BEST Trader Joe’s Products Under $2 | Healthy Trader Joes Haul

(upbeat hip hop music) – Hey munchies, welcome to
the channel if you’re new, or if you’re not new, I’m Alyssia and I am so happy you’re here either way. Today, I have got a haul for
you but we’re switching it up. So I have done Trader Joe’s
general favorite items hauls, I’ve done holiday hauls,
I’ve done meal prep videos and I wanted to change the format so I thought why not a
favorite items under $2 haul? Because Trader Joe’s has
some pretty cool stuff for pretty low prices. Now, I don’t buy
everything at Trader Joe’s. There are some things that
I think aren’t worth it. Usually when it comes to produce, I don’t get my produce there often because it’s pre-packaged,
it’s in a lot of plastic and it’s often sold per individual piece or per three pack of zucchini, what if I don’t want three zucchinis and I just want one zucchini? Whatever, so I shop elsewhere for produce but they do have some great, unique things that you can’t get anywhere else. So these were all under $2. I’m not saying that any
of these are the cheapest, that you couldn’t find some of these things cheaper elsewhere but I like these items specifically and I’ll explain why as
I go through the haul. So first, now that I just told you that I don’t buy produce at Trader Joe’s, let me tell you the two produce items I do tend to get at Trader Joe’s. So the first is bananas. Bananas at Trader Joe’s,
at my Trader Joe’s, again I don’t know if these
prices are the same everywhere. My Trader Joe’s in Santa
Monica, California, this is what it is, they’re 19 cents each. Now if I only want one or
two bananas, it’s worth it. Sometimes I don’t want a whole bunch from the grocery store
and pay for a pound, so sometimes I will just buy a couple of bananas from Trader Joe’s. Also, diced onions. Okay, I know the plastic, I’m sorry. I hear Trader Joe’s is
working on the plastic issue because it is a ridiculous
amount of plastic. Last time I did a Trader Joe’s video, everyone was like, “oh my god,
look at all that plastic!” And apparently after,
there was some petition that I don’t know, came through where Trader Joe’s committed
to lowering their plastic. I don’t know what’s happened with it, but diced onions are a
compromise I’m willing to make because when I have them
available, my food tastes better, I like the flavor that
having chopped onion in cooked food adds and I don’t want to chop an onion. It’s not pleasant, it makes
me cry and I just won’t do it but I’ll enjoy my food a lot more and I’m more likely to cook if it’s there. If I buy diced onion at my
other local grocery stores, it will cost twice as much. This was 1.69, so for me that’s worth it. One move that I know Trader Joe’s has made is on their produce they’ve
started giving you these, or at least in my location, biodegradable or compostable
vegetable bags, produce bags. I try to bring my own when I remember but I forget to bring them
sometimes, I’m sorry, I’m human. Let’s move onto refrigerator items. So, two items that I like,
I will lump together, are the Trader Joe’s organic coconut water and the organic coconut smoothie. Do you see how they’re pink? Okay, so my favorite
coconut water before this was the Harmless brand,
it’s a green label I think. I have no affiliation with
either of these brands, this is not a sponsored
video, although I wish. So it is pink because it is as minimally processed as possible, it’s not refined and pasteurized. I just think that pink
coconut water tastes better. Does it really taste better
or is it just in my mind? I don’t know the answer, but
I’m more likely to drink it and it tastes really, really good. The problem is the other brands, that you get at Wholefoods and stuff, they’re like $4 a bottle. This is 1.99 a bottle. I don’t drink it every single day, okay? Don’t give me such a hard time, but it tastes really good when I just want a little sweet treat. This is also same thing, kind of for a sweet treat sort of day, not a daily indulgence, but the only ingredients are
coconut water and coconut. I love how clean both of these are. They taste delicious,
they’re high quality, I wouldn’t drink them every
day but they are delicious. Next up are these shots,
juice shots to be specific. So the organic No Joke Ginger juice shot which is coconut water, ginger and lemon juice and cayenne pepper and the Mighty Tumeric juice shot, which is a blend of coconut water, tumeric and lemon juices with added black pepper. In my household we are big fans of shots. Only the juice kind though. These specifically, some people
