you the reason that we’re here in New York
City was I wanted to bring Kevin out here to New York get him in the mix
expand his horizons show him just how big the day trading the stock market
money world really is I think a lot of times people get caught up in the idea
that YouTube that chat rooms and penny stocks are the only thing that exists
that’s like 1% of the overall market trading retail trading we’ve had a lot
of fun we’ve been hanging out with Steve Cole Asian is a trading for over 36
years I’ve done some interviews with Stephen collation that you’re gonna see
soon but I also want to do an interview with Kevin here though he’s basically a
beginner day traders comparing him to Steve Galatia that’s been trading for 36
years so I’m gonna ask Kevin some questions that I think a lot of people
out there can relate to and we’ll see his response a graduate college about
four years ago but I said you know whatever with that degree out I graduate
with cinematic arts so me and Patrick have some of that in common yeah we both
got some red hair we both film both doing the YouTube things we’re not
brothers when I found a training I was in college and I was pursuing a degree
that I was interested in but I knew I didn’t really want to do that in my
entire life so I got in the day training from that day forward really haven’t
missed the market at all other than last couple days here with Patrick been
looking at every single day when I first got into date trading it
was a lot like probably most of you you go to the chat rooms you see a lot of
the trainer’s out there and you learn from them so I started learning from all
the Guru’s as well been in most all the chat rooms I’ve done that sort of thing
now I’m on my own can’t really be an independent trader being in some of
those rooms because when you have thousands of people let’s say that all
Bona stock is going up and then dumps right back down how can you be
independent some say that you can be that’s what they want you to believe and
want you to stay in those chat rooms but as I’ve found over the last few years
you know I’ve taken from all those different teachers as gurus and from my
own independent research and experience your own experience is going to be your
best teacher in the market a lot of us we want to have that like Holy Grail we
want to have someone to just tell us what to buy and what to sell but your
own individual experience is really going to be your best teacher that gut
telling you when to get in and out of a trade me and Patrick we’re talking about
that a few hours ago just about how you know what’s the exact strategy you have
a lofty wise Patrick that that’s like it’s just over the years you know you
get that combined experience that turns into your gut and when your gut tells
you to get in something you get into it the reason I started getting into
shorting a lot more is just because there’s not as much predicting over the
last few years three years actually I’ve been completely long bye skies that’s
because all the chat rooms I was at mainly we’re all along by so I just kind
of naturally and sheepishly started doing the same thing but shorting you
react it’s a lot more reactant rather than predicting where volume is going to
come in and that’s why I did a lot of times that’s where I you know had a lot
of flaws I was trying to predict okay this patterns looking good let me get
into this stock and there be no volume there there’s no point in trading a
stock if there’s no volume there’s a lot of different variables I need to line up
that look for it each and every day such as it’s our catalyst what’s the float on
it what’s the volume like what’s the price action there’s a lot of different
things we need to look at when considering is this a good short is it a
good long it’s hard to get in first to a long unless you’re predicting volume
right because otherwise volume already comes in and you’re late to the party
but with shorting you can be in at the very top you know show up late you can
show up late on the shore and being at the very top top taking a stock you
can’t bottom take a stock when there’s no volume you know predicting volume
coming in unless you got a thousand people following your trades and so
there’s probably a reason why most of the chat rooms you know are buy on the
bottom of low flow stocks and not shorting them so yeah I got into
shorting more cuz it’s a lot easier for me in my opinion right now I’m so grown
with that been doing a lot more recently my worst day training day goes was as
far as how much I lost or just in general like emotional whatever yeah
emotional he did just felt really defeated yeah it was in the summer this
past summer trade an NCT while I went offshore and had to deal with all the
emotions over training or revenge trading that sort of thing the emotions
really got to me because I had never really experienced it before so I went
offshore I started over trading revenge trading and felt very defeated defeated
by my own emotions we have to control our emotions not let our emotions
control us so that was definitely a learning experience there in the summer
you have to ask yourself that before you ever get into a trade guys most amateur
traders they get into a train they’re like oh how much can I make
if you want to be a professional trader you have to ask yourself how much am i
risking on this trade before you ever get into a trade free to find your risk
to say this is the risk level on this trade and then start looking at the
money you know amateur traders they just focus on the green of professional
traders they focus on managing risk I was gonna say the Patrick’s he’s a
really nice guy contrary to what a lot of you may think it’s been a great
experience guys I mean me and Steve he’s been doing this for 36 years train
futures now meaning and his love his enthusiasm for what he’s doing I mean
that was something really that was kind of eye-opening for me a lot of people
with they’ve been working somewhere for 30-some years they kind of hate their
life but Steve he’s been doing this for 36 years so that gave me some
encouragement it’s like yeah I’m more in love with training now than I was three
years ago and I hope I’m gonna be like Steve as well in 30 years just be so
