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if you want notification of new videos as they’re released so looking at this
race and we want to be to make an assessment on what’s happening within
this race and just one glance at the ladder will tell you lots of information
so you can see the traded range on each of these runners and you can see the
position of where horses are within that treaded range so we can see the front
three right here well I know the front two sort of mid range so they could have
been absolutely anywhere and you’re gonna have to wait for a trend to do it
so you can see there’s a bit of backing going on on the favorite my eyes drawn
to the fourth favorite atomic Jack because that price is at the bottom of
its range so it’s probably been coming in for a little bit of time there you go
you can see atomic Jack has been coming in for some time so if that backing is
going to continue even if it’s sort of shallow it’s probably going to send the
price of something else out and if we can tell the flavour to the shortest
price naturally so if there’s a little bit of backing on the favorite then
maybe I’ll send the price out on something else so my eyes drawn to here
simply because we’re near a crossover point so if I pop some money in around
that particular point within the market what we’ll do is see if we can get
matched on that and the reason for popping it near a crossover point is
that if the price goes against us in this direction then it’s gonna we’re
going to take less of a loss and if it goes up then we’ll be fine
so I’m keeping my eye on the money at four point two because there doesn’t
seem much left there so I’m just going to take that out anyway
well it stablished the position there but from this particular point onwards
we need to see if there are justification for holding this position
on this particular runner so we can see that for favorite the price is near the
bottom of its range but it’s not really coming in that much more we’re seeing a
bit of a drift on the third favorite and we’re seeing the favorite coming in a
little bit so really that’s helpful that’s helpful that’s not particularly
helpful but as I’ve shown you on previous videos what you should do is
establish closing positions as soon as you’ve established an opening position
and that will allow you to make sure that you know you know what you’re doing
basically so once you can see which is getting matched here at four again we’ve
just been matched at four there’s no point in putting a closing position at
four point one because there’s no potential profit there but there is
worth but in closing positions above that particular value so again return to
our assessment of is the market helping us achieve what we want from this
particular position so you can see the fourth favorite has studied to come off
of that bottom end of the range and to be frank that’s quite normal you
wouldn’t expect a price to go on forever but when you see something being backed
in you’re looking for an indication that it’s going to continue to be backed so
that’s why we were looking at that you can see this is at the top end of its
range but there is money for the favourites so because the favourites a
third of the market that will put pressure on the second favorite we have
a hundred and eighty pounds worth of unmatched bets but we have a net stake
of 300 so we need to put a few more of those in we need to get one hundred and
eighty to match the 300 there you go so those are all of our potential closing
positions in the market at any point we can cancel those so if we think this
trade is going particularly well and maybe we’ll cancel or move some of those
around but typically I would expect the price on this to inch up very very
slowly and s if we see a significant move on the favour and maybe we’ll see
you know a little bit more money coming in for something else but the second
favorite and sorry the third favorite and the favorit are basically being
bagged to differing extents so that is helping put a little bit of pressure on
the price to go up from there if we feel nervous
at any point what we can do is put a closing trade there and then just cancel
the one above it because we’ve got them stacked up from there but when you
establish a position like this what you’re doing is you’re just sitting and
waiting to get those positions filled we are still some time our about seven
minutes out but you’re also looking across the market and spending your time
confirming if you think you’ve made the right decision from here so we really
wouldn’t want it to go below four and if it did go but therefore we would sort of
be looking and framing and saying well you know if it goes down to about three
point seven then we’ve got a potential loss of thirty so our upside position
really we want to be in around that sort of ballpark as well and we’re trying to
make a judgement that I’ll call is slightly better than random that’s
that’s the way you’re looking at this particular trade but we can see a bit of
backing support here it’s interacting with the favorite and when I say
interacting backing support pulling the price in here ascending the favorite out
so it feels like on this particular runner any price movement that we’re
going to get here is going to be the aggregate of the favorite and the third
favorite but we’ll also look for a bit of support from the fourth and you can