take them for detoxifying, which I don’t really think is a thing, but some people take them for circulation, I personally think as
an anti-inflammatory. So if someone around me
in my household is sick or I’m around sick people, or I feel like I’m getting
sick, I will use these and who knows if they work, but it makes me feel better about myself. I will say that the ones you
get at your local juice store, they are a lot more intense. They bite a lot more because that cayenne or that black pepper are
really, really strong and they don’t usually have
the coconut water in it. These are diluted with the coconut water. They are also half the price. So you go anywhere else,
they’re gonna be $4, $5. One grocery store I know, I
live in hoity Santa Monica but one grocery store sells these for $10. I’m like, are you kidding me? So these are 1.99 and if you
have never done a juice shot and can’t handle the crazy bite of the cayenne or the black pepper, this could be a good way into it. But if you’re used to juice shots and you like it really strong,
this would not be for you. Next up, organic sprouted tofu,
extra firm by Trader Joe’s. If I’m gonna eat tofu, this
is the tofu I’m gonna eat because it’s organic, it’s
extra firm and it’s sprouted. Extra firm tofu, first of
all, is what I always use because anything less than that, I think just tends to fall
apart when I’m cooking with it. Of course it depends on the recipe. If you want to make a
smoothie or a spread, or use it in a vegan baked good, then probably less firm is better but if I’m cooking tofu
to eat it as a protein, I want it extra firm. Now sprouted, what does that mean? So tofu is made of curdled soy milk. Gross, I know, but it’s true. And it’s made with regular soybeans. The sprouted tofu is made with soybeans that have been sprouted, so those seeds have germinated
for a couple of days and they’ve got a little
sprout coming out, like a little tail coming out of them and then those are turned into the tofu and that sprout makes
them a lot more nutritious for a couple of reasons. For one, the sprouting
process helps with digestion. Two, they increase nutrient absorption because the sprouted tofu
has 50 to 60% less phytates, or as Joe likes to say,
phytates, no, I’m serious, which phytates reduce the
absorption of minerals. And also by sprouting,
it’s actually gonna end up having more protein
than regular tofu would. So if you are plant based and turn to tofu as a protein source, getting sprouted version
will help you out. I also do prefer the
taste of the sprouted, but not everybody does,
I think it’s great. The next refrigerated item,
chocolate hummus, 1.99. Okay, I first started seeing people post about this on Instagram and I was like, that sounds disgusting but then I was like, why? I have used chickpeas
in baked goods before to make bean cookies and stuff, so why not turn it into a sweet dip and it actually is so good! I don’t want to say it’s like Nutella, because it’s not Nutella, but
it tastes like a sweet dip. I mean, the first ingredient is chickpeas. Of course, the second
ingredient is cane sugar so I’m not saying that this
is a protein substitute but if you want a snack, dipping a pretzel in this is delicious. I will even dip a carrot in this and everybody thinks that I’m weird because carrots and chocolate
is maybe a weird combination but I think it’s delicious! I don’t know, if you aren’t
about chocolate hummus, Trader Joe’s also does
have regular hummus options for less than $2, which is less than I’ll find
at my other grocery stores. A Trader Joe’s refrigerated item, the vanilla overnight oats. So it says rolled oats
soaked in an almond beverage and it’s gluten free. What really caught my eye, well first of all now that
you can buy overnight oats in the store is just really funny to me, but the fact that these
ingredients are so clean. There’s no added sugar
other than the dates, so that’s totally awesome. Now because it’s soaked a lot longer, obviously it’s been sitting on
the shelf until I bought it, it is a lot mushier than an overnight oats that you’d make at home on your own. That doesn’t make it bad though. I will say I prefer it
when I add some toppings, so some fresh fruit and nuts to give it a little more textural variety, but this is a great on the go option. So the next refrigerated item
is actually a frozen item and I can’t believe that this is 1.99. This is a Shakshuka starter. So shakshuka is something I usually order when I’m out to brunch. It is a breakfast from
