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so we’re currently looking at a race in
running here you can see the odds flying around all over the place stuffs
happening left right and center and you know lots of interesting stuff but it’s
very difficult to visualize exactly what’s going on here and which one
should click on and I can look it to the TV over here which you can’t see and I
can see this guy in the green is sort of looking okay at the moment and I’m
trying to line it up on there I think it’s no I can’t actually there’s a lot
going on and as a consequence if you’re going to do something in play maybe you
don’t want to use the one-click screen or perhaps the ladder because if you’re
using the ladder there nods of flying around all over the place very very
quickly but we do have a tool in betangel that allows you to visualize
and place bets much easier if you’re looking at an implement but it also has
a lot of other benefits as well and that’s what I’m going to talk about
in this video please like and comment on the video below that will allow me to
produce better quality videos and more of them in the future so yeah we’re
looking at a race they are looking at one click stream and we can look at it
on the ladder as well but there is another way that you can view a market
if we look for example on the ladder here can you see that auspicious is down
at the bottom end of its trading range and you can see that it traded as a high
of about seven point eight well if we go up to the tools on the central bar here
and click on this little winning post icon now this reveals something that
should interest you because this is basically bringing up the in play trader
screen but it also contains information about the market and only after we
created it did I start using it to have a quick glance at what’s going on within
the market but can you see here excel again bottom into trading range what
you’re looking at here is the current back and lay prices and so on and so
forth and the bar is the traded rim so you can see here or suspicion bottom end
of its traded range you can switch these on and off at will so you can see here
back price lay price last traded price if I switch those off I’ll have the last
traded price and the bar for the entire traded range so you can see here
you know where individual runners are within us market you can look at it a
market and instantly and get a view on exactly what’s going on so we can tell
what’s efficient has been backed in Excel again has been back to in this
it’s just popped back out briefly but we can see there’s a drift on this one this
one this one this one this one this one coming in slightly out out so that just
gives you a quick view you can see instantly sort of what’s going on within
the market but the in play trader itself let me just move it over here for a
second is a useful tool within its own right I’ve just showed you how you can
use it to have a quick glance at the market but the idea is that when you’re
using in play trader it’s a more intuitive way of trading in play as you
just saw on that header on this video trying to work out what’s going on at
any one time it’s quite difficult but if you could look at this horse and say aha
it’s that one click you know how wonderful is that
and that’s exactly what you can do on in play trader now you can see up here
we’ve got a couple of different things you can see it says wind scale so this
is basically saying when we’re looking at these particular in fact probably the
best place to demonstrator you can see here a tick scale indicates that this is
101 this is a thousand that wind percentage scale says as the horse gets
to here it’s getting more and more certain and as it goes out here less and
less certain so this is on a scale of 1 percent
sorry hundred percent to one percent and the tick scale is based upon ticks and
in fact the wind percent scale is a better way of visualizing it in my
opinion you can change the size of the font and so on if you want to make it
bigger or smaller it’s up to you how you want to do that but you can also put a
No Labels or you can do the odd label or you can do the win percent it’s entirely
up to you how you want to do that it’s a great way of visualizing how the market
will stick with the odds label will stick with defaults for this particular
moment in time now not only does it show you this information but if I want to
place a bet when the race starts which you have a look at in a second and these
odds will start moving so what actually happens is the odds stop moving
closer to the winning line so if I wanna place a bet on a horse that I think is
gonna win I just click in front of it and if I think it’s going to lose I can
click behind it you can see at the moment I’ve got no bet placement
switched on on this particular tool but these are the options you could
available back only they only or left click right now left click back right
click play so you could actually trade in and out like going click click so if
you think he’s going to drift but you want to trade out as quickly as possible
and we want to take advantage of something that’s happened within the
race itself just to click to either back or to lay now of course if we if we look
at the bottom of the screen here then as I move my mouse around you can see that
it’s telling me the odds at which I will back or lay so you do have options
available within the tool to decide how you’re actually going to place that bet
so at the moment we’ve got it listed as price based on Mouse position you can do
best market price second best custom ticks inside or outside so that will
allow you to decide exactly what being in place and when maybe you’re
specializing in some particular function within this market and therefore you
want to place it at a very specific price so this will allow you to decide
if you want to place it inside the current price and so on and so forth but
don’t forget as well you’ve got the ability to use things like the one-click
screen so let’s actually skip to the one-click screen here and bring that up
if you’re smart what you can do here very easily is actually line it up with
those each individual row so if I just adjust the height of this slightly we’ll
just pull that down to there and pull it up a little bit again and what we’ve
actually done here is we’ve aligned each one of these runners to their
position on the one-click screen so you can use this as a visualization aid and
then actually place the bet on the one click screen or you can use
the global settings or you can use the custom columns if you haven’t seen the
custom comment column video go back and watch it and you’ll see how to set up a
custom column so you can actually say to it when I click this column I want you
to back at this price with these characteristics with this amount of
money so you can watch what’s going on over here you could click back and lay
using the inflate trader or you click on your custom column or one of these
columns within the one-click screen so you’ve got the best of both worlds you
can actually see the what’s going on within the race itself and then click on
the one click screen to get it to inherit semi-automated characteristics
but yeah it does an awful lot it’s worth exploring and make sure you switch on
practice mode when you’re exploring it because you’re bound to make a mistake
the first time you use it but it’s quite intuitive when the race starts which
we’ll have a look at in a minute then the eventual winner is going to run
towards the winning post and you can take advantage of that by either using
something in the background on bet and you’re actually clicking directly in
front of the horse as it’s running so yeah very useful tool not only is it
useful for doing a specific in play strategy but when you join a market and
you bring up this tool it will give you a nice little visual overview of exactly
what’s going on in the market you can see that in a flash and you don’t need
to look at any numbers or assess the market from that perspective it’s all
contained on one screen so very often I’ll have this in the background and
when I flick to market I’ll just have a quick look at it to see what the market
structure is like but what we’ll do now is we’ll wait for the next race and you
can see what happens when the market goes in play so let’s have a look at
this race that’s coming up typically you would do some sort of an analysis on the
race that you’re looking at you’d have to have some angle on it something that
you would expect to happen all horse runs a certain way and those sort of
things but were we’re not going to do that we’re just going to dive in and
and work on this racin and do something within it but I wanted to show you the
setup that I’ve got here so if you look at the global settings over here we’ve
got the one-click screen up we’ve got the global settings up over here and you
can see I’ve done offset with greening which will become apparent why I’ve done
that in a second I’ve set it by 10 ticks filler kill for 30 seconds and offset
batches of 1 and what I’m actually going to do is we’ve got the global settings
up here I’ve got the one-click screen here but when we actually trade this
race what I’m going to do is click over here and that will invoke the global
settings so despite the fact that we’re using the inplay trader and it could be
on a different screen we’re actually going to invoke all of the global
settings by clicking over here when you place a bet here it automatically
inherits the characteristics that we see over here and that’s why I’m gonna put
the two screens up for you so you can see that process underway but let’s wait
for this race to get going and then we’ll place this bet okay so this race
is about a start I’m doing this blind I’m not using any particular logic in
this but you can see the favourites drifted a lot they really don’t like
this favorite and these three have come in so yeah we’re going to see how they
starts to race and we will do it a position based upon that the interesting
thing about looking at it this way is the pictures that we have on the screen
here or that I’m using at this moment in time are delayed I should perhaps have
brought up Betfair live video and showed you the pictures from there who’s this
this guy’s looking at this runner at the moment
lovely morning I can tell from the colors I think it’s just checking the
tach but obviously the market is going to discount information faster than
pictures so actually looking at the pictures probably won’t gain as much
information as the market because there will be people on course and they will
be acting on behavior so they will spot stuff long before anything you see on
the screen even on live video so if you watch the odds this will give you a view
on how people thinks things going so immediately they look
like they like rainy amma rainy I’m almost got after a good start and these
two have drifted a little bit from there so if I ID the colors he’s got red
epaulets by the ligament I can have a look and see where he is there he is and we can see if we if we think we like
that position is actually slightly to one side here and somebody else has
actually got the rail at the moment so um we’ll wait and see how things go
I can fly they seem to like so I’m just IDing I can fly as well and they coming
around the bend here so if I actually there something will spring into the
lead in a second now so I’m just going to look in front of it and it looks like
it’s gonna be I can fly so if I ping a bet in there bet changer will place the
bet in get it match to the best available odds offset it with greening
you can see it’s offset it’s to 166 and when that gets matched you’ll see what
effects that house it’s gonna be a close finish here there we go we’ve just been
matched and in fact they got the whip out and sprinted on but you can see that
by going in and using with greening you can see basically that it’s actually
spread the profit across so that with greening is basically hedging that
closing position and you know we’ve only used a small stake and a really basic
example here to give you a demonstration of what goes on but if we look at the
matched bets here you can see that it back to 176 offset it by 10 but used a
slightly larger stake that’s what the with greening does the with greening
allows you to hitch a position across the entire market and it will do that in
one click so we could see that I can fly was the favored horse we saw that when
the whip out has started to contract quite quickly and all the others went
backwards so we clicked on that quickly and just nipped in and out not
suggesting that you’d do it this way although this is a strategy that you
should adopt but just so you could see how in play traded works and how it
interacts with the rest of the product it’s up to you how you want to deploy
that but yeah a really simple example of it there but you could see the way that
the odds moved as the markets got underway and you can see how
we exploited that in a very simple manner but also have you got the benefit
of learning there that when you do an offset bet with greening that closing
bet automatically hedges your position there’s no need to green the position
you’re basically with one click over here places the back that potential
offset set and puts the hedge position in the market simultaneously so you
don’t need to worry about attempting to hedge your position in play which is
always going to be a nightmare because there’s an in plate delay and the odds
are gonna shift around all over the place while I can play delay I’m is
going so that’s why I recommend you use it with greeting anyhow I hope that
video and demonstration of implied trader and how it interacts with the
rest of the software was useful for you you