see I’m pretty much ignoring the horse on the right hand side here because it’s
almost an irrelevance in terms of overall position so you can see the
favorite popped out a little bit there that brought the price of r1 back in
again but you can see I didn’t panic at that particular moment we must be
somewhere near the front of the queue here but because the favourites
weakening again maybe you just want to you know pull one of these orders down
it depends how nervous you are how confident you are in your
decision-making because if you’re not confident that you’ve got this right and
there’s no reason where you can’t but another 60-pound order here and
cancel them one above it and just thin that position out it depends how good
you think you are at reading the market but generally I’ll recommend that you
don’t panic and dump orders in and out of the market because that would just
drive you mad and the market tends to jiggle around quite a bit there anyway
we’re seeing a little bit of weakness on the favorite now so that’s not
supporting opposition so I think it’s more likely now that you’d want to move
your position a little bit closer to the front of where the activity is
within the market so we’re just we’re not saying that we’re going to dump our
position we’re just saying that we’re not as confident as we were before that
all of our positions will get matched and you can see there’s been very little
activity outside of 4 and 4.1 so we really need to see the favourites that
are coming back anything really to help close our position we still got about
five minutes left in this market for that to occur so with the favorite
drifting I would expect we’ll have a look at the chart because I think I know
what I would expect in this market and you know we should be able to give you a
clue by looking at the chart so it’s traded at lower values it’s
traded at higher values but I suspect that as it goes towards these higher
values they will start attracting backing support which will pull it back
in again and you’ve got a bear in mind that we are about four minutes from the
start so anybody that wants to back the favorite will probably be joining the
market in a minute and that will probably just help to pull the price
back in the other direction and if the price and the favorite gets pulled back
in the other direction that should allow us to get filled on these orders from
there so where we’ve had an order in the market before say you know we’ve
sacrificed one of these orders to get out at a slightly lower price there’s no
reason why you couldn’t cancel one of these and then place it at a higher
level so that if the price does begin to run up and that gives you the ability to
benefit from you know the order that you pulled down which you can see has just
happen there but because I’m narrating this I’m slow I’m haven’t read felice
low it’s painful to have to trade like this but what you would typically do is
when you see things start to confirm what you wish to see you would cancel a
few of those orders and then place them slightly further up not too far up that
they don’t get filled but you would basically sort of say well I think it’s
going to sort of reach five because if we look at the chart on here you can see
that it’s traded at fives before so it’s not unfeasible that it will touch there
but will it go beyond there probably not so you’d probably stack and split up
your orders on the way to five and it would be you know great if you could get
a order that would see you out above that
level but you know we’ve we’ve done all right here we’ve read the market
reasonably well I’m just putting the closing trait in here to hedge if you
wonder what I’m doing you can hedge by clicking up here but
I’m just trying to get an extra 31 P out of this trade to make it around 15 sorry
if that’s confused you but clicking here will hedge your position but you can see
I hedged it on the ladder just so that I’d get a nice round total for you to
look at but yeah you can see how the trade was sort of deliberately done it
looks like it’s gonna probably touch vibes anyway I’ll be interested to see
if it goes beyond it no it has but you can see we made a call here by looking
at all of the different runners within the market roughly what they were doing
and what we thought it was and wasn’t influencing and in fact it’s bounced
again at around 5 so we were right on that assumption but we you know
depending upon how aggressive or how passive you want to be and whether
you’re confident I’m not confident you’re reading in the market you can
move those orders around and put them in decent positions to be able to get your
trade through but yeah hopefully that’s illustrated to you sort of quite a
straightforward trade in what is a bit of a nothing market is only about three
hundred thousand pounds traded in here but we’ve we’ve managed to do a half
decent trade on you and can you see a chunk of money came back in again here
so we were absolutely right on our assumption on the second favors here as
well some of that stand to experience but hopefully by watching this video you
would have been able to see how I constructed this trade how I entered how
I exited and how you could have influenced the way that you would have
traded this market as well anyhow I hope you enjoyed that video you

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