usually the Middle East or North Africa where it’s poached eggs and a spiced tomato sauce. It’s delicious and a lot of times they serve it with a baguette
or something to put on top, but without the bread
it’s totally nutritious with just vegetables and eggs, and the ingredients of this
are really clean and minimal, which I love, but this is great. I keep these on hand for Whole 30, for breakfast, lunch or
dinner, any meal of the day but they’re already pretty much prepared. You just heat it up in
the stove or microwave, add your eggs. You could do poached or a lot
of times I just do fried eggs because they’re easier than poached eggs, but your meal’s ready to go. Onto pantry items in my haul. So the first are the seaweed snacks. Now when I went to the store, they were completely
out of the plain ones, which I usually get because
the only ingredients are seaweed, oil and salt and these wasabi ones have
sugar and other crap in them. These have wasabi seasoning powder which includes cane sugar, wasabi powder. The only less nutritious
ingredient is sugar, but still I’m not even a huge wasabi fan. I just literally bought it for the haul, I probably won’t even eat these. I buy the regular ones, now you get it. (slams) To be honest, I’ve
shared these in probably three or four, or five videos in the past. I didn’t even need to show them again. I mean, they did fit into
this because they’re 1.99 but it just needed an
excuse to buy them again because they’re so good. White cheddar corn puffs,
the “World’s Puffiest” and they also have sour cream and onion, but if you’re gonna get
them, I mean really, white cheddar’s the way to go. I would not call this a healthy snack, but it’s a delicious one. Next up, Trader Joe’s Bamba Peanut Snacks. Okay, so I actually had
no idea what these were. I’ve been in Trader Joe’s a million times and overlooked them, and never
paid any attention to them and then my sister came in one day, she came over to my house. She was telling me about,
I think it was in Israel, how these Bamba’s are a huge snack and that kids over there have less incidents of peanut allergies. Is it because they’re exposed to these throughout their childhood that people over there are less allergic or less likely to be allergic
to peanuts than we are? I don’t know. Anyway, that’s the story of how I decided to finally try these and
they’re only 99 cents and oh my gosh, they’re so good! First of all, look at the ingredients. Peanut paste, corn
grits, palm oil and salt. I’m not really sure what corn grits are, just like grits of corn? Just grits, like regular? It’s just like grits when you get them out of breakfast grits? Look at these ingredients. Peanut paste, corn
grits, palm oil and salt. That’s not too bad. I mean, unless you’re
allergic to peanuts obviously, and then you don’t want to eat these but, in terms of
cleanliness it’s not too bad and the taste, they’re so
fluffy, they’re not that salty. Usually when I eat a corn puff, I think oh, it’s gonna have
the salty, crunchy bite but they’re actually not that salty which usually I think I would
hate and not that crunchy, and it melts in your mouth
and turns into peanut butter. What? I don’t even know, but delicious. Alright, next pantry item,
pineapple salsa by Trader Joe’s. So this salsa does have sugar
in it but it’s delicious and it’s great for chip
dipping and all that, but really I love to cook with it. So cook with chicken or turkey, or if you’ve ever done any
of my salsa meat recipes where I just literally dump a jar of salsa and a pound of meat into the
slow cooker and let it go, do it with this, delicious. And it’s not that much sugar. Two grams of sugar per two tablespoons so it is an added
ingredient, but worth it. For me, worth it for
me, maybe not for you, I don’t know, you decide. Joe’s O’s, 1.99. Now that is a big box of cereal for 1.99. So these are pretty much Trader Joe’s version
of Cheerios, obviously. So they’re gluten free and made with oats and I don’t buy cereal often but sometimes I’ll throw in a trail mix or more often, I’m gonna
get a little hate for this, but I’ll use them as
little treats for my dog. She loves them. I don’t give them to her that
often, so stop getting mad but sometimes, come on. Everybody’s got to have a little treat. Next up, Trader Joe’s herbal
tea, peppermint flavor. So this is a caffeine free tea and I love most of Trader Joe’s teas, but this one is really, really good. It’s a really strong
flavor, very full and robust and super pepperminty. It’s not bitter though. So a lot of peppermint teas taste bitter. I don’t love it cold, but if you have it hot, it’s delicious. It steeps in five minutes and I think it’s one of the
