Beijing Fake Market Spree!

My last price is this I give it this okay? How much you give me your best price. Can you give me your best price.
Yes, I’ll give you. 200 I say best price because you keep at one price. Nobody sell to you for Jordans. Not the lady shoes… Not the baby shoes… Not the socks… You understand? This is Jordan… This is the high tops. Not the slipper… Can you give me your best price. If you wanna buy. If you don’t wanna buy, I don’t wanna talk to you. I don’t want to buy. You see, you don’t want to buy you asking me. I just asked you for the price. Do you want to buy it and then you know? You don’t wanna buy, why you asking me? Well I did wanna buy but now I don’t. Welcome back guys right now. We are in Beijing China and actually I want to be living here now So I’m excited for this city, man. It’s huge. There’s a ton of fake markets here actually We’re on our way to one right now called “Silk Alley” and what I heard about This is like a really like modern looking like five-story like mall kind of deal I’m traveling a lot from here from a new job in China and actually all of Asia for that fact and also speaking of which the reason why this video is so late is because When I was in Cambodia that kind of fell through because we went to the markets there, man I wasn’t really about to buy anything you guys were they had a field day in the comments about Already more so than you already do you’d add a field date in the comments about how? Terrible quality this shit was, but anyways let’s just get right into this and let’s see what happens Hi, make photo! Say Hello! Come inside. For who? I don’t want…. Have a look Of what? Bags I don’t want need a bag What is this? Gucci? No bags? I have no girlfriend so I mean for my girlfriend. She has a husband 18 years old how old are you then 25? Yeah, you’re very young all right how old do you think I am? 29 you’re close yeah, you are. All right, see ya Maybe yeah But I’ve already had a North Face I kind of want to kind of want something that Y had one Yeah, same exact style What’s this What is it? What about like this Yeah, how much is the price? No, I’m good it’s way too much that was that was way too much 3000 that’s way too much. I only have like a thousandth. I only want to pay like No, I don’t have cash I’ve WeChat oh, I love Ya like 300 What do you pick how about the convoy so winter Jacket? Okay? Yeah, I know, but I I don’t need it that bad It’s about to be warm. Oh Too much spice spheres 300 really impossible, that’s all I wanted to pay you That’s all I wanted to pay you have anything here for 300 I’m not trying to pay more than 300 for a coat This kind of white give mr. Han to a guy, I don’t know I’ve seen what your probable what’s your best price We can discuss those. He’ll want price. What’s your best price? Mm. I can do like 350 Those are sweet. I came here the thing is I came here only wanting to spend like three hundred oh I’m sorry. I don’t need it. I don’t need it that bad find over 350 I I can do, I can do tops for a hundred For I can only do 400 You I only wanted to spend like 300 on a coat how late are you, eight o’clock? Can you hold on to it for me? Yeah, yeah That’s all Yeah, yeah, I’ll be bit cuz I want to shout more. So thank you all right at that point I wasn’t even bargaining anymore I really didn’t want to pay more than 300 un for a coat because it’s starting to go warm out now But she came down, and I was like alright. It’s a good deal pretty excited They also looked it up online because I wasn’t sure about the exact retail price And this was on sale for 500 USD anyways. Let’s get back into these bargains because there is a lot more to be had Do you have jeans? How much for these Dolce & Gabbana’s Does that look all right okay, how much are they Okay, I don’t want to spend that much I was thinking like 75 But they’re just jeans Yeah, but it’s not the same Kind of cool I don’t need them that bad. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I can do it. I can do like a hundred for them I can do like 150 Yeah That’s not the shop I’m sorry I could top I’m always gonna. I’m only gonna pay 200. I’m sorry. I’m all you’re gonna pay 200 I’m sorry. It’s not like real though. It’s not the original. I could I’m sorry. I can’t lead Just 200 can you do 200 no, okay? Yeah I Can do I’ll do 250 250 250, can you do 250? I can only do 250 250 you ready fine. I’ll do 280 WeChat I’ve lived in China I’ve lived in China for almost three years I just moved here. Hefei Really yeah, oh really cool worked. I live in Shushan oh Okay very cool all right here. I paid okay. I’m gonna go upstairs, and if if they don’t fit I’ll come back down. Okay. Thank you Damn, I should have said before I started bargaining that I lived here because she got super excited about how she was from Hefei Which is like the place? I was from and usually Like every time you come here like because I used to live in a city called like woohoo every time you come here I swear everybody’s from the place that you say they’re at but she seemed pretty knowledgeable about it And actually my buddy told me that a lot of people from here or from the place We were at so the reason I thought a lot of people were like oh, I’m from there too. Is just kind of relate to you know But I’m gonna go try these on Dolce Gabbana. Let’s go try them on see you see if they fit or not What about this green supreme shirt how much just one just one It’s too much Like thinking like 40 oh How low can you go how low can you go undo it I can do like 60 85, 70 70 75 all right give me green let me try it on though. It’s your biggest? Too big for me, I think it’s too small for me, no it’s good. It’ll fit yeah, you got WeChat The phone What’s that 60 No, we said we said 75 use for 75 there you go I I don’t need the bag Yeah, you got cool t-shirt. Yeah, yeah, what about like this one right here? I like this Under Armour – What how many