibit 6.1 the landscape of mobile computing and commerce, while conceptually
it may be fairly easy and straight forward to visualize reality is backend. There’s an
awful lot things have to occur to be will make mobile computing so convenient, so ubiquitous,
so personalized and convenient. I was in there certain technical foundations. In other words,
the networking must occur 3G, Wi-Fi, etc. wireless networks, Internet standards, hardware
software is a lot that really goes into to be create a lot of those various capabilities
numbers attributes that were were used some of the drivers of those capabilities and those
attributes are really powerful technology works the the speed with which systems work
today is much faster than it was a few years ago and simply speed you is significant in
that it helps to drive our use of is our systems were too slow. When using the amount of memory
that we have cost them so a lot of drivers help push push our our our adoption of mobile
computing ubiquity of computer networks we have access everywhere you this to certain
areas of the country have poor cell phone coverage will have you we really have access
to our our computing resources virtually anywhere. So is very and then we have diverse applications
on was how to apply this particular situation mobile commerce commerce and enterprise, etc.
socialist most drivers of infomercial more closely is the widespread availability of
powerful mobile devices. In other words, he the devices mobilizes that we have today are
our string. There are several fast enough storage space that they have is relatively
large for a relatively cheap price so as a result, the the supplier demand. These devices
is much greater than it once was. So there really lots of people have a spices is also
this idea of handset culture words were used to cell phones. Everybody has a cell phone
and as impact more more features into these sometimes wind up coming out with smart phone
or coming up was smart phones and smart phones are just an easy extension for most of his
first meal to answer very services that are are available which leads to the next point
of the service, a lot of very vendors and fractures push consumers services to consumers
via the smart devices and because it is easy it’s cheap way to capture additional market
for additional services to customers market customers as a result beneficial to those
vendors obviously just is. 100 push distinguish or them from their competitors,
not worse create competitive advantage by offering services that can be consumed through
mobile devices personal workforce mobile enterprise we just expect to be able to access our our
networks only go improve price-performance so we get out a small the last day is as incredible
awful, then our desktop machines were just few years. He also that price-performance
is significant Google Nexus tablet that does 200 bucks and you can’t be hard to to save
something like that is, is it worth and improve bandwidth so were able to meet on wireless
networks should say cellular networks were able consume an awful lot of services, access
websites and email him download attachments of relatively are size without rotating all
that long. So what drives commerce. There are literally thousands of hundreds of thousands
of mobile app commerce applications apps short in getting need some way of categorizing will
framing these the E U-verse aspects of these apps. The book talks about the using framework
by Motorola Corporation looks at them apps in terms of field mobility fleet mobility,
warehouse management and DST or direct store delivery route field mobility is really there
to support the workforce. Mentors provide the workforce with tools to help them do their
jobs better, faster, more efficiently more effectively, etc. fleet mobility is to squirt
the vehicles in order to be able minimize downtime to increase utilization in other
words help the route. There their vehicles more efficiently to make sure are not driving
our way you will make sure that the things are packed with things that warehouse management
the improvement of the operations inside the warehouse horse minimize move things West
license of the warehouse see it can’t more efficiently we move our various products around
warehouse in the lastly DST direct store delivery accounting increase accuracy by managing inventory
properly and delivering goods as well as to make the most presales merchandise calls in
just to kind of manage the whole process more efficiently more effectively. So basically,
those are our are four different needs of virtually every industry has some combination
of both those needs. For example, hospitality, education, healthcare, retail, wholesale utilities,
manufacturing, transportation logistics, they all have had needs for or have some component
