CE Marketplace

Welcome to Connecting Expertise. You surely look wonderful today. Let’s get familiar with this online software called CE Marketplace. Haven’t you heard of it? Let’s figure it out! Let’s say that this group represents your contingent workforce market reach. But what about all these other profiles? And what about that niche profile that keeps getting away? Well, it’s time to get a grip! The lack of certain market insights can result in ongoing shortages of niche profiles with specific knowledge and skills. Don’t you just hate to wait for slow processes and slow time to market flows? You can imagine how stressful this can be when dealing with strict deadlines and temporary projects. Even when finding the right profiles, is it at the right price? Avoid any hidden fees resulting in enormous price escalations. Trust me, there are far better ways to blow your money! So how can you tackle these challenges? CE Marketplace is a digital network where organizations can search specific profiles while employment firms propose suitable candidates. Let’s cut to the chase What does this actually mean to you? Next are the main benefits that will change your life! First, enjoy a maximized fill rate of open vacancies within a timeframe of 48 hours. Second, join our platform which contains a wide range of profiles. CE Marketplace is a contingent workforce network continuously growing across countries and industries. Third, avoid any overpriced staffing agreements and contracts. CE Marketplace shows you all historical information of candidates who have been previously proposed to the same firm. Fourth, based on a detailed list of skills and criteria, find right match for the job. A pre selection of candidates will be proposed to take into consideration for the next step. In summary, whether you want to hire the brightest and most skillful workers grow your market reach or save time and money. CE Marketplace makes it happen! Request a demo, a meeting or get in touch for any questions or ideas. Together, we’ll get a grip on your contingent workforce.

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