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  1. Want that Lambo that you've been craving for?

    Use the in-play trader exclusively found on BetAngel and you will be flying around in your Lambo around Lundun in NO time at all!

  2. Peter- you must be one of the best presenters of information in the world. Clear, concise, steady paced and comprehensive. Plaudits to you.

  3. Hi peter, I have spent hours over the last few weeks watching and enjoying your videos and it’s inspired me to give it all a go.

    Then just as Im about to spend 6 quid on bet angel I find out about premium charges that can arrive pretty early on into any decent success!

    I’m sure you’ve probably been asked this before but it would be nice if you could put up a video on your thoughts on the subject as it’s a pretty big deal!

    Cheers, James

  4. Hello mr Webb. I am grateful of your instructional trading videos and learning new stuff every day by watching them closely. Will u kind enough to produce a trading course for international viewer ( paid of course). I know u have masterclass but that's not possible to attend for many of us. Please make a educational course by acknowledging novice to expert traders. You have a nice day sir.

  5. Is the offset bet based on the mouse position or the prices of the opening bet? On the tool I'm using it's based on the mouse poition, which is very frustrating with the in-running delay.

  6. I particularly like the longer videos, they are great to use for "subliminal" learning. I often put a longer BA video, such as this one, on "in the background" whilst I'm updating stats etc. I can have information fed in whilst concentrating on something else. It's amazing how often something pops into my head by using the videos in this manner.

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