of these various needs were some of the benefits of income or school. What are some of the
benefits are really benefits everybody it’s a win-win situation as far as organization
specifically hosting sales due to to ease order from anywhere, anytime worse quick and
easy on your, your top allows location-based commerce more sales. It provides for an additional
channel for advertising distribution coupons. I know what you are users apps for wider grocery
store coupons from my own as a grocery store and then I have a list of the various things
that I’m purchasing some very convenient way of keeping track and still taking advantage
increase customer satisfaction through real-time maps produces training training time and help
desk resources for various other benefits to the organization first benefiting individuals
customers allows Internet commerce from any place and time provides a choice of mobile
devices for the same transactions I present will have an iPhone or power. What The Same
on Each Device and with the Data Actually Being Stored, Cloud Allows You to Access the
Same Information from Either Device and Look at the Same Data As Well As Other Benefits
As Well Other Benefits Really the Mobile Devices Really Mobile Commerce. The Real Advantage
Is That It’s the Ubiquity of Army Really Is Everywhere and Allows for True Personalization
Were Able to Really Customize Our Devices to Be Able to Exactly Gaps That We Want the
Really Provide the Content That We Want Allows to Reduce Costs Allows Us to Increase Time
Available to to Employees Were down Sick Time Adolescence Takes by Business Processes A
Lot Of Benefits Comes Commerce so We We Talked about Mobile Computing and the Benefits of
Things and What Is Traditionally Were Used To at Home or in a Work Environment Traditional
Desktop Environment over Time. A Big Clunky Machine Wired Directly to the Wall of Those
out Somewhere Nice Networking Some Mysterious Way, Submit Blackball Boxer Cloud Will Mobile
Commerce Is Obviously Little Bit Different Wireless Mobile Computing or Mobile Computing
Next to Logo Light Next a Mobile Device to a Network or Another Computing Device, Anytime,
Anywhere. Our Mobile Phones Are Smart Phones Are Mobile Computing Devices. That’s What
Really Creates That Ubiquity Creates the Ability to Personalize Content and That’s What Distinguishes
Mobile Computing from Traditional Computer. When We Start Talking about Mobile Devices
and First Technologies Things That Nature Is Released of Mobile Computing Mobilizes
We Want New Terms of Get Introduced to Us and You Probably Heard A Lot Of These Briefly
Run Now He’s Quickly Missing Sourced on the Bottom Low Web OPM.com As an Aside, I’m a
Big Believer in Wikis. I Think That Wikipedia, for Example, Is a Very Valuable Resource Not
Be the Best Academic Resources Site but I Think There’s A Lot Of Value in Wikis. Having
Said That, Bluetooth Most of You Heard of the Term Is Not Actually Using It, Especially
Cable Replacement Technology Creates Personal Area Networks Very Small Networks Designed
to Link Keyboards to Computers without Wires to Link Cell Phones to to Draw Wheel for Example
without Wires. Muscles Are Really Cable Replacement Technology GPS Global Positioning Systems
Lines to Basically Triangulate Our Positions Globally Class to Easily Generate Directions,
Personal Digital Assistants Used in Several Classes Combined with Our Our Smart Phones
Anymore but Baselevel Devices Allows to Coordinate Our Activities and Tracker Emails, Tracker
Contacts Things like That SMS Text Messaging Everybody with Which Has Unlimited Texting,
but Blissfully Short. All Messages That You Sent for Smart Phones. We Second PDAs Basically
Extended Cell Phones. Once a Computing I Give You the Ability to Add Apps WiMAX Wireless
Technology Is to 16 Series of Standards Designed Right Internet Access across Metro Areas to
Fix Nonmoving Users on It Is a Wireless Broadband Technologies. Some Are Similar Wireless LANs
and Talk Second except the Much Larger in Scope Slightly Different Protocol Wireless
Access Points. Those Are the Devices That Were Actually Using to Access with All Devices’s
Access Points Allows Them to Connect to the Broader Networks and Wireless LANs Which We
Talk to As As Consumers Most of Us Are Using Some Sort of Mobile Device Anymore so PA Smart
Phone or Tablet Most Times Smart, Funny Anymore. It’s a Mobile Phone with PC like Capabilities
on Various Apps That We Can Download Check Email As Browser Things like That Moved Away
from a PDA Miles. We Don’t Really See Just PDAs Anymore Marshall Because You Know They
Do Everything As Compost except Actually Phone Calls They Made, Lacks That the Utility Tablets
Are Becoming Warmer, I Actually Just a Conference in Which I Noticed That Virtually Every Attempt
Say Virtually Everybody I Mean Virtually Everybody Not Just Young Faculty Older Faculty As Well.