cheaper teas that they have, so highly recommend if you’re looking for an herbal, caffeine free tea. Next up, seasoning. So, $1.99, most of these seasonings are $1.99 at Trader Joe’s. Obviously we’ve got the Everything
But The Bagel seasoning, which I put on everything. The chili lime seasoning which I love except I can’t use it a
lot, like if I do Whole 30, because it has rice concentrate in it. What the heck is rice concentrate? Anyway, I still love the seasoning and I use it all the time,
except not on Whole 30. The onion salt, which
I didn’t buy a new one because I still have one, but
we do buy it all the time. It’s delicious, it’s pretty
much a mix of granulated onion, granulated garlic, minced onion, salt, green onion and chives. So it’s a lot of onion and salt, but it’s actually not that high in sodium. 75 milligrams of sodium. And then, this is a
new one which actually, I’m sorry, I’m lying,
this one was over $2. I think it was 2.29 or 2.99? I can’t remember, but I just
remember it was over $2, but I’d never seen it before! The organic chili seasoning blend, which is a mix of chili powder, cumin, garlic powder and oregano, so I’m definitely gonna
be cooking with this. Alright, so organic,
unsweetened, flaked coconut. So Trader Joe’s sells unsweetened
flaked coconut and chips. These are the ones I usually buy because it’s harder for me
to find the shredded coconut from another grocery store
where it’s not sweetened, so this is one item
that I will actually get because of the price and
also it’s very clean. The only ingredient is organic coconut. So use this in recipes or topping on oats or in trail mixes or whatever. Okay, so a lot of people
say to not buy peanut butter at Trader Joe’s because of the price, but I actually thought that
the price was pretty good. This is regular creamy,
salted peanut butter. I think they have unsalted too. Now it’s not organic. They do sell organic
one, but it’s over $3. I don’t personally need my
peanut butter to be organic. If you do, that’s great, good for you but I usually don’t eat
peanut butter plain. I usually use it in recipes and stuff, and so this is fine and it was $1.99. The only ingredients are peanuts and salt, so it’s clean, no added sugar,
no oil needed, good for me. The next item is actually
two items in one. The Simply Light milk and dark chocolate. So these are both sugar free and I hadn’t actually tried these, but what caught my eye is at the top they are
marketing the net carbs, which has become a thing. Everybody wants you to think their thing is the lowest in carbs. Carbs aren’t bad, you guys, but if you are doing keto then yeah, you want to watch carbs. What’s tricky about this is
the sweetener is maltitol which is a sugar alcohol. It’s not bad, but it affects blood sugar and so I wouldn’t say it’s ideal for keto. So if you’re looking for
a keto friendly chocolate and people are going online and searching for it and finding this, I would say this is not probably
your best option for keto but if you’re looking for chocolate that doesn’t have added sugar and uses a sugar alcohol
instead and you want lower sugar but you’re not so worried
about the specific amount of net carbs or anything like that, then this could be a good option. It tastes like chocolate. I’m not big on chocolate, so I’m the wrong person to ask actually, but they did really try
to push the net carbs and I thought that was
a little bit sneaky. Okay, so I have one more item for you. Oh Trader Joe’s has
such good reusable bags and I couldn’t resist, look at this. It’s a unicorny, because
it has a Trader Joe’s corn on the horn, and then on the back. I don’t know you guys. I thought it was cute
and I couldn’t resist. It was 99 cents, plus in California, we’ve got to bring our bags now. They charge you 10 cents if
you don’t bring your bags, so. So that is my Trader Joe’s
haul of items under $2. I hope you enjoyed it. I thought it would be a fun way to switch up the haul format. If you want more videos
like this at Trader Joe’s or other stores, let me
know what you’d like to see, what stores you’d like to see that done at and I also thought about
doing a price comparison video with Trader Joe’s and Wholefoods
or something like that, so if that interests you, be sure to let me know
below in the comments. So that is it for today,
thank you for being here. Don’t forget to subscribe. I will see you next week and remember it’s all a
matter of mind over munch. Come on, I think it’s cute. Ooh, there’s a potato on the bottom!

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