Biggest market crash of our lifetime is coming: Economist Harry Dent

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  1. Harry Dent and Peter Schiff. My guys calling another crash, I believe it. I just hope it happens early enough that it won't wipe me out JUST before I retire. I don't have the kind of assets to be able to protect against a big crash. I'll just have to ride the next bubble back up.

  2. And the stock market crashed 20% in December so basically this guy is spot the fuck on talking about the largest crash in history and you’re making millennial jokes?

  3. The problem with most news media now a days is that the anchors- who know nothing more than what the sheet handed to them by the producer says, THINKS they are more valuable than an economist who is predicting how shitty of a job our govt has done with money. Not to mention the whore slutbag who said Lost me at poor millennials" OK bitch, someone like you couldn't even last as a millennial with having everything spoon fed to you since you were born. Truth is, we are stronger and more informed than any other shitty generation.

  4. If and when it crashes you fakejew money cunts had better head to israel because we are coming for you first. Trust me, run and hide…

    I almost forgot to mention. Then we're going to create a true American currency as it was supposed to be and arm the shit out of the Palestinians so they wipe you off the fucking map. Margin call time.

  5. Truth is not derived from numbers but from Gods sovereign will which would also include his perfect timing. I have been hearing this prediction of the dollar going belly up since the 1980's and all I did was miss out on a bunch of good market, however I am also aware that one of these days some of these guys are going to be right and we can not continue printing money like toilet paper forever as it defies all proven fiscal reality and worse than that it defies all of Gods financial principles which will not change. Some may say God has financial principles? Oh yes indeed he does. The borrower is slave to the lender and that is the word of God. We could get out of it if only the socialists would have listened to sound reason, but when he said we need to stop this politics of revenge and even the most liberal news outlets were showing approval ratings through the roof regarding the SOTU address leave it to Chuck and Nancy to interpret that as a threat and they are ramping up millions of tax dollars wasted on the Russian collusion. It is not only not over but going to be worse than ever. If only some of these main stream media outlets or at least the anchors could just ask themselves do I really hate America and my own people that bad? After all my kids and grandkids or will be grandkids someday live here too. And who in the hell are our puppet masters and for what good reason do we bow to them?

  6. the massive crash in capital and durables market was projected in 2016 december by some investor now this is on cnbc and on every channel internationally including india fundamentals are no where near the high prices right now

  7. Show demographics. The Federal Reptilians policy has a marked effect on the market. The Fed balance sheet is heavy with questionable securities. When they shrink their balance sheet confidence in the market will plummet. Harry will be right in October 2019.

  8. THOSE ECONOMIST SHOULD BE JAILED !!! They have been trying way more than a dozen times to "provoke" market crash SINCE EARLY 1980's, none of there prediction EVER came true, in fact, the small (compare to 1929) 1987 & 2008 crash were not even been predicted (but doubt for 2008). (excluding possibly some idiots that predict crash every day). THEY TRY TO SCARE YOU TO PROVOKE A CRASH, but fail each time, why ? to buy stock while low due to crash?.

  9. Ummm. . How about the fact that foreign central banks have been buying up American company stocks helping prop up the market while some of those companies buy government bonds propping up government finance. Not to mention all the cheap financing that has been taking place for years. Oh what a tangled debt web we weave in this debt based system. 😒

  10. Ok, Here it is… I'm a contractor, and it goes like this. Work comes from investors with a dream. Contractors assemble the building. Then employees are hired to work that dream. All creating jobs in every direction from manufacturing materials required to build the dream, and to "produce" that dream. If we think a war is coming, (Democrats dream) investors do not invest in anything but war tools. Creating little work. Trump took the threat of war away, investors invested, we have work. 2020 is uncertain and Democrats still want war. The closer we get to election, the less investors we shall see. Therefore we will have less work. That's the opinion of someone who lives, works, and raises a family in the real world.

  11. this as to happen this whole economy is nothing but paper nothing but a house of cards hell the us currency is nothing but printed paper. really the currency is really worth less paper

  12. The reporters have no manners at all. They need to watch clips from the reporters from the 1950's and catch a clue. They should of just let Mr. Dent finish and not interrupt over and over with silly childlike comments

  13. How can the stock market be crashing when Trump just said it's been the bestest ever has oh, he just said that on Easter? Doesn't make any sense to me somebodys lying

  14. Republicans are all for the rich and they'll never admit it because they know how shameful and unpopular it is. Inflation, inequality and layoffs are built into the capitalist system and I know most of you dont want to hear that but the facts dont care about your feelings.