I Was I Was Really Surprised to to Talk to Some of the People Faculty about How Much
They Relied on Her Tablets to Be Able to Read and Using As Is Basically E-Books on so We
It’s Really Convert, Cross Various Age Groups. Ensembles Are Common Areas of Mobile Devices
As Well. There’s One Other Mobile Devices Are out There As Well. Don’t Necessarily Readily
Think about Mobile Computing Smart Books Where Wearable Devices, Screens, Cameras, Touch
Panel Displays, Keyboards, Free Speech Translators Just There Almost Literally Everywhere around
Us Now All the Physical Devices Themselves Are Very Very Neat and We Really Can’t It
Just, Especially If You’re a Geek or Technologist That You Think Reality Is We Need Some Sort
Software Support Services to Be Offered on without It. It’s Just a Cool Paperweight and
Certainly Went from Small Devices. There’s Not Really a Shortage State Will with the
Various Software Services Are Often Offered Mobile Mobile Portals. For Example, Gateways
to the Internet Are Optimized for Mobility That Aggregates across Content and Services
Users Present You Access the Website You Mobile Device Web Server Basically Queerest Devices
See What’s Actually Accessing Their Website and If It’s a Mobile Device. It Recognizes
That the Screen Resolution Is Different. The Screen Layout Should Be Different. As a Result
You Get Directed to a Mobile Website Rather Than the Full-Blown Website and since Describing
Specialized Content for Those Devices Are Content Providers Provide Content Specialized
for Your Own Devices SMS Messages Services for Sending and Receiving Short Text Messages,
Phone Texting MMS Messages, Multimedia Messaging Services Basically Devoted to Send Photos
and Videos to to People and Receive Those As Well. Location-based Services. The Ability
to Make Purchases Such As Movie Tickets or Find Restaurants That Are Nearby, You Were
the in Time Voice or Services Interactive Voice Response Was System That Enables Users
to Request and Receive Information and to Enter and Change Data through Telephone to
a Computer System Voice Sports As Well If You Go Mobile Device and You Could Google
for Example on a Mobile Device. You Should Have a Little Microphone Similar You Can Voice
Your Voice Search Is Words You Use Read Aloud Button Read Aloud What Is Your Searching for
Automatically Fills in the the Search Query Inquiries Based on That Is Becoming More More,
on Portable Devices Work Text Entry Isn’t Necessarily As As Easy Especially When You’re
on the Go As You Might like Most Various Apps Very Services That Are Being Delivered to
Our Devices Are Part Portable Devices Are on Mobile Devices Have To Deliver over Some
Sort of 80 in the Office or Home on Times SBL Wired Connection. The Wireless Is More
Common in Those Parents As Well. But When It Mobile Commerce Wireless Is Is the Flavor
of the Day If You Will’s Wireless Telecommunications Networks Include a Variety of Different Ways
of Connecting Those Devices to Network to Be Able to Access Those Services Personally
Personal Area Networks Wireless to Indications That Work for Device to Device Medications
within a Very Short Range. This Is Traditionally Referred to As a Traditionally It’s a Bluetooth
That Is Used Texas. These Types of Networks to Create These Types of Networks Are Very
Short Distances Usually No More around 18 Feet Sometimes Depends on How Much Encouragement
Have around Devices I Have a Room but That the Range It Is Significantly Limited but
the Idea behind It Is, It’s Your Able to Make These Connections without Cables and the She
Very Easy to to Create These These Goals Small Personal Area Networks Wireless LANs Are Also
Used in Class I Suppose Services to to Users Larger Range Than What You Might Have with
Personal Area Networks Networks Are Usually about 200 M. This Is about the Maximum You
Get from a Wireless Access Point on Sunday Significantly More Range but It Systolic All
the City Musters Multiple Wireless Access Points City, but Distinctly We’ll See in Your
House or or at Work and You Believe That Pop down Account for Your Laptop. Bill Access
Various Websites While Watching TV with Cable Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity Commonly Used To Describe
the to Donna M Standard of Wireless LANs Eyes Is Kind of a Marketing Term Is Penetrated
to to Wireless LANs Attributable Can Be Treated to Trying to Create Name Recognition Much
like My Seat. You Should See Back in the Day I with Audio and Hi-Fi Stereo Equipment Isaiah
That Uses Market Develop Name Recognition amongst Users WiMAX Is yet Another Wireless
Standard Elevator 2.16 Standard Making Broadband Network Connections over Medium-Sized Areas
Such As the City Similar to to Wi-Fi, but the Protocol Is Slightly Different. Protesters
from Different Numbers and Standard but It Is Designed to Give a Large Area Coverage
Wireless Wide Area Networks WWF, VLANs Are Talking to Jason Offers Wireless Coverage
for a Large Geographical Area, Typically over a Cellular Phone Network Selects That’s the
Type You Were Using Center on Networks to Provide Not Just Way Services but Also Data
Services and This Is Referred to As the Side of Wi-Fi Work Well Basically Try to Illustrate
This 6.4 Most of This Information with the Show Station 123 Really We Think about the
Cloud so with One Answer Wireless Access Point and Expect Us to RPC and Connect to Our Router
and Then beyond That Is Connect the Unit and I’m Ready Different Ways Can Be to Rent Have
To Be through Satellite Cable or DSL Model and Those Various Routers All across the Internet.
