Best Forex Day Trading strategy |Be a profitable day trader

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! This is your friend Aftab Ahmad
In this video I’m gonna talk about my Cad/dollar trade that I opened earlier
It is at the moment in 50pips profit So, As you can see my trade is open and I
don’t wanna close this now. If I close this trade I will violate my own
rules which I don’t want to… If I break my own rules then I will not be
a good trader. For any trader violating the rules in forex
trading is the worst part ever Well, about rules for entering and exiting
a trade I will make another video
I will post a link here and on my facebook page aswell
The question why I entered in this trade I entered in this trade because for the past
few days I was looking for an opportunity to go long
on Cad/dollar The reason behind that is actually
Let me show it on a daily chart As you can see
the trendline I have drawn from this point to this point
I was expecting that price may bounce off from this area
and if it did so I will go long and I have another condition for that as well
if the price bounce off this area and close above this trendline then I will enter in
the trade with anticipating that the price will go further up
But in this case price move down below and it break this area as well
If I zoom in the chart a little bit You will have a clear idea that yesterday
the price break this support level/line this is a powerful support level
according to me for a short term trader or day trader
this is a powerful support level/ line Here you see the resistance level
the breakout the support
If i go further back you will see that
ok ok ok let me go back to let me see this area
let me find about this price level well, there is no more data in my charting
package so for now this is a strong support level
and it is break by a candle yesterday a daily candle
so instead of going long on this pair
Now, I am short and looking for profits Once the price break this area and close below
and made a lower low I was looking for a retracement to go short
but at the night time my trades were left to trigger by few pips and then I manually
entered in this trade Now I am in 52 pips profit and I am not closing
this trade now for the targets I will close half of my position
at this level and the rest of the position will runiing untill I get stopped out on trailing
stop Stop loss of my whole trade is above this
trend line which I think is pretty much low as compared
to the profit that I will generate from this trade setup
Lets see how this trade performs and I will keep you updated about this trade
It was a little video update about my trade I hope you liked it
see you in the next session till then take care
and goodbye

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