  15. This is exactly why podcasts are becoming so popular. Invite an expert on, but gouge him into your pre-planned talking points and quickly shove him back if he challenges the narrative you wish to project. Also keep it snappy we have to fit 33 minutes of prescription drug advertisements every hour.

  16. You phony baloney tucker, but you were on your best behavior, you con job you, your not News your a republican !

  17. The attitude toward millenials by the female news reporter shows how the business community really feels about millenials.

  18. Reporter: Proceeds to cut his speech Harry Dent, you've been right before, it is important for everybody to listen to everything you have to say, you may not be right this time though. Wtf is wrong with this man?

  19. Fed raising rates will crush market and High Inflation will finish off the American Dream. That's all it ever was. A dream

  20. and they tell you to be positive that the world is wonderful……but you will be lucky to find a job, and you will never be able to buy a house……

  21. I've worked for several companies and they are usually poorly managed and unwittingly rely on their underpaid employees to solve problems and improve operations. The generations who have inherent wealth and influence lack the characteristic traits to gain wealth in the first place. My father was a carpenter who worked for 30 yrs and could not afford his own home. I can wait to get out of this country…smh

  22. If you listen to Harry Dent speak in other places, he does this regularly. He's going to speak as long as he feels he needs to to make his point and rarely will relinquish to a host trying to steer the interview a different direction while he's in the middle of a long explanation. You can't get him going. He doesn't stop at reasonable points. He may be right about things but the way he operates when being interviewed has a tinge of arrogance. I noticed that in the last interview I heard with him and it was confirmed here. He can make good points but he lacks a level of social decorum for how interviews work… especially TELEVISION interviews that have a VERY limited time for the segment with HARD cutoffs. This isn't being interviewed on a financial blog by a YouTuber. He needs to improve his awareness of that reality and respect for the nuances unique to whatever medium through which he's being interviewed.

  23. Ok, Trump twittered today that the market will collapse if he's not re-elected in 2020. Not anything new I see.

  24. Old Lyin' Donald has done much damage to our country but the market crash he has promised to deliver will truly devastate America. His disastrous trade policies will all come home to roost in 2020. Of course, he'll blame everyone else for his rash actions but we the people know where the buck stops. He couldn't even make money in a CASINO for Christ's sake.

  25. That stock market crash is going to happen Mr. President.
    You're build the foundation for it, you're to blame. A balloon filled with air is at his biggest just before it burst.

  26. All the Baby Boomers need to hurry up and die already so the world is not filled with their backwards thinking

  27. It's going to be the biggest market crash in history folks. Notihng like it before. It's going to be huge!!! LOL

  28. 5% loss in a super market, thusly this negatively promoted and psychologically induced fictional fall, because most economic Indicators are extremely strong. This is a bluff to pull the sucker's out. $72.85 a barrel for sweet crude. I would go long because this is sustainable for quite a while because the world is starving for energy.

  29. He has not stated a solid relationship for loss but it's the end of summer. Kids are going back to school and parents are selling to move them toward their futures. Shame on you for lying to me.

  30. I don't know why all the comments here are negative about the Fox news anchorman. He let this guy talk 75% of the whole video. What's the problem?

  31. The more the media talks about a crash, the more people pull out of the stock market. Thus a crash occurs. All crashes have been manufactured.

  32. everyone please safeguard yourself and your assets if you have them. We are going to witness something very soon just like he said that no one has ever seen before.and he is right it is going to happen so fast no one is going to know what happened they will close the markets. When they reopen them it is going to be another slaughter. Don't wait until it is too late. B

  33. They want to get us through the Holiday first. Santa needs several trips to abandoned malls to bring Santa to the little ones first.

  34. No, interviewer, you are not talking over each other. You, the interviewer, are talking over the guest that everyone is here to listen to. Shut up and let the guy who knows what he is talking about inform us. Sheesh!

  35. Okay- more than one year later, and a broken clock is right twice a day. So now rates going down, and try to predict where they are going next. Just buy undervalued productive companies with good debt structure.

  36. One day, one of these psychics are going to be right. Over a year later, and the U.S. economy is doing fine.

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