There Most of the Resources on Some Fairly Simple You How Wi-Fi Actually Works. We Certainly
about the Various Connections That Are Necessary to Make Mobile Commerce Were You Can Pretty
Quickly Become More Complicated Pretty Quickly. I’ll Certainly about Mobile Devices out a
Way to Connect to onto a Network. In This Case Versus Transmission Towers. There the
Transmission Circle Backed Landline Somewhere. If Your Mobile Where Applications Somewhere
to Identify the Type of Device That Can Actually Be Accessed with the Web with Stored Webpages
Can Be Searched for so Financial Content That You’re Looking for Web Servers and Host Computers
and How to Respond to That Request Webpages and Responses Resulted in HTML, but There’s
Also Need for Encrypted Responses Translated in Some Type of Wireless Language, but If
You’re Making a Purchase. You Don’t Want to Send Credit Card Information across the Wire
Unencrypted so Encryption Becomes Necessary. The Micro Browsers Display Responses in the
Wireless Display Responses in Wireless Languages. In Other Words, Micro Browsers, You Can’t
Display an Entire Webpage on a Mobile Device. Each Hand but It’s Optically User-Friendly
Site to Restructure What Page Might Look like It Works Make It More User-Friendly. If You
Which Will to Mobile Device. We Discussed Mobile Commerce, and the Process of How That
Works in Income in General in General Very General Terms. But a Specific One Mobile Mobile
Financial Applications or Mobile Banking. Why Do We Want to Be Access Services Will
Perform Various Banking Activities Balance Checks and Account Transactions, Payments,
Credit Applications, All That Be a Mobile Device We Could Use to Trade Stocks We Can
Can Search for Real Estate Things Vanish to Be Used inside a Enterprises Mobile Enterprises
the Application of Mobile Computing inside the Enterprise. For Example, from Fruit Improved
Communication among Employees. We Can with You. Sales Application Support Location Service
Applications and the Idea Is the Mobile Worker Spends A Lot Of Time in the Field so Any Employees
Away from Us His/her Primary Workspace At Least 10 Hours a Week or or 25% of the Time
Is Defined As a Mobile Worker If We Want to Allow Them to Still Be Connected to the Business
and Be As Productive and As Efficient As Possible Mobile and Mobile Solutions Lot Allow Them
to to to Be More Productive to Be More Efficient so the Big Appeal That There System. The Benefits
of Supporting a Mobile Workforce Sales Force Automation Rate We Get Our Salesforce Tools,
Feel Be Will Take Worse Wary and Get Information for Potential Customers on the Spot Allows
Us to Capture Sales at the Moment, Rather Than Delaying a Sales Decision or Purchase
Decision. Further down the Road, Which Ultimately May Be Lost of Field Force Automation Mobile
Office Applications Mobile CRN Ocelot Benefits of Having a Mobile Workforce and Supporting
Workforce Is Not without Challenges. Certainly There’s Network Coverage Gaps and Interruptions
Were Deceived. There Are Breakdowns in Communication When You’re Traveling Your Calls You Drop
Your Ability Connect to the Network Get Strawberry Blues Internetwork Roaming Going from One
Access Point to Another Sometimes Creates Problems Device Network Management Now Are
Talking to an Additional Network We Have To Manage in Terms of Service, but in Terms of
Bandwidth Even Though It May Be up and Running. We Careful Types of Applications Putting Network
on the Menu Consuming Too Much and What Mobile Resolutions Also Create Opportunities for
an Enterprise to Manage Their Fleet to Track People and Vehicles and to Manage Their Transportation
Needs. So Usual Lot of Ability Capability to Streamline Schools As Operations, Which
Means Increased Efficiency Saving Money Making Sure That Your Assets Are Being Used As Efficiently
and Effectively As Possible Using Fleet Management Manager to Keep Track of Vehicles Where They
Are Handling Miles of Their Their Generating in Order to Coordinate Maintenance Activities
in Order to Make Sure That Are Being Used for Company Business. Things like That of
Mobile Devices That Can Be Used for Enterprise Solutions. The about Vehicle Solutions Handheld
Solutions Hands-Free Voice Solutions Lot Applications That We Can Use to Create Efficiencies Think
about Though Last Eyesight You Deliver Something at Your House or to Your Your Workplace FedEx
Driver Will Computers Are Quickly Scanned Devices or Scan Packages. There Would You
Want a Quick Feedback about How Where Package Is Where It Was When She Delivered All Types
Type of Information, Mentally Because of Our Constant Tracking Heart Connection Via Wireless
Networks and Use of These Mobile Computing Devices to Do IPads an Enterprise Runs, an
Extension of That Were See More More about the Current Word. These Computers Are Becoming
Less Specialized, More General Purpose Magazine Ability to Provide Additional Services Is
More General-Purpose Devices, Mobile Devices and These These Networks Really Allow Us to
Run a Whole Host of Other Services As Well Necessarily All Business Looking Certain Were
Able to Provide Entertainment Outlooks As Well Provide Various Types of of Mobile Entertainment.
