Cellphone Bill Secrets: How to Get a Better Plan (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Apparently Bell changed cables to fibre optic in my area and I live in high rise building. Still the cables that come to my condo are the old coaxial ones. I wonder if that is not a weird thing. To really benefit form that optic fibre it should enter in your modem/TV. Otherwise it makes no sense. Fibre optic offers a speed that coaxial cable can't deal with, than it's a scam.

  2. Bell is one of the worst companies do not sign with them. They also say they record your conversation but then whenever I call to defend myself against unforseen charges they have no record of my calls its pathetic. They also do not care about your loyalty to the company. Save your time and money and find a different company stay away from bell.

  3. Cell phone Companies need to be sued, for the shady interactions with their customers as well they collude on pricing all the time, it's sickening!!!

  4. it's a state of fraud, from phone companies, parking tickets, police hiding behind trees, we have been mentally recovering since we got out of that state, a state that likes users of social welfare, while the workers who want to work are not well established in that country

  5. I was not surprised at all at the difficulty they had with Bell. 6 weeks after moving in to my home I ended up in hospital for 6 months. Bell had the address wrong so my phone bills were not arriving in my mail, and as I had not had a bill yet, I did not have my account number. The problem was when my father tried to fix this problem they wouldn't talk to him as he wasn't the account holder. All he wanted to do was to pay the bill for me and they wouldn't help in any way. He tried to correct the address so the bill went to the house, where he could pick it up and send a check but they wouldn't allow that. They no longer have any offices at least not in my area where you could go and pay the bill either. As a result they finally cut my phone off for non-payment. I live in the country and there was no way I could be out here without a phone due to my health issues. After a lot of arguing by my father, they did reconnect the phone but put a long distance lock on it. Once I got out of hospital I assumed I could fix the issue but they wouldn't budge. In their mind this was MY fault and they refused to lift the long distance block without a $300.00 deposit even though it had nothing to do with why the bill wasn't paid!!! My father had phoned them MULTIPLE TIMES trying to pay the bill!!! I finally snapped and after having the block on for 3 years, I changed my cellphone plan (which wasn't through Bell) and told Bell to shove their phone. I haven't had a home phone since and just use my cell. They lost me as a customer for good, and not just the phone, I made sure I don't have them for my satellite TV either!!!

  6. I recently left a job with one of these companies. The low paying job makes you deal with the worst Canada has to offer. The sense of entitlement from some people is ridiculous. I've never complained like these people do. I am one of the most loyal customers out there but I don't need to go on and on about it to pay 1/3rd of what other people pay. I even developed stereotypes based on the way certain groups acted over the phone almost every time. 🙁

    The one story I can get behind his the third one about the rocket stick, he has a right to be upset.

    Many of my coworkers experienced serious health issues after dealing with the abuse doled out by some customers (and yes it was absolutely 100% abuse. Many of the same people would be swearing at their family members and calling them names at the same time while on the phone, nice). Granted some customers were nice and they were a pleasure to deal with. If it was a case of, for example, a senior on a fixed income who was kind I would always do everything I could – up to putting on retention offers that I technically shouldn't have.

  7. How to beat the system, if your a small company….
    I work with a company that has uncovered over 50 million in
    overcharges from billing errors, inherent in billing systems
    and by human error, all missed by accounting teams in the
    companies that at first, don't take it seriously enough to use
    a telecom analyst service on contingency.
    Yes… you get back overcharges, or the work is free ! Many
    companies still say no, an argument with no logic since it
    obviously has no risk !
    Competitors typically earn a 50% amount on what's recovered,
    but we gain 30%. We found 90% of customers are paying over
    charges, and we go back 3 years or more on cell, land line and
    We can also negotiate the best prices, as we are well known
    in the industry. The industry in Canada is not only the most
    expensive, but the billing errors now exceed 300 million.
    Want some free specialist labour or lost money returned? Just
    comment here. You will need to spend at least 1,000 per month
    as a commercial business, and be located within an hour of Toronto.

  8. When I called CUSTOMER SERVICE I told them I was canceling my phone service PRICE TOO HIGH and then they asked me If my bill is 1/4 the price would I stay with them?

  9. I have had really bad experience with the TV& cable company called Cogeco. Long story short, i had to complain to CCTS in canada, with Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Televison services. This is an independent organisation dedicated to resolving customer complaints about Canadian telecommunications and television service providers.
    here is the link.

