Betfair trading – Lay the draw & green up – Automatically – Peter Webb

On this video we’re going to create
a rule for the Arsenal V Man City match this evening and we’re going to create
the rule in the automation area so we select the market we once we select
automation in Guardian and then we select create a new rules file so the
first thing that we need to do on this some rules file is create the opening
condition and this will be to lay the draw rule type will be place a lay bet
relative the event start time we’re going to place the lay bet 5 minutes out
and we’re going to do that once and we have to nominate what we want to do this
on so we’re going to say row index 3 which is the draw as you can see on here
and then we need to tell it what we want to do which is to lay at the best market
price with 10 pound and that’s all that we need to do on that particular
occasion so we then apply that and add it to this rule command that we have put
in here so now we need to pinpoint the exit point now we will want to green out
if the position moves into profit I if there’s a goal so let’s apply that so we
add a new rule we will say green out if goal stroke in profit obviously you can
call this what if you like the rule name is a prompter to remind you what you’ve
done here we’re going to green all selections and we’re going to make them
relative to the in play time because we need a goal to move the draw rods
significantly so we’re going to do that at the off time and we’ll keep this
running for two hours and we’re going to do is we’re going to run this rule 100
times every 60 seconds so basically every 60 seconds it will go into the
market and check this condition and for this condition we need to apply
additional characteristics so if I click on conditions here and say condition
type we’re going to say green or profit condition is greater than zero in other
words the position that we’ve initiated the lay the draw position is now in
profit so that’s an important condition but
what we’re also going to add on here is we’re going to say on suspend time
condition so this is the amount of time since the market was suspended so we’re
going to say you know if a goal goes in the market will be suspended it will be
unsuspended and the match will get underway again so we’re going to say to
be safe we’re going to wait oops let’s say a minute and a half 90 seconds since
the market was unsuspended and we can now apply that rule and what will happen
here is every if we look back at the top level it’s going 200 times during the
match basically every 60 seconds it’s going to go into the market it’s going
to check if the green or profit is above zero and if the time since the market
was last unsuspended is greater than 90 seconds it will green out for you now if
either of those conditions are not met then nothing happens you’ve laid the
draw and you will lose money but you could actually add in for example a
parameter to say just do this for the first half and the way that you would do
this is you defy the behavior of this rule to say go from zero to 45 minutes
or 50 minutes however you want and then you would add another one which is green
at halftime and then you would actually say you know at 45 minutes and then you
perform the green oh come on so there’s various elements that you’re going to do
now we won’t put that command in there for the moment what we will do is just
leave it at these two commands here and this will basically lay the draw five
minutes out and then green up if the following conditions are met that the
profit that we are in profit and it’s 90 seconds since the market was last
unsuspended so finally we just need to name that and we will call this lay the
draw if profit table and that is underway that will now
activate and if we save that and apply it to this market we will get get
underway on that particular market so you can see that the orders gone into
the market if I double click on that will bring that up because we’re
basically between 5 minutes and zero towards the start of the match so you
can see here on Guardian it’s indicated that we’ve laid the draw and in the
actual market there you can see that that situation has occurred and we can
basically walk away from this now come back to it a bit later and if a goal is
scored that results in that position turning profitable betting you will have
traded out ok so goal has been scored in this match
and it’s Manchester City that have scored the goal and you can see that
what has happens the price of the draw the price the draw came in and is shot
out at the point at which the goal has gone in and if we go to Guardian we can
see the effect of what’s happened so you can see it’s triggered here and if we
look at the log you’ll tell us what has happened so automatically it placed a 10
panel a bet on the draw at 3.8 and now that the goal has been scored you can
see here it says Guardian detected that the market is suspended which is where
the goal occurred Guardian has detected that the market is now unsuspended and
then it grinned up by backing the draw with 4.75 at 8 and the automation you
can see here has triggered and you can also see here that the confirmation of
basically what’s going on on the bet reference numbers and so on and then you
can see here the net result of our activity in this particular market so
there you go fairly simple rule set up fairly simple trade to do
and you can see how this has been executed automatically without our

35 Replies to “Betfair trading – Lay the draw & green up – Automatically – Peter Webb”

  1. this is a good vidoe but its terribly complicated is there anyway u can make it simple for us customers i mean i have a degree in town planning but i like things simplified i think most people do tbh please try to expain things as simple as you can.

