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[Music] hey there I’m Brandi Hitt you’re watching I witness this and we begin with some good news for our state here in California California has one of the lowest death rates in the nation that’s according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control we join Connecticut Hawaii Minnesota and New York to make up the top five states with the lowest death rates this new research is based on 2017 data the five states that have the highest death rates Alabama Kentucky Mississippi Oklahoma and West Virginia all of those states by the way have an average death rate that’s 49 percent higher than the five states with the lowest some of the leading causes of death listed are heart disease cancer unintentional injuries and stroke California is also the first state to now ban all commercial fur trapping governor Newsom sign that bill into law yesterday making it illegal to trap animals for the purpose of recreation or to sell their fur that it does show that licenses for fur trappers have consistently declined the State Department of Fish and Wildlife says it sold just 133 licenses last year it is still legal to trap animals for other purposes though like for pest control or public health issues and heads up vegetarians and vegans there is a new study just out that shows that they’re at higher risk for stroke than those who eat meat the study published in the British Medical Journal found non meat eaters have a 20% higher chance of stroke than those who do eat meat however the exact reasons for that higher risk are unknown it could be the results of lower cholesterol levels and some key nutrients but the research did also show that people who cut out meat from their diets are significantly healthier overall than meat-eaters that’s it for today’s iWitness this have a great day hello I’m Marc Brown click the abc7 logo to subscribe to our Eyewitness News YouTube channel

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  1. California bans trapping because its in humane, but allow abortions and let illegal aliens in and take advantage of their illegal status to pay them nothing. Something close to slavery really. Hypocrites probably eat meat and have leather furniture, shoes, and support the cruelty of zoos and captive wild animals.

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