  10. I'm with us cell I had the regular phone text and caller I'd etc. Then i. Added on line usage and my bill was 3000.00 a month for 3 mo. Until I got WiFi from a small town bye where I live for unlimited use for 50,00 a mo. I'm sooo pissed

  11. Yea you can’t do that now. I’ve tried that and now if you try they say no problem we can cancel.

  12. For those with high internet costs
    (Bell was slightly easier than Rogers at least for me helping friends so be prepared to escalate more with them)
    If CIK TELECOM is available (ot another provider gives a better deal) look up their offer before calling and be sure you have all the details.
    Call your provider, tell them due to the high costs you plan on switching over to the other company as they offer (state the offer such as 150mbps unlimited, free modem, free home phone with . . . for $69.99/month)
    If they can match/improve on that deal you wouldn't have to change but if not? You can call back later to arrange the cancellation date.
    Right now I have a similar to the above stated deal with Bell.

  13. Has an aircard for 3 years and expects it to be free? I dunno about you, but I'd cancel it immediately … Sounds like the dude just wanted it for free.

  14. It is a free market, when you are not happy go somewhere else, I buy my own phones and do not need any contract, I pay $45/month all incoming and outgoing are free, unlimited data which i do not use. I prefer Bell because I have them since 1984 when Cante started the cellphone business and had very limited coverage, moved to bell and kept them under tight control because I do not take any phones from them, I do not need any smartphone I have no use for oit, I only need text and the regular cell phone functions, I do not use the phone like a computer and refuse any phone that I have to swipe giving my fingerprints away. need a phone with a keyboard, I have been using blackberry for years and I can find them in different countries brand new unlocked ready to throw a chip in. anything more than $50/m is a waste of money.

  15. "about a 1060 over 3 years" so 30 bucks a month. why didnt you just say 30 bucks a month……..or does it not sound GRAND ENOUGH for tv? cbc is so exaggerated.

  16. they don't need to give you a refund, the one thing this segment is not mentioning is the CRTC which regulates these rules. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM not the business that is trying to make money. change the rules so that way it benefits consumer instead of carriers.

  17. Try this with Verizon and you definitely won't go far. They're so big with so many customers they aren't worried about losing a few.

  18. Warning to any one who ordered the cleaning solution from SMARTOCITY. Everything about this product is a scam. They misrepresent the product size, quantity, quality and don't buy more than one so you can try it. It took forever to get shipped. The product comes from China. The tablets that go into the bottle are about the size of a sweet tart (if that). You have to use several tablets for one small spray bit. You only get enough for 2 fills. The wafers I got came in crushed (looked like powder). The spray bottle was so cheaply made the sprayer did not work. You can get a much better spray bottle at the Dollar Store. No smell to the solution after the wafers melt. Absolutely no good; cleaned NOTHING. This is completely false advertising. Just wanted people to be aware of this scam product.

  19. With bell no matter the situation blame is always put on the customer they never ever take responsibility.


  21. Glad I watched this. Bell was offering nice deal at the moment, and I was curious, but NO THANK YOU now.

  22. they always Lie to ya too so you wait and the next bill oh look its up again , what a Surprise ! . , and we're always in total shock

  23. Nancy had a Galaxy S4 but if Rogers were to say that's a new phone, they're wrong. Samsung stop producing them in 2014 and if this was in 2016 the phone will have to be at least 2 years old.

  24. In some countries, they just put you on hold and suddenly, the call drops off. When you call back, after explaining it over and over again, same thing … call drops off.

  25. The last guy has some sort of fishing hooks caught on his head and lip. Wtf
    Bet Mohammed gets good group phone rates for all his wives.😅🤣😂

  26. Bell used to charge us for magazines and movies we never ordered. And back then it was dial up internet and the tech we paid set it up long distance and expected the payout of $11000+. I threw their equipment on the sidewalk told them to come get them and I will see them in court. They can cancel the service as I already hooked up Rogers. A few days later the equipment disappeared and they sent us a letter saying the cleared the bill as it was a mistake on their end and were offering to reduce our bill in half. To this day they call to offer me only hard taco bell shells.

  27. I go with Koodo. 25$ a month, 100mb of data, free texting, free calls on the weekends and after 5 pm.

  28. I'm upset with Koodo's plan. They give you basic which is essentially texting only, and then you have the next up with phone calling and texting. I can't text with my flip phone and I don't really need to pay extra for something i'm not using. I don't know why they can't just give me calling only. That's all I want and need. That would be half of what i'm paying now $35CAD a month.

  29. When I thought I lost my phone I got it to shut off and blacklisted. When I found it. I didn't need the replacement they still charged me for it. And the kept my phone turned off. Until smart care received the replacement back to them but would not take the charge off. I had to pay it and then was promised to get a refund but that did not happen. I have to call again and get the refund.