  2. is this software automation option in guadain new? because i dont have it in my version? can u provide the link to the particular forum?

  3. is this software automation option in guadain new? because i dont have it in my version? can u provide the link to the particular forum? is this create a rule available in free trail or is it only available in guardain plus?

  4. @miketysonthegreat – You are not using the latest version of the software. Please visit the download page and download the latest beta version

  5. I paid for the pro version. I can't find the automation nowhere even i watched and it is not into my betfair guardian. So i can't use this option.

  6. @LikeTotallyRich – Make sure you are using the very latest version, version 1.30 or higher. You can download it direct from the web site.

  7. Okay so here is how I want my soccer system to function:
    1st Half
    Favourite 1-0 trade out at half time
    Favourite 2-0 trade out immediately
    Underdog 1- 0 trade out at half time
    Underdog 2-0 trade out immediately
    Draw – continue to 2nd half

    2nd Half
    Favourite score trade out immediately
    Underdog score trade out immediately
    Draw or no score trade out when odds reach 1.82

    I've probably left out a few triggers but you get my jist im sure! Is this possible?

  8. @chemicalsunday – You may want to look at using the Excel integration to do this. That may be a bit simpler to implement as you can link the correct score market together with youru primary market.

  9. @chemicalsunday – You may want to use Excel to do this as the automation can't detect actual scorelines as, at the time of writing, Betfair will not allow us to use live scores. But in Excel you can derive these values from the correct score market.

  10. i must a a few goes in practice mode and see how it fairs out, can you add a parameter to close trade at a desired odd after the goal is scored?

  11. How do we know who the 'right' team are? Unless i'm mistaken you do not mention that in the video…

  12. I get the idea of profiting after a goal is scored but twice my lay (£200) has greened up before a goal is scored simply by the draw price moving out a fraction.
    This means that instead of getting a nice profit from the bet, I am only getting anything from £1 profit to £3 profit.
    Is there a way to make sure the back bet and the green up rule only triggers after a goal ?

  13. You may want to add the 'unsuspended time' condition to your rules file. When a goal goes in the market will be suspended and then unsuspended and you can pick up this using the profit and unsuspended time conditions.

  14. Click on the spanner, the settings, and then goto to behavior tab. It's a safety setting that you can disable. The price you want is set by yourself so it's impossible to comment without knowing what your settings are.

  15. In the middle of the main Bet Angel screen the settings button is a spanner. Or you can access this from the drop down menus.

  16. If you get the 'log' screen it will tell you exactly what Bet Angel did. Difficult to tell exactly from that description.

  17. I like this automation because the way it works is I would only lose if the match remained 0-0 . If there is a goal scored then the odds move sufficiently to ensure a green up profit. So maybe I should look at adding parameters and conditions in the automation to cover that. Possibly doing a inplay back bet which only triggers in the 90th minute, if anyone has suggestions then I would love to hear them and see if they can be introduced

  18. Hi Peter, is there any way to automatically stop this out at -£x after a certain period of time, for instance 80 minutes into a match?

  19. Hi betangeltv. How does the live mode respond to greening up every 60 seconds? Any issues?

    I was looking for an option to green up after every successful back/lay bet matched throughout the match. I did select offset + greening but that didn't seem to green across the market liked i hope. So i guess greening every 60 seconds is only way to achieve this?

  20. Is the automation with Guardian included in the basic package or do you need the professional package for it?

  21. If you wanted to set this up for whatever reason say at 5 mins into the game can set a parameter so it will only do this if a goal has not been scored?

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