So Mobile Music Video Bowl Games Will Gambling the Ability of Sports Is Present for My Little
Tablet. I Have a Roof Taking a Risk Play Bridge Games. It Might Have on on Cell Phones like
Anymore Fruit Ninja so There’s A Lot Of Different Entertainment Components That You Have These
Mobile Devices. The Netflix Comes to to to Movies or ITunes for for Music so There’s
A Lot Of Entertainment I Get Out Of These Mobile Devices As Well That without the Networks
without the Hardware and Have Access to Mobile Commerce Also Spreads to Various Other Industries
As Well and Allows for Other Applications to Be Used, Healthcare, Hospitality Management,
Public Safety and Crown Prince As Well As Other Industries My Knee Done Here A Few Years
Ago Had to Ligaments Cartilage for Ministers and the Orthopedist That Did My Knee Fill
All the Information out Computer and He Was Talking about It in the Things That He Noticed
Was yet Much Your Questions from the Other People at Work to His Office about What He
Wrote. Obviously, Doctors Pretty Infamous for Their Handwriting Not Being Read Read
the Handwriting Was All Typed in the System It’s Obviously You Lose A Lot Of That That
Issue Is As a Result Streamline Operations at the Doctors Office Location-based Mobile
Commerce. This Is One of the More Interesting Areas As It Relates to Mobile Commerce Location
Based on Commerce Is the Delivery Commerce Transactions to Individuals in a Specific
Location at a Specific Time and Obviously This Gives You Some Advantages of the Conference
A Few Years Ago and the Were Walking down the Street. Restaurant so You Bring up Your
Aurora Your Smart Phone in Your It Waxes Folders Restaurants Are Nearby This Is A Lot Of Ability
to Find Things That You’re Interested in Are Close by the Advance of the May Not Otherwise
Not There. The Flipside of That Is There Is a Privacy Issue. Somebody Knows Where You
Are All the Time. That’s How I Know Where You Are to Know Where so There Is a Privacy
Issue That Goes into As Well, but It’s the Ability to Track Where You Are in Real Time
Allows You to Be Able to Make Recommendations of Those Restaurants of the First Shops and
Other Sites That Might Be of Interest to You Location-based Mobile Commerce Requires Little
Bit Did a Little More Additional Structure to Go It’s Not Just a Case of an Old Map the
Mobile Device, the Network and Various Services Are Being Offered. You Also That I Have Some
Kind of Positioning Component. In Other Words, Some Type of Mechanism for Determining Where
You Actually Are Located so Will Help You Just the the Mobile Network Mobile Devices
Patient so Far so Location-based Services Require the Use of Some Sort of GPS Positioning
or Wireless LAN Positioning to Turn Your Exact Location GPS Obviously Something That Most
People Are Familiar with This Last You Your Physical Location Be Triangulated Usually
among Various Satellites That Are Used To to Do This and It Links up to Your Systems
Versus on Back and We’ll Set up in This Is Where You Are Located These Very Services
That Are Offered in Area for It Would Be Restaurants Work or Trying to Navigate Your Car, Find
Other Friends That You’re Tracking down Things like That. Conceptually There’s Two Approaches
to You Using Location-based Mobile Commerce or or Identifying the Location of the User
Using Location-based Mobile Commerce Geolocation Network-Based to Talk about Each One. No More
Detail on the the Geolocation Base Process Automatically
Identifying Web User’s Physical Location without the User Having to Provide Any Information
Other Words, It Just Knows Where You Are Network-Based Position Relies on Base Stations on the Location
of a Mobile Device Sending a Signal or Sensed by the Network so Usually Provide Some Sort
of Information to Log into the Network but Are Actually Longhand Course You the Your
Device Automatically Lock into I There’s Still Some Sort of a Login Processor Registration
Process to Update Your Network so That-based Solution Is Going to Calculate the Location
of a Mobile Device from Signal Sent out by the Device to Base Stations. The Terminal
System and Determine Where Your Your Mobile Devices Relative to the Terminal Global Positioning
Systems Are Were Less I like-based Tracking System Enables Users to Position Anywhere
on Planet Rather Than Using the Space Station That Uses Some Us Feel Trying to Your Position
Location Base That Facilitates A Lot Of Different Types of Location-based Mobile Commerce Services
Locating Things. For Example, Being Able to Find Where Restaurant Is Fine Where Locations
Are Fine about Being Able to Navigate from Where We Currently Are to to Where You Want
Be Service Searching Things Identifying Things Have Been Checking Also Location-based Data
Really Is Very Important When It Comes to Those Types of Activities Geographic Information
Systems or Computer Systems Capable Integrating, Storing, Editing, Analyze Insurance and Displaying
Geographically Referenced or Spatial Information. This Is Used A Lot Of Times to Keep Track
of Things like Pipelines or Cable-Television Wires That Are Spread across the City Sewer
Lines, Gas Lines Will Allow Those Types of Things You Should Good Way of Bringing Together
Information from Different Sources Putting Them En Masse and See How They Relate to Each
Other. You May Be Able to Present Will Identify High Crime Areas within a Community by Placing
the Addresses of Various Criminal Reports into a System into a Map so You Can See Were
Were Most of These These Events Are Current and You Different Perspective Box File What’s
Occurring in a Community Specific Example of Location-based Services Include Automatic
Vehicle Location ABL and Social Location-based Marketing ABL Is Means for Automatically Determining
the Geographic Location of the Vehicle and Transmitting Information to a Request State.