  30. i fought myself and took 7 hours 6-12 frontline staff 3 supervisers a vp then the presidents office of fido/rogers to get my phone i was promised for free total bill reduction 900+

  31. The shade of orange that appears on-screen very close to the 9:45 mark/timestamp in this video looks gorgeous, delicious, and amazing! 'Shutterfly Orange' is the term that I would use to best describe the shade in my own words.

  32. Cbc marketplace are literally journalist heros!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for sticking up for the people and revealing the dirty on evil company practices.

  33. I had called AT&T on a direct tv bill incorrectly charged. During that call, the rep offered a 4th phone and line for free. I told them the offer seemed too good to be true. She said it was only offered to loyal customer – which I was for 15 yrs. I couldn't believe what I was being offered and repeatedly 5 or 6 times including talking to "upper level" salesman that it was true that the line would be free with no data charge. I finally accepted it and told them I'm going to trust that the offer was legit. Of course when I got the bill, I was charged the data plan. When calling back about it, of course they had record they offered, but not the free data plan. They said if I cancelled the plan, I would be charged $700.00 for the "free" phone, or I would have to still be on a monthly charge for 3or 4 years. As I repeatedly had to explain this to different levels for 20 to 30 minutes each, they all told me they don't make offers like that and the "manager" could do nothing about it. I finally reported them to BBB and called a call 2 days later by the "president of the office of AT&T. They finally reluctantly refunded me all the charges to the "free" phone and I returned the phone. Same thing happened on Direct TV charge. Even though they did not give the full amount of credit each month they promised for an error in billing, I finally settled because I got tired of messing with them. I let this issue rest because I was more than what I expected when they offered the credit, it just wasn't the total amount they offered. So you should make a recording of any offers or corrections and let them know you are recording it. I didn't record it, but I was very persistent in not letting the big company get the best of me. Mind you it took me 5 months to correct.

  34. I am currently a customer of Bell after being lied to & ripped off by Rogers and Telus. Fisrt Telus told me I would have no problem with service where I lived I even showed them on a map as I live on a farm. once I got home my phone had no service at all, when I tried to get my money back & cancel the plan they flat out told me no as they could not guaranty I would get service in all locations. & I would have to pay extra to cancel the plan. second I got a plan with Rogers knowing that I would be moving to a different province & was told that would not be a problem to get the plan changed over to the other province when I got there. Went to a Rogers store as soon as I arrived and they told me I would have to get a new plan & pay to cancel my current one. I told them I was assured that it would not be a problem they just said the person I was dealing with obviously didn't know what they were talking about, so then I said why should I have to pay for a untrained staff member who didn't know what he was doing. They told me that wasn't there problem I would have to go back and take it up with the store I dealt with in the other province. I then switched to Virgin mobile on a pay as you go plan & had no problems. I now am on Bell because a guy I worked with had a friend who worked there & he hooked me up with an amazing low cost plan that resembles a high dollar plan for half the price. Even today if I have to stop by a store the people working there ask me how did you get this plan? because even they could not get one that good& they worked there. It's all about who you know I guess.

  35. My serious question to the experts on hand. How do you feel about these companies literally billing us for air waves? Or simply, air.

  36. Attention Canadian customers, you can get your cell phone disputes resolved through BBB dot org. They do a fantastic job on resolving problems and they do have a network of free attorneys as a last resort if it can´t be resolved through verbal negotiations and the companies know that.

  37. The policy of drain them till they drop out Bell is the master of all increasing rates each year for residential lines where pepole have no alternatives

  38. Darren is a irresponsible customer that doesn-t verify the truth behind pretenses and advertisements, he should-ve figure it out after 1-2 bill cycles if the charge was valid or not and he should-ve taken actions, not to call the corporate after months or years to request credits, this is called „ abuseive customer $„

  39. I’ve been with Freedom Mobile for five years now they offered me 3.49 GB on fast LTE for $25 a month,I don’t think the big three will ever offer a deal like that.

  40. Honestly if the guy had been paying it for three years that his own fault. Anything after 6 months he needs to just eat the cost

  41. Was there any resolution on Darrin's predicament?
    Having a feud with Bell myself right now and it would be nice to hear good news.

  42. When I renew my phone bill I go to the store. They have to deal with me face to face and they have to explain EXACTLY what my contract is before I let them off the hook. I absolutely refuse to deal with cell phone companies over the phone. Not. Happening.

  43. When you see these situations everyone should start recording their conversations to have proof! You mention you are recording them for your records.

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