for how many for this one I didn’t say how many for – how much for this one About like this champion Collar champion great champion, oh you got green champion – I’ll take the green champion Yeah Yeah, Green champion and that underly yeah, how much for – Two pieces But you are you cheaper for you I do you want for this 680 yeah, I can 1360 for two I didn’t I didn’t want to pay that much Like I could do like 150 for two. I only only want to pay like 150 200 for – don’t joke like that seriously You don’t joke 1350 times. I can get the real thing for this price More – the real champion yeah, but it’s not real Can’t do 1200. I’m sorry nice 200 is my maximum I’m sorry. I don’t It’s okay it’s okay, I Don’t I don’t want it for more than 200. I’m sorry. I don’t want it for more than what the fight I’m sorry. I don’t want it for more than I can get that I can get the real.. get a real champion For two for two Wow – I’m serious I can get the.. I can get this for the real for it for the same price. I’m sorry 200 Don’t I don’t want it. I don’t want it 250 I can only do 250 250 280 yes could you 270? 270 275 got WeChat, I Lived here, yeah Yeah, so I know like Yeah, okay 275 275 Okay, I’ll give you 280. I’ll give it to it You’re welcome. I want the green one. Yeah this oh, I need to try them on though before I pay let me try them on Yeah, I want to try them on I didn’t pay it cause I want to make sure Okay, no I didn’t pay yet. I didn’t pay yet. I want to I want to make sure it fits If you don’t have will you pay me back yeah, yeah, okay, I trust you I trust you How late are you. here how late are you here? Yeah, yeah how long yeah? No no tonight tonight, yeah Okay, I want I don’t want to carry it can I uh keep it here come back? Good I like it, good No wife, no wife, no girlfriend. Girls don’t like me See ya, thank you Okay Yeah, all right, so I just realized I have a low balance In my WeChat wallet because a WeChat money was all the money I had before I left China in that wallet, and I’ll have to go to an ATM shortly, but first First so I got 180 You need to get a pair of shoes, so can’t go over 180, so let’s do this Let’s Iago’s Do you have You have 44 oh you don’t All you need to order how much do you charge for like these? thousand eight hundred Too much for me. Are they real? 10000 oh my god, what about these? Eight hundred I got these for cheaper Huh No, they’re not, how you can you tell? How much different, let’s see How do you know how was it different How do you know like it looks the same to me Yeah a little bit I got these These are real, though These are real. Yeah, yeah I’m just kidding. They’re not real. I got him in Vietnam. What’s the biggest size you have can I try these on? Can I try these on okay, I want to make sure are they comfortable Do you have a mirror right here so cool The new fashion hey How much, did you say these are 1,500 all right 1,500 like 200 hitting no, okay well how much for these? 800 new 200 You have 44 for you, oh, that’s right if I want to try these oh good all Right how much for some Jordans how much They’re really cool 650 Sorry You like 120 120 You know I only have 180 on me so impossible What about 200 you know All right last parting of the day This is the one you saw at the beginning, and now you’ll be able to see how this progressed into her just yelling at me How much for these I I do like it. I like it. It’s too much. It’s way too much You’re not gonna like it do you want to try no, I don’t want to try this you’re not gonna like it I was gonna say it’s 200 How much No, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. I’m good What’s your best price Well from where do you think I’m from? You guys yeah, yeah, you got no country no country. I’m an alien my last price of these How much you give me a best price? (Broken English) Can you give me your best price? Yes I give you. 200. I said best price because Nobody sell for you for Jordan. Not lady shoes,not baby shoes. Not socks so you understand? This is Jordan, this is the high tops, not slipper Okay, I’m just saying that’s my best price. – You give me your best price if you wanna buy, if you don’t wanna buy I don’t want to talk to you. – I don’t want to buy.You see? You don’t want to buy, you asking me I just asked you for the price. – Do you wanna buy? -No I don’t. – You don’t want to buy why you’re asking me?I did want to buy, but now I don’t. – How much would give me a best price. I’m good. I’m good. I’m good No, I’m good. I’m good. I’m good No no no no no 200 My last price is this I not give you these price, not these these are my costs price. I give you you know why you have very handsome oh No, not 50 more. No no too high you just said you just agreed on 200. I’m sorry I don’t want him first just 200 Just 200 I don’t want to you’re crazy, you’re crazy, you’re crazy Alright Holy shit that girl just went straight nuts on me, dude I was like I was actually starting to get heated for a second there, and I was like do it alright No matter how low you bring this price? I do not want to buy from you, but I caught her I caught her I looked away And I caught her smiling to the other salesperson of the corner of my eyes So she was definitely playing me shitty tactic. Actually, dude just straight bullying fuck that anyways. I’m gonna go grab a beer All right, that’s it I’m out this place is crazy. I’m so excited to be living here because this is the first time I’ve lived in the city where there’s fake market TN hoof a there was like those fake night that one fake night market But I’m not gonna milk this shit out of that I only got like two videos out of there, and I thought that was enough, but this place they got mad markets with that being said I hope you guys like this video this place is wild I’m Excited to be back in China, I’m back let’s do this, and we’ll see you guys next time make sure to LIKE share comment subscribe and till next time later