For Example, a Force to Deliver Flowers to Various Locations throughout the City. A Manager
Might Want to Know How Many of the Sops of the the Driver Is Artie Made Mike Wearing
the System ABL System They Can Identify Which Specific Addresses Are Visited and Thus Identify
Which Remaining Sites They Still Have Have To Visit Social Location-based Marketing Is
Were Social Media Tools Give the Option to to Users to Share Location Has Given Businesses
the Opportunity Opportunity to Deliver Targeted Offers and Messages to Consumers. To Know
That This User Is in the Sticker Location. We Have a Store It’s Right There. Let’s Give
Him a Coupon. Now It First Glance It Seems It May Seem That Location-based Mobile Commerce
Is a No-Brainer That Everybody Should Jump on the Bandwagon and Use This Is a Is a Is
a Tool to Reach Customers As a Tool to Increase Efficiency and Organizations and Things like
That Harper Are Several Barriers to Using Location-based Mobile Commerce like GPS and
Mobile Phones. This Is Becoming Less and Less of an Issue Every Day, Speaking Much More
Common, but It Certainly Is Misuse 54 for Older Phones. The Accuracy of Devices, Even
Though They Are Are Significantly Better Than the Information That We Once Had There Not
Necessarily Particularly Accurate regarding Our Location on See Making Recommendations
for Places Not Nearby. For Example, the Cost-Benefit Justification Hours It May Cost More to Be
Able Private Type Service That We May Benefit from a Slip Keep That in Mind for Decide to
Offer Location-based Services Limited Network Bandwidth. If You Be a Location That Sparsely
Populated and Doesn’t Have Good Coverage. It May Not the List to to Use Location-based
Services Does Not Have the Capability the E Service Offerings in Area Terms of Network
Access Concerns with Respect to Patient Privacy. The Example That I Gave an Earlier Slide regarding
a Florist and Delivering Flowers around Town Employees Do Not like Being Tracked There
Every Time I Stop Somewhere Workspace Opportunities for the a Drink to Have throughout Their Answer
Their Traveling Site Site They May Not Want to Their Bosses to Necessarily Know That Most
People Wouldn’t Object to That but It May Be an Issue. People Believe the Next Major
Step in the Evolution Computing Will Be Towards Ubiquitous or Pervasive Computing A Lot Of
Times These Terms Are Used Interchangeably Ubiquitous Computing’s Computing Capabilities
Are Being Embedded Objects around around Us, Which May Which May Be Mobile or Stationary
Made Golf Instructs a Slight Distinction or Pervasive Computing Meet Computing Capabilities
Embedded in the Environment, but Typically Not Mobile. The Idea Is That Computing Capacity
in Everything That Surround Us to the Point That We Take It for Granted That It’s Our
Refrigerators Are Computerized Our Coffee Machines or Computerized Cars Literally Everywhere
around Us in Any Way to Give Us a Sense of Mobile Computing Because It Is All around
Us, but It May Not Be the Same Device This Week As We Go to Different Environments throughout
Our Day for Four Basic Principles of Pervasive Computing, Decentralization, Diversification
Connectivity, Simplicity, Decentralization of Computing Is Is Basically the Transition
from a Centralized Mainframe Computer to the Personal Computer to Grace of Computing. Basically,
the Idea That There’s Not a Central Repository in a Central Location with Which We Can Use
Our Computing Devices so We End up with Tablets and Cell Phones, the Data Stored Somewhere
in the Clouds to Access That Data from Virtually Any Device, Diversification Is the Idea That
Computing Devices Will Evolve Fully Functional One Computer Does All Paradigm Which Specialized
Diversified Prices Will Suit the Requirements of an Individual First Very Specific Person
See Me an Email Several Devices They Kind of Overlap Each Other in Terms of Functionality,
but Really Is the Preferred Tool for Each Specific Purpose It Might Have Connectivity
Is As It Relates This Is the Independent Pervasive Computing Devices. Patterns Sensors and That
Is to Be Seamlessly Connected to the Network for Each Other Connected through Common Standards
in the Lastly, Simplicity, the Device Must Be Designed for Simplistic Simplistic Use
into Intuitive Interfaces Speech Recognition. The Ability to Handle and Manipulate Them
Using Single Hand Things That Nature Socially Very Easy to Use Devices. Another Idea As