much more excited than I am now me and Donnie as well me Patrick and
Donnie grabbed a beer last night in the city what a character
I love Donnie they had a great time with him as well really really enjoyed that
the goal for me is not necessarily like a figure amount it’s not a number that I
want to make I just want to be a consistent profitable day trader I mean
that’s my goal honestly I don’t think about necessarily the money and I know
you and you’ll see that if you look at the channel you know I’m not concerned
about the number I make I’m concerned about am I am I making the right trades
am i consistent am i profitable am i managing that risk well I love trading
so that’s why I do it when you first get going I mean a lot of
us get into thinking we’re not gonna have to put in a lot of work and we’re
going to be making a lot of money I mean a lot of people you’ll hear them they’ll
say I’m gonna retire and to start training making a lot of money for the
rest of my remaining years quite the opposite you’re gonna put in a lot of
work at first and you’re not going to make anything or you’re going to lose
some at first so go into trading with the mindset and attitude of I’m going to
be learning a lot I’m going to be paper trading I’m gonna pay some market
tuition with the end goal and in prize in mind I mean you’ve got to stay
positive you got to stay focused and driven very motivated very confident
you’re gonna be your worst enemy in this market there you have three enemies you
have the market you have other day traders but most importantly you have
yourself yourself you’re the biggest enemy when it comes to trading because
it’s your emotions and you allow yourself to feel defeated
don’t allow yourself to feel defeated don’t allow yourself to get defeated
guys they don’t think about I don’t really
share it a lot you know because most people they’ll say that day training you
know is a crapshoot they don’t really admire that type of
work at all most of the older generations when they think of training
they get a little turned on five because other generations they don’t understand
how you can kind of make money on the computer and that sort of world they
want you to Paris when they think of their kids they want to be doctors
lawyers you know this sort of thing so your family can really be your worst
enemy in some ways as far as I go because we often come fight and then we
listen to them we have an open ear to our family to our close friends and
that’s why I think it’s really important guys to surround yourself with people
who are like-minded who are focused and driven very excited you know to be here
on patchak you know call him a friend and he’s been there for me he really
helped me out and he’s married and he’s like-minded we’re both motivated we’re
both driven surround yourself with those type of people you know even if they’re
not millionaires even if they don’t make a lot of money those are the type of
people that are really gonna push you to be the best new
I take my profits off way too early I’ve always done it for the last three years
and one way for me to really negate that flaw is to take a partial position off
it really helps with that emotion I I know people that don’t struggle with
that emotion a lot you may not struggle with that emotion it’s been my number
one you know flaw because as soon as I see green naturally I want to take it
off a lot of you guys want to do that as well it’s just natural but a lot of
things that we have to do in the market we have to be a little unnatural right
because 90% traders are losing money they’re doing the natural thing the
steps I’m taking to really to prepare myself to become a more successful and
consistent traders start taking partials and letting the rest ride out that’s
something I really want start focusing on it’s very difficult for me to do it
has the last few years so either all in the long shot or the short side guys
take you know 50% 75% off at your target and then let the rest rot out if they
come back to your entry you know you’re still green on the day but you can make
a lot of money you can make a lot more money if you let those leftovers fade or
on the long position if you let those continue to move as well for you a
little advice little lessons that he’s learned over the years trading and kind
of where he’s at right now it’s interesting to kind of see the different
mindsets you know everybody kind of battling with different things
everybody’s got their own little thing to their valley everyone’s got their own
little problem you know FOMO you’ve got the taken profit too early
you’ve got the not cutting your losers all these little things keep people from
coming profitable keep people from becoming consistent and it’s not so much
that people don’t know that they have that problem not so much they can’t tell
you hey the reason I lose money day trading is because I don’t cut my losers
or the reason that I don’t make my day trading is because I don’t let my
winners run so it’s easy to identify those problems but the problem here the
problem problems human emotion is it’s hard to actually follow that ideal once
you’re in a trade once your under a loss once you’re losing money
are you able to cut off the trade so big thanks to Kevin therefore dropping some
knowledge and sharing his experience here I’m excited to see what Kevin does
over the next several years here on YouTube the goal year was to bring Kevin
out here let him see you know what else is going on out there talk to him give
him some advice now that I’m an expert by any means but thousands of my ideas
around maybe find someone that’s close to you locally I’m sure there’s other
traders that are local to you maybe meet up maybe some meetups know got some
coffee with some other traders and talk about the issues that you guys have
together fomo not cutting your losers not
entering a trade fear of missing out it’s probably one of the biggest issues
with new day traders and like your Kevin there’s ways around it there’s ways to
battle it but you got to put in the work you got to put in the effort so there it
is make sure you check out Kevin there’s a link down below to his channel I’ll
talk to you guys later on


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