Bixby Marketplace Now Officially Open to users in the U.S. and Korea

the bixby marketplace is a one-stop shop
for users to browse and add a wide range of services to enhance their bixby
experience this new platform is now open to users in u.s. and Korea the bixby
marketplaces official launch lays the foundation for an open ecosystem of
useful services that developers will continuously enrich and users will be
able to make their mobile experience more personal and intuitive the key to
Bixby’s convenience is simple Samsung’s intelligence platform is designed to
learn what you would like to do and then work with your favorite apps and
services to help you get more done faster
the bixby marketplace takes these customized experiences to the next level
by offering easy access to a wide range of capsules that make VIPs be more
powerful making it easier for users to tailor bixby to suit their needs the
marketplace includes a variety of convenience enhancing capsules such as
Google Maps Spotify I Heart Radio NPR Yelp and more users access the bixby
marketplace from the bixby main page once the user launches the bixby main
page by pressing the bixby key they swipe left to get to the bixby
marketplace capsules are organized by categories such as productivity business
and finance sports shopping and more

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