It Relates to This Is the Context Aware Computing Applications Ability to Detect and React to
a Set of Environmental Variables That Is Described As Context and the Idea Is That This Concept
of Using Information about an End-Users Environment for Activities or Connections or Preferences
That Can Improve the Quality of Interaction so the Computer Knows That You Have Busy Right
Now or It Knows That You Got a Free Moment Is Able Communicate with You. Understanding
the Context Makes the Experience Will That Better Eventually Lower Them All into the
the Belief Is That Were Involved to Ubiquitous or Pervasive Computing Is This Concept of
Internet of Things. In Addition, the Concept of Rather Than Just Being Us As Individuals
Connecting to Other People and Connecting to Devices Communicating with Those Other
People and Most of Us Is That We Will Start Seeing Devices Connecting to Other Devices
Words Are Refrigerator Communicating with Our Grocery Store so That When We Get There.
It Tell Them What We Need Instances Connectivity of Devices amongst Each Other Be Able to Provide
Services beyond What We Have Now Belief Is That Once We Get to a Point That Were at an
Internet of Things There Were Require Additional Applications Are Applications That You Will
That Integrate with Our Electricity Systems Are Homes or Cars Really All around Us in
Order to Be Able to Manage Our Daily Lives in Every Automated Fashion That the Concept
of Smart Grid Electricity Network Mass by Utilizing Digital Technology Is the Idea That
We Can Use the Systems to Be Able to Manage Our Our Our Electricity Consumption and Much
More Efficient and Effective Way Smart Grid Environment Really Requires Coordination between
an Awful Lot of Different Environments to Be a Very Complex System Is Not until We Really
Get to the Internet of Things Were That Pervasive Computing That Really Starts to Come Become
Feasible Because Were Linking Together Service Providers, Operations, Distribution Markets
Are Homes Industries and Businesses Were Linking All That Together and so Now Have A Lot Of
Connectivity with Certain Security Concerns. It Privacy Issue Concerns and Also What That
Has To Go into the System to First Make It Work. The Second Element and Environment That
We As Consumers Feel like We Can Trust and Feel Safe. Some of the Advantages or Promises
of Ubiquitous Basic Computing and the Use of Sensory Networks Is Really Very Compelling
Very Attractive to an Awful Lot Consumers Smart Homes Appliances the Controller Lighting
Controller Energy Consumption, Control, or Use of Water Help to Secure Home Environment
Help to to Keep Us Entertained While Still Room to Room Watching Sinker Smart Appliances
That Are Urgent, More Efficient Is Very Promising A Lot Of Consumers Really Hope to Be Able
to Take Advantage A Lot Of Postal Services at St. under Smart Driverless Cars Parts That
Help Themselves and the Potential of Driverless Cars, He Heard to the Google Car the Statement
Mission Is a Car That Literally Has No Salts from from Place to Place without the Use of
Any Special Roadways That Self-Contained Was an Automobile One Real Area of Pervasive Computing
That Has A Lot Of Potential Is Is in the Area of RFID and Sensor Networks. Most of Time
When You Hear RFID People to Think about Logistics and Moving Products from Point A to Point
B in and It’s Absolutely True� That Point Area Where Are You Press Play in Henry’s Trade
Publications, but When You Can. My Sister Think about the Systems That Actually Read
Those Tax Those Are What Most People Prefer to Some Sort of a Sensor Network and Message
Networking Can Give You A Lot More Information Than Just Keeping Track of Were up to How
It Happens to Be Located since Network Is a Collection of Notes Kate Wolfe Environmental
Sensing a Local Computation and Communication with His Peers or with Higher Performance
Notes and so with the Right Applications Dispersants Applications. He Gives You a Very Real-Time
Sense of What’s Going on in a Particular Situation. He Will Depending on What It Is That You Can’t
Monitor so in Case of War House, Your Current Mantra RFID Tags to Keep Track of Where Products
Are at Any Moment in Time You Need to Keep Track of the Wind. For Example, or Traffic
on the Roads and Easy Real-Time Information about What’s Going on Any Specific Moment
in Time so You Can Respond to the Appropriate Manner. If a Road Happens to Be Very Busy
at the Time I Me to Some Further Checking Media Accident That Occurred on the Road Dispatch