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  1. How much for the mansion?

    Seller: 1,000,000

    Collin: ah that’s too expensive I will do 1,000 for max

    Seller: hmmm 2000

    Collin: 500!

    Seller: 1,000

    Collin: 250!

    Seller: 300 least!

    Collin: 250!

    Seller: 280!!!

    Collin: I will take it!

  2. 500 huned "no 10" NO HOW ABOUT 300 NO 20 300 AT LEAST NO 20

    so you live here?
    Yes i do

    me: these are confusing times

  3. woah!!. even in the lowest price, its still expensive.. you can buy it here in Philippines, the Original for same price there

  4. Dude: how much? 800$

    Groupon: 45% off

    Dude: nah

    Groupon: 99%

    Dude: nah

    Groupon: free!!! declined*

    Dude: nah calls the store hello

    Dude: $#$**%&

  5. Chinese women don't take no shite! And they some hustling asses damn. Their favorite phrase is…"Hurry up an buy!!"

  6. Colin- 25$ for this.
    Girl- u r handsome, if u merry me then i will give u my whole shop for free
    Colin- WTF, Done….

  7. She asked for best price he did,
    She went on about it how low he was paying,
    He said no I don’t want it ok,
    She was asking best price even though she just asked and he already said it
    She said do you wanna buy, what a bitch

  8. I really wanna stop “Chinese People eat dogs” This is very disrespectful towards Chinese people because not every single Chinese person eats dog and ur country is eating meat btw

  9. It seems like he is really lowballing then but they are telling him the price of a real version. Keep in mind these are all fakes.

  10. I went on a school trip to Beijing and we had this as well arguing and bargaining with all the shop owners they literally sometimes drag you into the shop and dont let you out until you buy anything at there store i had to run out once it was hilarious it was an experience i will never forget

  11. Im watching your videos just to learn about negotiations 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And im using those skills in my Indian market

  12. Guy: how much for this candy
    Candy shop dude:$1
    Guy:i can only do $0
    Candy shop dude: ok
    Guy: and i will get 10 of this
    Candy shop guy: whips out calculator hmmm ok 10 x 0 is 0 ok i give you 10 for $0

  13. cheap fake shit lmfao, flexing because he bought a fake ass moncler for 100 dollars that's not even worth 50 LMFAO, look at the STITCHING at 5:24 LMFAO

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