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Is your family growing and you need more space? Would you like to build a new construction home, but not sure if you need to sell your existing home first? Many families, just like yours, would love to build their dream home But don’t have a great solution how. If you sell your current home first, you could end up with no place to live Wait too long and you could face double payments massive price reductions or worse having to walk away from your dream home when it’s completed There is a better way! My name is Mike Kalis and I’m the president of Marketplace Homes. If you purchase a new construction home through one of our partner builders, we’ll agree to buy your home for fair market value. We close the exact same day as your new construction home So you don’t have to worry about not having a place to live and you won’t have double payments ever! In addition if we sell your home for just one dollar more than our agreement we tear it up, So you get the best offer You really can’t lose! All it takes is going on and filling out some basic information about your property Today so you can get an offer tomorrow We have homes all throughout the United States starting from the $100’s going up to the $800’s so you can find a great community for your family. At Marketplace Homes, we make moving fun! visit

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