on Personality Help with Next This View. If You Will Things Going on for Me since Works
Creates Privacy Issues Session with with Associated with Ubiquitous Computing Creates a Loss of
Individual Privacy Contact Sensors Embedded in My Arms Especially Retail Items Make It
Possible to Track and on Buyers of Those Items That Are Collected. Normally, If Your Your
Online and Your Filling out Surveys That Nature You’re Aware That You’re Getting up at Data
You Check Check Box, You May Receive a Discount in Exchange for Providing That Information
Will Make Conscientious Choice to Share the Data Were Not Sure but When This Information
Is Embedded Tax Data Tends to Be Close Enough for Unobtrusive, Unobtrusive, and Much More
Visible Fashion and Save Money May Realize That It’s Being Gathered, You Don’t Conscientiously
Thinking about the Time Slowly Some People Be Concerned about Privacy Issues Relates
to Ubiquitous Computer Room to Talk about Privacy Issues Relates to Mobile Commerce,
Other Security Issues As Well. Going Back to Our Our Conceptualization or Discussion
of Sensory Networks. I Will Make Sure Systems Are Secure so That Our Sensor Networks Are
Actually Giving Us Real Data We Don’t Want to Do Security Issue Be Receiving What We
Think Is Genuine Real-Time Data That Is His Impact Falls on Are Some Situations Where
This Would Be Embarrassing or Other Situations Where This Can Be Catastrophic. Think about
Military Applications Logical Barriers to Mobile Commerce. Obviously We Don’t Have Mobile
Networks Nationwide. There Are Certain Areas Where There’s Not Cell Phone Covers for Example
over Trying to Reach Every Market Week We May Not Be Able to Do to Certain Barriers
Studies Mobile Computing and Mobile Commerce. In Other Words, Some Organizations Do Not
Simply Do Not Implement Their Their Organizational Infrastructure Appropriately. It Will Take
Advantage of Mobile Computing. This Discursive Variety of Different Reasons Is Ethical, Ethical,
Legal, Privacy and Health Issues and Mobile Commerce. When You Think about Is a Right
Specifically Health Issues We Have Laws in Place to Protect Individuals Information in
Terms of Keeping Private and so You Manage That Data Very Carefully and You Move into,
Environmental Mobile Environment That Becomes a Bigger Issue Is Much More Difficult to Secure
the Types of the Type of Information. This Mobility Management Towards the Types of Policies
and Procedures That Have in Place Dealing with Mobile Devices so Example Earlier Were
Talking about the Florist in the Delivery Driver Delivering Things. One of Policies
for Driver to Stop on Her Own Time to Do Something on a Personal Nature Need to Think about Those
Issues before Recently Jumping the Mobile Commerce Environment Slowly Comes to Managerial
Issues We Need to Is Organization to Think about What Our Mobile Commerce Strategy Is
Going to Be Simply Trying to Provide Information Are We Trying to Such Transactions Are We
Trying to Drive All Walk-In Business. We Need to Think about What Our Strategies Going to
Be When He Argumentation Timetable. In Other Words, Are We Going to Roll out an Entire
Completed Mobile Commerce Environment What’s the Timeframe for the Are We Going to Deliver
It in Chunks Was Add Functionality over Time and Again What Is That Timetable Are There
Any Clear Technical Winners Which Applications for the First What You Which Technologies
Are We Going to Pick There’s A Lot Of Different Services That We Can Provide Types of Apps
Different Platforms That We Can Squirt Which One Are You Going to to Pursue Which Application
Should Be First You Were Trying to Drive Blocking Traffic Are We Trying to Drive Transactions.
What Is That Strategy That Were Going to to Pursue This Chapter We Talked about Mobile
Commerce on What Was Talk but It’s Value Added Attributes and Fundamental Drivers. What Is
Pushing Us Towards Mobile Commerce Will the Mobile Computing Environment. This Course
Mobile Commerce Trust with Networks That Support Mobile Devices Talk about Financial Applications.
We Talked about Mobile Enterprise Solutions to Consumer Personal Applications and Mobile
Entertainment� Location-based Commerce and Ubiquitous Computing and Sensory Systems Than
We Concluded the Chapter Talk about Security and Other Implementation Issues. This Concludes
Chapter 6 Mobile Commerce and Ubiquitous Computing. Thank You

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